Quality Housing Rental Solutions for Visiting Faculty & University Research professionals

Many universities and colleges have a high demand for well-qualified professors and researchers to be a part of their faculty. Ever since universities and colleges reopened after the pandemic lockdowns, a lot of students have returned back to the physical classrooms. Since everyone is now going back to attend classes, group discussions and lectures, the number of new student enrollments would also increase as students are keen to experience university life.

As the number of students enrolling for university courses gradually increases, more lecturers or professors would need to be hired to give lectures on various topics. Thus, what some universities do if they are unable to recruit permanent faculty members is that they invite guest lecturers from other locations as visiting faculty to come and take up sessions with their students on a particular subject. These professors would then have to travel to the location in order to give lectures and they would need to arrange for their accommodation if the university does not have housing available for them on campus.

With the help of the Obasa Six Three Suites team, all visiting faculty members or traveling researchers will be able to find suitable short-term housing for their visit to the university that has invited them over. Below are some compelling reasons why you should consider booking your stay at the rental properties offered by Obasa Six Three Suites.

1. Quickly book a suite of your choice

At Obasa Six Three Suites, we make it extremely easy for guests to book a room of their choice on the dates needed. Booking an ordinary hotel room can get frustrating at times when vacancy is low on the desired dates. Also, the rooms might not be up to the expected standard or may not have all the amenities you desire to make your stay comfortable.

There could be hotels that might be able to take reservations, however, the prices they charge could be very expensive especially if there is a huge demand at the time. Therefore, it would be better to reserve a room or suite with Obasa Six Three Suites as booking with us will be a hassle-free experience and the places we have available come with all the amenities that a traveling faculty member or researcher will need like high-speed internet and plenty of space to comfortaby read or review university course material.

2. A functional kitchen in every suite

Some universities do offer meals to their visiting faculty or research members during their visit. However, not all universities offer meals twice a day and guest professors would need to arrange for their own meals during the weekends or on holidays when the university they teach at is closed. Also, not all people prefer to order in or eat out at restaurants frequently.

To address this dilemma, we at Obasa Six Three Suites always provide our guests with a fully-equipped kitchen along with their room. Our guests have the advantage of cooking their own meals so that they do not have to depend on the university or a restaurant to provide them lunch or dinner. They can just use the appliances available in the kitchen to cook their own food instead.

3. Extension of stay provided

Sometimes a university might request their visiting faculty members to extend their stay and teach additional classes or an expanded curriculum. Some guest lecturers would be more than willing to stay and continue teaching the course for a few extra days.

In such a situation, the professor would need to extend the stay in that location for the extra number of days that they will be lecturing. Obasa Six Three Suites would be happy to accommodate and provide an extension on the stay for the number of days required. This allows visiting faculty guests to live comfortably in the same rental suite until the time they complete giving their lectures at the university.

4. High-quality, well-maintained rooms

Since Obasa Six Three Suites is a well-established housing solutions provider, we have a huge variety of luxury suites, rooms, apartments, condos and even townhouses for guests to choose from. Our team has a lot of expertise in helping people like researchers and faculty find the best accommodations which they can use as their temporary residence, up until the time they finish their work at the university that they are visiting for a short period.

All of our rental properties are always well-maintained and meticulously cleaned, from floor to ceiling. In fact, we go well beyond industry standards when it comes to cleanliness and we also have a detailed housekeeping inspection sheet that we follow to ensure that our rental properties are absolutely spic and span before the arrival of any guest. This helps us to keep our suites safe, hygienic and completely disinfected so tha our guests can have the most relaxing stay.


Still wondering if it is worthwhile to book a rental apartment or room with Obasa Six Three Suites? Well, then get in touch with our professional Client Care Team who would be glad to address any queries, concerns, or special requests that you might want to address before proceeding to book a stay with us. We strive to offer the best service to all of our guests and so we work hard to ensure that every one of them has a pleasant and memorable stay.

To check out the rooms and suites that are available for rent, visit our furnished suites  page and choose from the list of major regions in Canada in which we offer short-term rentals. Simply select a location and you will be shown our entire list of properties available for rent in that particular area. Our team would, of course, be available to answer any questions. Simply send us an email to info@obasasixthree.com or give us a ring at 1-877-996-2272 if any assistance or support is needed from our end.

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