This Grey Cup Festival Season, Stay In a Fully Furnished Suite In Regina

The Grey Cup Festival, one of the most awaited sporting events, is all set to take place in the month of November this year between the 15th till the 20th in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan. Fans of all ages are super-excited about this upcoming festival as the last time the city hosted this grand event was a couple of years back in 2013.

Since then, the city of Regina was appointed to host the festival again in the year 2020, but because of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns that had been imposed in various provinces, the Grey Cup could not go on as planned. Hence, people were very excited to learn that the event is scheduled to take place in Regina this year as per the CFL Commissioner's official announcement.

Fans from all over Canada are sure to be traveling to Regina to attend the five-day event. Some people who are fortunate enough to have relatives living in the area of Regina would probably stay with them for the duration of the festival. However, not all folks are lucky enough to have close acquaintances residing in the city of Regina and so the only option for them would be to find a place to stay on rent for the duration of the Grey Cup Festival.

So the first thing that people traveling to Regina for the 109th Grey Cup Festival would need to do is to look for a comfortable place where their families can stay for a short period of time. A great option is to rent a furnished apartment. What’s more, fans who are traveling with their family would definitely appreciate a home away from home by renting a fully furnished suite so that all their family members can have a clean and hygienic place to rest after attending The Grey Cup.

The great thing about choosing a fully furnished rental apartment is that you can rent out a place that suits your budget. We at Obasa Six Three Suites provide some of the best rental suites that are sure to match your delicate budget and we can even help you find a place that has an ample amount of public transportation to help you reach the Grey Cup Festival venue for the various events.

Here are some of the other advantages of choosing to stay in the fully furnished apartments of Obasa Six Three Suites this Grey Cup Festival season.

1. Very spacious apartments

When you are traveling as a family of four or five people, then renting a small apartment simply won't do as you will feel very cramped. Plus, you need a good amount of space where you can store all the belongings that you will be carrying along with you for the event.

At Obasa Six Three Suites, we have a collection of very spacious apartments that you can rent out for the entire duration of your stay in the city of Regina. You can simply connect with one of our team members who will show you an apartment that is of your liking and once you approve, then we can confirm a reservation for you and your family.

You already spent countless hours traveling. The last thing you’ll want is to open the door of your suite only to find it's not the room you anticipated. Surprises like that are no way to start your business trip or family vacation. Our team is committed to finding you your perfect home away from home. That means no surprises at check-in.

2. Home-like amenities available

All of the furnished apartments from Obasa Six Three Suites will make you feel like you are in a home away from home. This is because we ensure that all our guests feel right at home whenever they stay in any of the apartments that we offer.

When we say fully furnished, we not only mean that the apartments have furniture and some appliances, but our rental suites also have a fully functioning kitchen, a space where you can do your laundry and we even provide our guests with a dedicated area where they can do some office work or exercise.

So if you want an apartment to rent that almost resembles your own, then the Obasa Six Three Suites are perfect for you!

3. Best possible location

If you contact the Obasa Six Three Suites rental team to book your furnished apartment in advance, then we will help you find the best possible location in Regina that is close to the festival venue and even local amenities like grocery stores and public transportation.

In case you want to live nearby or as close to the festival venue as possible, then be sure to let us know in advance so that we can find rental properties in Regina that are close to the location where the Grey Cup Festival is being held.

4. Stay flexibility

Wish to extend your stay even after the Grey Cup Festival has concluded? Well, then that would not be a problem. If you want to stay in the apartment for a longer period of time than you had stated, then we would be more than happy to oblige.

We do not have a strict check-out criterion and allow our guests to stay on for more days if required. Simply contact our staff to inform them about your decision to extend your stay and they will coordinate with you to make the necessary arrangements.

5. Fast & immediate support

A major advantage of choosing an apartment from Obasa Six Three Suites is that you not only get the best available apartment for rent in Regina, but you will also have a team of professionals who will always be available to assist you in case you are facing any issues with your apartment.

You do not have to call up the call center number to speak to someone as you will be given your very own point of contact whom you can call up to ask your queries or to get your needs addressed immediately.


Be sure to start booking your rental accommodations well in advance or else you might very limited places available for rent if you wait too long. This year's Grey Cup Festival is going to be one of the biggest football parties that will be taking place in Regina, Saskatchewan and people from all parts of Canada are expected to visit.

Thus, if you are a huge CFL fan, then you must begin planning your trip to Regina from today itself and contact Obasa Six Three Suites for any assistance you may need in finding a fully furnished apartment that is perfect for you, your family or friends.

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