Learn about the Agriculture Industry of Canada at the Agribition event in Regina

Learn about the Agriculture Industry of Canada at the Agribition event in Regina


Canada has a rich and flourishing agricultural industry. However, there is a lack of awareness and events that highlight the immense growth and progress in the agricultural sector in Canada. People hear a lot of news about the advancements in Canada’s IT, engineering, automobile, and even the real estate industry, so they mostly attend the various events related to these main sectors.

However, there is one major event that is taking place soon in the City of Regina, Saskatchewan that showcases everything related to the agricultural trade industry of Canada, right from livestock to farm-fresh produce. We are of course talking about the Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) event taking place from November 28 to December 3rd, 2022. This Agribition event is a great place for visitors to come and enjoy themselves and even learn about agriculture and livestock.

Let us give you a brief history of the Canadian Western Agribition event that's held in Regina every year and how it all began...

Many years ago, between the 1960s and 70s, cattle producers and livestock owners from different places had no choice but to travel all the way to either Denver or Toronto in order to showcase their cattle. However, a small group of cattle ranchers decided to host an agricultural event in Saskatchewan in Western Canada, so that they would not have to continuously travel long and painstaking distances to exhibit their cattle.

This idea gave birth to the Agribition event which first launched in Saskatchewan in the year 1971 and was open to all farmers or beef producers in Canada who wanted to exhibit their livestock. The organization of the event began with just five initial founders and later many more people from all over Canada got involved to make the event a success. Agribition soon became a sales hub for cattle breeders and many of them depended on the event to sell more cattle to potential buyers.

Another reason for the huge success of the annual week-long event in Regina is because of the immense support provided to the CWA by the Government of Canada and other official agencies. What’s more, the organizers of the initial Agribition shows had no idea that the event would gain so much popularity and attract worldwide attention – they were surprised by the large number of exhibitors who came to the show from all over to exhibit their purebred or commercial cattle.

Hence, for the past 30 or 40 years, the CWA has grown to become one of the largest agricultural shows in Western Canada and it continues to draw in thousands of food and cattle producers as well as buyers. Agribition continues to grow and so it is much more well-managed and organized today than back in 1971. The event now takes place in state-of-the-art facilities in Regina so as to accommodate over 85,000 visitors and a vast number of livestock and produce exhibitors.

What can you hope to gain from attending the Agribition event?

1. Get valuable information about the Canadian livestock and agricultural industry as a whole

Agribition is the best place for you to learn about livestock and agriculture in case you wish to gain more knowledge about the sector. The event has many stalls populated by the partners, farmers and livestock owners who are extremely friendly and approachable. If you have any questions about raising livestock, breeding, farming or anything related to agriculture, then you will definitely find the answers that you seek at the CWA.

2. Meet people from all over the world

People from all across the globe come to Agribition and stay in Regina for a week to attend the event. To date, the event has seen people visiting from over 80 countries. You will find cattle breeders or livestock sellers from countries like Australia, Argentina and even Ukraine at the CWA event. If you love meeting new people or want to find out more about the agricultural sector or technologies used by other countries, then you can discover a lot more about it at Agribition.

3. Learn about the business of farming and breeding livestock

Unless you have been in the business of raising cattle and other livestock, you probably won’t know much about how this industry works and what the people involved have to go through to ensure that consumers receive the best quality beef products and other produce. There is a lot of time, energy, and investment that goes into the process of breeding livestock in order to produce the best quality beef products. So people from all walks of life come to Agribition to learn and appreciate the work done by both livestock producers and farmers.

4. Have fun at the entertainment events

Agribition is not just a trade event for ag producers or buyers but it's a show that the whole family can enjoy. The event has some attractive exhibits and entertaining shows that the general public can enjoy. The main CWA exhibits do target beef cattle buyers, professionals who are looking for farm equipment and various other types of agricultural business owners, but there are also entertainment activities like the Maple Leaf Rodeo show and the ‘Party on the Dirt’ event that will take place on the last few days of the CWA.

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In case you would like to read more about the CWA event that is fast approaching, then please do visit their website at https://www.agribition.com/.

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