Top tips on how to feel at home when traveling for work

Top Tips on How to Feel at Home when Traveling for Work

No matter how often you travel, it's always tough to adjust to being away from home for long periods of time. Sometimes it might not be that bad, but other times it can really put a dent in your productivity and mood.
So whether you're traveling for business or as a contractor to your next project, here are our top tips on how to make your stay as comfortable as home.

1. Pack your favourite essentials

Pack the stuff that you won't be able to live without—and yes, that can include food! Pack those snacks, and if your rental unit has a kitchen like this one, don’t forget your favourite recipes!
This will give you more flexibility with what you want to eat when comparing it to fast food, or worse... hotel food!

2. Get some exercise

Reserve a few hours in your itinerary to get some exercise. It doesn't have to be strenuous, just enough to burn off some of those endorphins and clear your head. If your suite has an on-site gym like this one in Regina, take advantage of the free equipment while you can.
Or if your short term rental is in an area where there are plenty of cycling trails or walking paths nearby like this beautiful short term rental suite in Saskatoon, take advantage of them to explore the local area.

3. Plan your day

Before you start your day, wake up early and plan everything you want to do. Be sure to include things like eating breakfast, checking out the local area for a morning jog or bike ride, grooming and hygiene routine at the gym, meetings at work with clients or coworkers… the list goes on!
In order to make sure you're not wasting any time while you're away from home, it's important to keep to a schedule that will keep you sane in this unfamiliar environment.

4. Stay in touch with loved ones

Sometimes we can't help but get all wrapped up in our work or vacation that we forget to check up on how our family and friends are doing and share with them what we've been up to. This is especially important for contractors like you who might be traveling without your spouse or a significant other.
Always try to stay in touch with family members and friends while on the go (...sometimes it's unavoidable).
For the most part, so long as you book a short term rental with reliable internet, staying in touch is not a hassle.

5. Exercise your hospitality

Even if it's just for a few days, always try to get along with the people around you. Keep in mind that it's important to show your appreciation and maintain good manners.
But if you're traveling for work, it's your job to network and make connections with coworkers and clients at the suite where you'll be staying during the project. Call up our concierge and find the perfect restaurant for a night out with your co-workers!

6. Have fun

There's no need to stress yourself out with work just because you're traveling for work! Enjoy the scenery, try new foods, go sight seeing… just have fun! You might as well enjoy your surroundings and take something back with you from this experience while you're away from home. When you’re staying in our furnished short-term suites, we help you to Live Like a Local!

7. Eat your fruits and veggies

Just like staying in shape… you may be tempted to slack off when you're in a beautiful location. But if you keep up with healthy habits as a contractor, you'll find that it makes it easier to get back on track when you get back home!
Plus, if you're able to eat well while traveling, not only will it make your trip more enjoyable – but it can also help keep those vacation pounds at bay.
Talk to us if you want a suite near fresh grocery stores, and we’ll make it happen!

8. Follow your instincts

Nobody knows your body and mind more than you do. So, ultimately the only person who can tell you what's right for you is yourself. If you feel like taking a rest day or not pushing as hard during your trip – do it!
You need to listen to that voice inside of you and take care of yourself first so that you can keep doing what's important when back home. And who knows…you might just find that this relaxing excursion helps replenish your batteries so much better than a weekend at home under the sheets!

9. Avoid hotels

The best way to feel at home? Stay in one on your trip. While hotel rooms will only give you cabin fever on your travels, short term rentals can offer everything you need to feel comfortable and right at home.
If you really want to take it easy, get a place that has a kitchen so you can save money on dining out. After all, where would you rather relax, a poorly lit hotel room, or something like this?


You just might be surprised by how much you can do when you're on the road. You may discover a level of acceptance and simplicity that you haven't felt in a long time. And maybe – just maybe, it will help keep your traveling habits (or lack thereof) in check for good!
For help finding the perfect home away from home, get in touch with our amazing team. They'll set you up in a place that fits your every need!


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