How to Plan for Business Travel During COVID-19 Part Two

COVID-19 has not made travel easy

But for many people, travelling is a crucial part of their job.

Last week we talked about what business travel looks like, what you need to consider when crossing the border, and how personalized furnished housing providers fit into everything.

If you missed Traveling For Business During COVID-19 Part One last week, you can catch up here.

This week, we walk through what mandatory 14-day isolation in one of our suites can look like.

Your work is sending you on an international business trip

When you arrive at the border, you’ll need to show that you have a clear plan for your trip, and that includes a safe place to isolate for the first 14-days.

Being stuck inside for two weeks isn’t exactly your idea of fun, so you’re sure to find a suite with a full kitchen, great TV, space to spread out, and a productive office set up for you to get some work done.

Fortunately, your company is already a client of ours, so we set you up with everything we know you’ll need for your stay.

We make sure that everything is ready for your arrival — days before you show up

Your suite will be empty for a minimum of 48 hours before your stay, but usually, we have a 72-hour window between guests. This is an added precaution as the coronavirus can live on surfaces up to 48 hours.

Although we have increased cleaning protocols during the coronavirus pandemic, a high level of cleanliness has always been one of our core values. You can read more about our cleaning protocols here.

For safety, our staff wears masks, gloves, and other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to keep them safe while cleaning. This also ensures that your suite is extra safe when you arrive.

Our cleaning staff works off a 100-point inspection form to ensure that nothing gets missed during cleaning. After they’re done, the suite is inspected against the same form.

We do not provide housekeeping during the first 14-days of your stay.

But, you’ll be provided with extra linens upon request, your suite will have a washer and dryer within it, every furnished suite comes with a broom, vacuum, mop, and more, and we can coordinate the delivery of cleaning supplies.

At this point, the suite is ready for your stay.

You arrive at your new home for the next 14 days

The check-in process is 100% contact-free. We send you any relevant documents via email. You show up, punch in the code for the lockbox, grab the key (both of which have been thoroughly sanitized), and enter the apartment.

You make yourself at home and start settling in.

During your stay, you are welcome to order takeout or use your fully-stocked kitchen to prepare your own meals. You can order groceries through any delivery service (we’d be happy to recommend a service or grocery store).

But know that none of the delivery services will accept cash, so if you absolutely need to pay cash for your food, let us know. We can pick up groceries for you, and you can pay us.

If you need something printed, we’re also happy to print it for you and deliver it to your suite.

We’re here to help make the isolation fly by.

Here are some common questions about staying with us during your isolation
Can I have the suite cleaned?

No, at least not during the first 14-days of your stay. We have provided items for cleaning your suite. Extra linens are available upon request, and you’ll have access to in-suite laundry to help you keep your new home clean. After the 14-days are up, we’d be more than happy to provide you with housekeeping.

Do I have to move rooms at the end of my 14-day isolation?

No. You can enjoy the rest of your stay in the same suite. But at this point, you’re welcome to request optional housekeeping.

What if something breaks?

Unfortunately, any maintenance that needs to be done will have to wait until after your isolation period. We will make exceptions for emergencies (like the heating breaking in the middle of winter), but any repairs will be made after the first two-weeks.

Are you keeping track of me during my quarantine?

No. While the 14-day isolation period is mandatory and highly encouraged for everyone’s safety, we aren’t keeping tabs on you.

The easiest way to make your mandatory quarantine easier is to plan ahead
Step one is reaching out to our team. We’ll answer any additional questions and help make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible as you isolate.

Read Part 1 of this two-part series.



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