Selling and Buying Your Home, and Where to Live In-Between

Home is a sanctuary where you feel most at ease, but selling your home is anything but easy. It may seem like there are a hundred questions to answer and no one to help you. Questions like: How do we find the right agent? Should we build new or buy? Who pays for inspections? How long will it take the builder to get labor and materials? What happens if we sell our current house before we find our new one?

To find the answers to these questions, you'll need to consult the experts, and when it comes to interim housing, OBASA Suites is at the top of the field.

Before your new forever home is ready, you might need a short to long-term furnished rental, and that could mean spending days or even weeks searching for the perfect fit. You could try a hotel, but most are vacation stay factories, churning guests in and out without much personalization. Airbnb is largely unregulated, so it's only as reliable as the host you're renting from, and there's no way to screen potential landlords.

No, you need a month-to-month rental, so you don't get stuck in a contract. And preferably something furnished, so you don't have to move your couch in for one month and out the next. But most furnished apartments are decorated as cheaply as possible, and who wants to interview landlords and view apartments when you should be looking for your perfect new home instead?

Unlike Airbnb, each and every one of our properties in each and every city around Canada meets the same award-winning standards for cleanliness and decor. Our suites are turn-key ready, fully furnished with high-quality decorations designed for comfort and convenience, and stylishly finished with details that give your interim-home a touch of vacation lux.

When you need short-term furnished housing, let OBASA Six Three do the work for you so you can focus on your move.

Whether you're moving down the block or to a new city, we have a variety of potential accommodations for you to choose from. Like Le Riopelle in Montreal, elegantly furnished executive apartments with panoramic views of the city. Or Albert Street in Regina, a spacious family home with five bedrooms and a finished basement.

OBASA Six Three Suites has a proven system that makes the transition seamless, from booking and check-in to check-out. Your point of contact will be the same each time you speak to our professional concierges, so you get a personal connection with someone who knows your needs every time you call. Our week-to-week or month-to-month leases are tailored to your needs to make the transition from your old house to your forever home as efficient as possible.

Contact OBASA Six Three Suites, and we'll take care of the interim so you can concentrate on finding your Home Sweet Home.

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