15 Locally Owned Restaurants You Have to Try in Regina

Next Time You Travel to Regina, Make Sure You Eat at One of These 15 Restaurants

It’s more important than ever to support local businesses, so next you book a suite in Regina, make sure to grab a bite at one of these fabulous restaurants! Whether getting yourself going in the morning, or dining out for date night, here’s our ultimate guide for the 15 best locally owned restaurants in Regina for any occasion! 


1. Best Canadian Classic: Coney Island Poutine

Considered the best Poutine in Canada, Coney Island Poutine serves this canadian staple in ways you’ve never seen. From their Goat Cheese and Basil Pesto Poutine to their Popcorn Chicken Poutine, their various takes on this classic will satisfy everyone. 

Special shoutout to their Elvis Poutine, topped with Peanut Butter and Bacon!


2. Best Vegan Food: Güd Eats

Fully-vegan, and fully delicious, Güd Eats serves all your fast food favorites made with entirely plant-based ingredients! Wash your Cheez Burger down with a cotton candy shake, or try for a bit of heat, try their Bäd Burger, topped with cajun onion rings.

Shoutout to their Mushroom Avo Taco which is also gluten free!


3. Most Customizable Menu: Go Grill

For the most customizable dining experience, head to Go Grill. Their unique weigh and pay system means you pick out everything from the meats to the veggies, then you pay, pick your sauce, and watch it get grilled! You can have just about any combination of food you want.

No special shoutout this time, because you can literally customize any combination of their many fresh ingredients!


4. Best Coffee House: 13th Ave Food and Coffee House

Give your mornings a fresh start with locally roasted coffee and an all-vegan breakfast—made with locally sourced ingredients! It’s fair trade at a fair price and just around the corner from 2157 Rae Street—an open-concept executive suite that’ll brighten up your mornings with it’s cheerful modern design.

Shoutout to their Summer Breakfast Bowl. Gluten-free and 100% vegan, this hearty bowl gives you the energy you need to start your day.


5. Best Meditaranian Food: Abstractions Cafe

Freshly baked focaccia bread and savory wraps are what you’ll find at Abstractions Cafe. Full of friendly staff and great vibes, this meditarianian cafe is a local secret and makes for the perfect lunch spot.

Shoutout to Abstraction’s Stromboli—it’s a flavour explosion! If you’ve never tried this Italian favorite, now’s your chance.


6. Best Pizza Sauce: Western Pizza

This quickly growing pizza chain had its roots in Regina back in 1976. For the past 4 decades they’ve been winning over the locals with their amazing sauce and creative recipes. 

Special shoutout to their Pasta Pizza, a locally loved secret menu item that bakes cheesy spaghetti and their signature sauce into the crust!


7. Heaviest Deep-Dish Pizza: Vern’s Pizza

If you book a suite in Regina, you have to try some of the city’s authentic deep-dish pizza. The Queen City has their own take on the Chicago classic, and Vern’s Pizza has some of the heaviest pies in town.

Shoutout to their Mamma Mia pizza—weighing-in at more than 10lbs of deep-dish deliciousness! One thing’s for sure, Mamma Mia won’t leave you hungry.


8. Best Indian Food (Tie): Da India Curry House

Winner of 2020 Best Indian Restaurant in Regina, chef Kapil Jaggi will take your taste buds on an enchanting journey through the bounty of flavours of India at Da India Curry House. And don’t worry about over indulging in their delicious food. You’ll be just down the street from our elegant Gardens on Rose Suite.

Special shoutout to the Buffet which has plenty for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike!


9. Best Indian Food (Tie): Lucky’s Meat Masala

For more of that delicious taste of India, head to Lucky’s on Victoria Avenue. We love their hot and crispy butter chicken samosas made with a delicate blend of spices, and served with your choice of dipping sauce. Your mouth is already watering isn’t it?

Special shoutout to their Golden Red French Fries. Not what you’d expect to find at an Indian restaurant—these fries are made extra crispy with their secret spiced coating. Definitely worth a try!


10. Best Chinese Food: Saigon by Night

For massive portions and a comfortable atmosphere, try the authentic Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese cuisine of Saigon by Night. Best part is, even if you don’t finish their giant portions, they’re just as good as left-overs. Store it in the fridge of your fully furnished apartment, and it’ll still be great when you get to it!

Shoutout to their Cashew Chicken—coated in one of the tastiest sauces you’ll ever have.


11. Best Take-Out Sushi: Let’s Sushi

For quick take-out that doesn’t compromise on quality, try Let’s Sushi. You’ll have fun picking your tray of food from the conveyors running throughout the whole restaurant. On top of that, they have a drive-thru, so you can satisfy your sushi craving without even leaving your car! Definitely a plus each winter.

Shoutout to their $30 all-you-can-eat crab legs. Grab your plate and load them up!


12. Best Karaoke Restaurant: Hachi Sushi

What’s better than sushi? How about singing your heart out in your very own private karaoke room? The super polite staff and fun, cozy atmosphere are just the icing on the cake—or should we say ginger on top of the maki?

This one’s for your sweet-tooth—our shoutout has to go to their steamed buns with egg custard. It’ll make you wish you saved room after the all-you-can-eat!


13. Best Vietnamese Food: Ngoc Van

For some of the best Vietnamese in the city, travelers must find their way to Ngoc Van. Their authentic Pho is as great on the wallet as it is on the pallet. They have western food too, so the whole family will find something they love.

Our shoutout goes to their Crispy Chicken on Rice. Eat it all up and you’ll be wanting more!


14. Best Date Night Material: 20Ten City Eatery

For a first class dining experience complete with valet service, you need to bring your date to 20Ten City Eatery. A fun feature of their menu is that every month they try the flavours of a new country!

And being located in the heart of downtown, you’re right next door to The Hamilton—one the most prestigious properties in regina. This luxury furnished apartment can be your next romantic getaway! (...And the dog can come too!)

We have to give a shoutout to their Honey-Pecan Glazed Chicken. try it for yourself on their rooftop patio!


15. Best Fine Dining: The Diplomat Steakhouse

Exquisite fine dining and the utmost service await you at The Diplomat. Whether you’re visiting Regina to celebrate something special or traveling for business, you have to reserve a table at this classy establishment.

Obviously we have to give a shoutout to their steak—specifically their Ontario Wagyu Beef. But as a bonus, we’ll also recommend their mouth-watering Chocolate Lovers Torte—it’s exactly as delicious as it sounds!



Regina has a fine assortment of local restaurants for any occasion or dietary need. Next time you’re on vacation in the city, we hope you can use this list to support the local economy by eating where the Regininans eat!

Just make sure to book an executive suite to equal your dining experience!



Get a Short-term Rental in Regina That Lets You Heat up the Left-Overs.

At Obasa / Six Three Suites, your accommodation comes complete with a fully-equipped kitchen so you can reheat all that delicious food you couldn’t finish at the restaurant.

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