Here’s 20 Roadside Attractions You Must See in Western Canada.

Since the world is getting warm again, it's the perfect time to start planning a road trip across Canada. The blog will go through all the cool roadside attractions between Vancouver and Winnipeg, so you'll never be bored in the car again.

Western Canada may not have any of the big-name cities that Eastern Canada does — no Toronto, no Montreal — but what it does have are massive tracts of land with nothing but pine trees and winding highways cutting through them.

Here's are a few of our favourite places to visit along the Trans Canada Highway between Vancouver and Winnipeg:

1. Vancouver Police Museum, Vancouver, BC

Forget the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Museum of Anthropology, or Science World—the Vancouver Police Museum has got to be one of the most interesting museums in Canada. It's here you'll find lots of weird and wonderful things, from a morgue locked in time, to the chilling true crime stories of Vancouver’s distant past.

2. Bloedel Conservatory, Vancouver, BC

The Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver is one of Canada's best conservatories because of its beautiful domed glass house and conservatory architecture. But Bloedel is also worth visiting for its collection of exotic orchids, tropical plants and even birds!

3. VanDusen Garden's Elizabethan Hedge Maze, Vancouver, BC

What's better than a hedge maze? How about a giant hedge maze? As one of only 6 in North America, this maze is well worth getting lost in.

4. Gastown, Vancouver, BC

If you've been to Vancouver before, you'll know Gastown well. The city's residential area is the second oldest in North America, after San Francisco. It's also got great shopping, restaurants and pubs.

5. The Enchanted Forest, Revelstoke, BC

This roadside attraction is an absolute must for families. From your favorite nursery rhyme characters to a treehouse 50 feet into the forest canopy, Enchanted Forest has been delighting visitors for over 40 years. Just watch out for those Gnomes!

6. Cave and Basin National Historic Site, Banff, AB

The Cave and Basin National Historic Site is considered the birthplace of the Canadian National Parks system. Fun fact: In the late 19th century, the caves were used as hot springs for tourists to cure themselves from common illnesses and ailments.

7. Banff Upper Hot Springs, Banff, AB

Like the Cave and Basin National Historic Site, the hot springs in Banff were used in early days to cure illnesses, but now it's a cool attraction for both adults and kids alike to visit on those cold winter days.

8. Alpine Helicopters Inc., Kananskis, AB

A family operated business has been operating tours to Kananskis Sani since 1961. This fun heli-tour takes you up to the plateau at the top of Kananskis Mountain for a great view of the mountains, valleys and forests below.

9. Heritage Park Historical Village, Calgary, AB

Over 30 original and historic buildings from Alberta's past have been moved to Heritage Park. Walking through the village, you'll see a variety of shops, homes and businesses from the 1800s to late 1900s.

10. The Calgary Tower, Calgary, AB

The Calgary Tower is a great place to take a family for a 360-degree view of the city and surrounding mountains. Before you make your ascent to the top, make a reservation at the Sky 360 Restaurant and Lounge for a great meal, to match your great views.

11. The Calgary Zoo, Calgary, AB

With over 1,000 animals from around the world, the Calgary Zoo is one of the best zoos in Canada. Make sure you see all of your favourite animals including red pandas and snow leopards.

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12. The Military Museums, Calgary, AB

The Military Museums are a big draw for military buffs, but they also offer exhibits that highlight the technological advances in warfare, and everything in between. The museums are even home to a few treasures including a working periscope from the Canadian Submarine Ojibwa and even an F-86 Sabre Jet fighter!

13. World’s Tallest Teepee, Medicine Hat, AB

Also known as the Saamis Teepee, this teepee towers an impressive 215 feet, roughly the equivalent of a 20-story building! It's especially beautiful at night when it's illuminated by a multitude of coloured lights.

14. Mac the Moose, Moose Jaw, SK

Mac the Moose stands at an incredible 32 feet tall and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Moose Jaw. It makes for an excellent place to get out of the car, stretch your legs and take that great photo of the family.

15. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre, Regina, SK

The RCMP Heritage Centre is the perfect place for families to learn about the history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and see authentic artifacts from their history. Kids will love visiting the mounted police stables and trying on an RCMP hat.

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16. Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Regina, SK

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum is the pride of the province, featuring a massive collection of artifacts and exhibits from all over Canada. There's even historical artifacts from early Canadian exploration. And don't forget about our good ol’ friend Scotty—the world's largest t-rex fossil!

17. Fun Mountain Water Slide Park, Springfield, MB

Fun Mountain Water Slide Park is an excellent place for families to cool down on hot summer days. With a variety of water slides and tubes, kids can go as fast or slow as they want. For the little ones, there's even a separate toddler area.

18. Museum of Human Rights, Winnipeg, MB

The Museum of Human Rights is a great place for families to gain a better understanding of the struggles and hardships of First Nations, Metis and Inuit people. It's a very powerful exhibit that your kids will love and remember forever.

19. Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg, MB

As one of Winnipeg's most popular attractions and home of the original Winnie the Pooh (Yes, he was named after the city!), Assiniboine Park features a wide variety of outdoor activities, including a zoo, mini steam train, and more! If you have small children, make sure to visit the Winnie the Pooh Museum (Just watch out for any heffalumps and woozles!)

20. Fort La Reine Museum, Portage la Prairie, MB

If you want to educate yourself about Canada's history of fur trading, or just learn a bit of prairie history, the Fort La Reine Museum is a great place to start. It features an array of historic buildings, artifacts and gardens from the local area.


The Trans-Canada Highway runs through some of the most pristine landscapes the country has to offer. But even though you know what places you want to visit, do you know where you'll find your bed?

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Next we're heading to Ontario! Stay tuned for our next stop in Thunder Bay!
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