Tired of the Endless Google Searches? Try a Personalized Furnished Accommodation Provider

When searching for a place to stay it seems like the only option is to jump onto Google.

You’re being sent on an extended business trip. It’s your job to source a few options. You type in your keywords and start scanning your results.

Maybe you jump onto an accommodation specific search engine like booking.com or Trivago to compare prices. Or maybe it’s straight to your go-to hotel chain to see if they have a location close to downtown, where you know you’ll be working.

Both of these options leave you doing a ton of footwork and research — especially if cost is a big concern. You need to find the best deal and that means searching through all your options.

Even if you find a great place, at a price your love, what about the next trip? It seems like every time your boss sends you on the road, the research starts again.

But there’s an easier way to navigate recurring business trips — find a furnished housing provider.

What is a furnished housing provider?

Furnished housing or accommodation providers offer a one-stop option for temporary rental housing. We are specialized businesses that take care of all the maintenance, cleaning, and customer service that goes into running travel accommodations.

Unlike vacation rental options like Airbnb or Vrbo, where your room is run by an individual, furnished accommodation providers are professional, licensed businesses that offer consistent service, and unmatched knowledge of our industry.

What are the advantages of working with a provider versus just booking a vacation rental off Airbnb?

There’s a lot of overlap between Airbnb, Vrbo, or other vacation rentals and what we do — at least on the surface. Both of us offer fully furnished suites, great locations, and the ability to have your own space while traveling.

But there’s some key differences:

  • Furnished Housing Providers are a specialty, professional business instead of an individual making some extra cash on the side
  • Airbnb is all about self-service — you are responsible for any issues, any cleaning, and communication is emergency only
  • Furnished Housing Providers offer more knowledge and a more attentive level of service
Here are just three benefits to booking with a provider

You get exactly what you need

For business travelers, a personalized trip means more than just stable Wi-Fi and not having to have a headboard in the background of your Zoom calls. We work long-term with businesses to help with all their current and future travel needs.

When you work with a provider, you’re connected with someone who is actively finding the best option for you. We aren’t just checking off the traditional “how many nights? How many beds?” type questions.

We’ll work with you on pricing, and we even offer discounts for longer stays and recurring business.

You have a single point of contact

While you can have amazing experiences booking through sites like Airbnb, that’s not always the case. Quality can be inconsistent, pictures can be deceiving, and there’s often no one to call to make it right.

A furnished housing provider offers you a higher level of customer care. From booking through check out, you have one place to call or email with any issues, questions, or requests. During business hours we make a point of responding within two hours, and someone is on all 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency.

You know where to turn next time

Personalized furnished accommodation providers, like us, make a point to build ongoing relationships with our corporate clients. We remember your industry, your budget, your travel needs, and your company culture, and we can make sure each and every trip is simple to book.

Ready to book your next business trip?

The first step is simply reaching out. Let’s discuss how we can partner together to make sure your upcoming business trips are more convenient, more comfortable, and more cost-effective.

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