Booking Your Summer Vacation? Don’t Risk Booking through an Online Travel Agent! Here’s Why.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Book Your Short Term Rental Through an Online Travel Agent

If you are looking to rent a short term accommodation, don't waste your time with an online travel agency. Not only do these agencies have a huge conflict of interest because they represent both the buyer and seller in the transaction, but they can never offer the premium service that will make or break your next vacation.

Here are the top five reasons why you should skip the online travel agent and book your suite through a furnished housing provider like OBASA Six Three Suites:


1. Your Suite Gets Tailored to Your Needs

Say you need a short term rental that covers a specific medical need. When you use an agency to book your accommodation, there's not much you can do to ensure your requirements are covered. You'll have to trust the images on the website are true to what you'll get.

On top of that, most of these websites are run by travel agencies and not by any of the hotels themselves. Even if they receive a request from a client, they won't be able to provide exactly what the client is looking for. For this reason, they are bound by strict rules in their business practices and they can't make exceptions just for some clients

At OBASA Six Three Suites, our team finds you a suite tailor-made to your exact specifications. If you're not sure what you need, we'll recommend options to help make your short term rental the best it can be.


2. You'll Get High-Quality Service and Furniture

If there's one thing an online travel agent won't be able to offer you, it’s quality service.

Most online travel agencies don’t have a person working behind the scenes to provide personal assistance to their clients. This is because they are more focused on increasing their sales volume than providing a good service (This also means there’s a higher probability that you could end up with cheap furniture in your suite.)

Avoid all this hassle. A trusted housing provider like OBASA Six Three only offers the best customer service. You'll get customized quotes and access to a team member dedicated to your reservation  so that you don't need to worry about  anything when renting your short term accommodation


3. You'll Have all the Comforts of Home

From a fully equipped kitchen, to our premium signature bedding (and even your own in-suite washer and dryer!)—by booking a fully furnished short term rental house or apartment from a direct supplier, you'll get all the comforts of home wherever your travels take you.

Take this beautiful suite in Calgary for example. It's got a full kitchen, LED flat screen TVs (both for the living room and bedroom), and is fully equipped with all of the essential features needed for longer term stays—yet it's ready for short term rentals!


4. You'll Save Time, Stress and Hassle

If you want to enjoy your trip without being too stressed about your comforts then a trusted housing provider is the way to go.

You'll save time and energy by booking your short term rental property from people like the team at OBASA Six Three Suites. This is because we can take care of all of your needs in one easy conversation. You simply let us know what you need in your suite, where you're going and when you're going, and we'll find you the perfect short term rental suite tailored to your needs.


5. You'll Avoid Unnecessary Fees and Hidden Costs

If you book through an online travel agent, you will likely find that the rates are fixed, and therefore not reflective of supply and demand like they are at OBASA Six Three Suites.

Not to mention the hidden costs that you never knew about. Most of the time these online travel agencies get a commission from the vacation rental company and this is how they make money. This means they won't get the best deal for their clients.

At OBASA Six Three Suites, we don't work with suppliers to earn commissions from them, so we can help you find the best bang for your buck.



We already know how important it is to make the most of your time traveling. So why not choose a trusted housing provider that's dedicated to high-quality service and saving you money?

Finding short term rental accommodation can be a hassle, but by booking your short term rentals with an experienced furnished suite provider like OBASA Six Three Suites, you'll enjoy an incredible experience throughout all your travels.

If you're looking for great quality and affordable short term rental options, contact us today!






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