Temporary Housing Solutions for Displaced Insurance Policyholders

Temporary Housing Solutions for Displaced Insurance Policyholders

It is the responsibility of insurance agencies to find suitable temporary housing for their policyholders when faced with calamities such as a fire or flood. Finding suitable accommodation for displaced families with the right amenities can be challenging, especially when it is time sensitive.

Policyholders with an insurance displacement benefit should expect their insurance provider to offer them decent temporary accommodations until their permanent residence is once again in a livable condition. Hence, offering them any sub-standard rental apartments would not be acceptable. Suppose you are an insurance adjuster and are looking for quality accommodations for your clients – Obasa Six Three Suites can provide you with fully-furnished properties that will make your policyholders feel right at home.

Being one of the top housing providers, we understand precisely what is required to make an apartment or suite as comfortable as possible for people. We also offer accommodations to insurance companies looking for housing rentals to assist them in finding the best places to house their clients. Our luxurious suites and apartments are well-equipped with modern amenities to ensure your guests have everything they need to live comfortably until they return to their permanent residences.

Here are some reasons why Obasa Six Three Suites would be the perfect housing solution provider for insurance companies looking to find appropriate short-term rental homes for their customers.

1. Furnished apartments with all amenities for modern living:

Apart from being immensely comfortable, the rental apartments, suites, townhouses, and condos from Obasa Six Three Suites come with all the modern amenities that a person might need daily, such as in-suite washer and dryer, a high-speed WiFi connection for internet access, and fully-functional kitchens where guests can prepare their meals.

In other words, if insurance firms wish to find a place where their policyholders can feel relaxed and completely at ease until they can return to their own homes, then our rental accommodations will do precisely that. Moreover, we ensure that all of our rental properties are meticulously and hygienically cleaned for your peace of mind. They are also modern and well-maintained to meet the highest standards and expectations.

2. Convenient locations:

Finding a good rental place is hard enough, let alone finding one close to the area where your policyholders live or work. Some of the most common things people consider when looking for a place is whether it is close to local shops, malls, offices or even schools for their children.

Fortunately, the rental properties from Obasa Six Three Suites are located in areas that are close to many local utilities and public transportation facilities. So if an insurance agency wants to select a rental apartment or room for their clients in the most convenient area, we can help find the ideal accommodation.

3. Budget-friendly rental properties:

At Obasa Six Three Suites, we understand the budgetary challenges of insurance providers when trying to locate suitable short-term accommodations for their policyholders. Not only do they have to find a safe and comfortable place, but they also need to ensure that the rates for the properties fit within their budget.

In consideration of insurance displacement cases, we are more than happy to offer insurance businesses special rates that should suit any budget. Moreover, we also provide a direct billing service to ensure that the billing process is quite simple and hassle-free. For more insurance adjuster support solutions, contact our team for details.

4. Flexible stays along with extensions:

Many rental property owners may offer their apartments only if an individual or company is willing to agree to a fixed stay duration. Also, some do not offer their guests the option to extend their stay if they want the room or apartment for a couple more days, weeks or months due to unforeseen delays or change of circumstances. These types of restrictions could, at times, cause inconveniences to guests and create additional stress for them.

At Obasa Six Three Suites, we offer the flexibility to accommodate extended stays. We will gladly comply and present any options for extension requests of their stay at any of our properties. If the case arises when an insurance company informs us that they would want their policyholder to stay in the rented space for more time because of delays in getting their home ready, our team will be happy to assist in providing all available options.

5. Excellent Client Services team:

Whenever an insurance company books a temporary stay for their displaced policyholders, they need a reliable point of contact to inform them if their clients are facing challenges of some kind. Obasa Six Three Suites have a professional Client Services team who are always ready to support the guests and insurance companies who have rented out accommodations on behalf of their clients.

Our team of experts is well-experienced in providing quality support services to companies and is keen to ensure that every guest staying with us is safe, healthy and content with the room or suites booked for them.

As an insurance provider, you can have confidence that your clients will be taken care of as the Obasa Six Three Suites team will provide the best temporary housing solutions available. If you are working with or for an insurance professional and looking for a clean, safe and hygienic space for your clients, then Obasa Six Three Suites has the finest suites to choose from.

Review the collection of suites and rooms we have listed on the suites page, as you will find more details related to the properties we rent out from this site.

Please get in touch with us at 1-877-996-2272 or send an email to info@obasasixthree.com for further information.

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