Great Rental Suite Options for Farming & Agriculture Employees

The Farming & Agriculture sector has been booming recently and this industry is only going to grow even more as consumers demand more farm-fresh produce in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Many farming companies are learning about new technologies that will help optimize their crop output every year to increase yields and revenue. However, to learn more about these advanced technologies, farming operations would need to send their producers and employees to farming-related events, exhibitions or conferences.

These events don’t often take place locally or in close proximity to the farming operations. Many farming or agricultural events take place in a large exhibition center since farmers and executives from agriculture or even livestock breeding companies would be attending these functions. Hence, companies need to take care of traveling and living expenses of their employees while they attend the conference or exhibition.

Finding good accommodations for an employee or a group of people is not always easy, especially if one is unfamiliar with the destination. Thus, in such cases, using the services of a qualified housing solutions provider like Obasa Six Three Suites would be extremely beneficial. Offering luxury rental accommodations that fit our client's requirements is our forte. This is why many people come to us as we have years of experience in providing appropriate rental suites to people or companies looking for temporary accommodations.

These are some of the major reasons why people from all over trust us to provide them with excellent short-term suite rental options.

1. Locations near exhibitions centers:

When traveling for any event, it would be advisable to choose to stay somewhere close to the venue and that would help avoid unnecessary expenditures on transportation services. Staying close to the venue where the event would be taking place would help with critical time management and allow for more sessions or talks to be attended.

Since we have apartments, suites, and rooms across different cities and regions of Canada, we can help agricutural companies in arranging accommodations for their employees at a location that is very close (often within walking distance) to the venue where the conference will be taking place.

2. Clean & comfortable accommodation:

While in certain areas it could be fairly easy to find vacant rental accommodations, this does not guarantee that the properties will be up to the expected standards. Many firms get a shocking surprise when they find out from their employees that the rooms that were booked for them were not well-maintained or sufficiently cleaned.
Companies can approach a more experienced rental housing business like Obasa Six Three Suites with complete confidence. Not only do we have some of the most luxurious apartments, suites and condos, but we also place the safety of our guests above all else. So along with keeping things neat and well-maintained, we also rigorously sanitize our rental properties after every check-out.

3. Local point of contact for any assistance:

At Obasa Six Three Suites, we always strive to take the best care of our guests and attend to all of their needs. We ensure that everyone who books a rental stay with us gets their questions answered in the most timely fashion. This is made possible by offering a local point of contact who will always be available in case our guests have any concerns regarding the rental suite or need some other information urgently.

Most hotels only provide their guests with a helpline number that often lands with someone assisting from another country. They are unfamiliar with the surroundings, amenities and local offerings. This could lead to a poor experience for guests especially if they do not get an answer when they call on the number provided. We, on the other hand, always appoint a dedicated staff member so that our guests are not made to wait for long when they need assistance.

4. Booking can be done in advance:

Although most hotels or rental providers offer customers the option to book their rooms in advance, they might charge a higher price for booking at an advanced date or some might not even have any good rooms available for the dates needed. The advantage of working with a professional and experienced housing service provider like Obasa Six Three Suites is that guests can rest assured that if our team confirms availability that they will get a room or suite of their choice on the dates on which the room would be required.

So if planning to attend an upcoming agricultural conference or trade exhibition – we can help find the perfect rental apartment or suite for farming support staff, operations teams or key executives ensuring availability for the days when the event is taking place.

5. Stay can be extended if required:

There might be instances when a company may need their representatives to stay at a location for an extended period of time to check on the progress of an agricultural project or meet potential business partners. In such a case, the company would also need to extend the booking period of the apartment or suite that they had rented for their employee.

Most rental property owners might not be able to extend the stay beyond the previously confirmed booking dates as they would be expecting other guests as well. However, we at Obasa Six Three Suites would be happy to help our guests by extending their stay at any of our rentals for the extra number of days required (pending available inventory).


Booking accommodations for a short-term rental can get tedious as a lot of time is needed to search for rental spaces that fit the necessary expectations and budget of the agricultural firm that is looking to make a reservation for their team member(s). Obasa Six Three Suites helps simplify this process by listing out some of the finest properties that are available for rent on our website. Do browse through our website and visit our furnished suites page to get more information.

Wish to know more about any of our rental properties? Then just give us a call on 1-877-996-2272 and a representative from our Client Care Team would always be available to address any queries. We are also just an email away, so please share with us any questions or concerns regarding any of our properties at and we will send you a quick response.

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