Comfortable Furnished Home Rentals for Business Travelers

Traveling for business purposes can be exciting and exhausting at the same time. Exciting because you can visit different places and connect with new people. However, it could be exhausting because you have to deal with the stress of finding a good quality rental accommodation that is comfortable and spacious.

Obasa Six-Three Suites has the perfect solution to help you find a furnished home for rent. We understand the importance of having a great place to relax your body and mind after a hectic day of meetings or project discussions. All the properties we rent are thoughtfully designed and tastefully appointed to give our guests a feeling of rest and relaxation.

Here are some of the other benefits you will experience when you book your stay at Obasa Six-Three Suites for your next business trip.

1. Lots of additional facilities available in our suites:

Our fully furnished homes not only offer you comfort and privacy, but they also come with plenty of other amenities and services you wouldn't have expected. Our premium rooms have home entertainment systems setup so you can unwind after working hours.

What's more, if you are a person who enjoys doing a regular workout, many of our rental suite options also provide guests with a fitness center, included gym memberships at nearby partnered facilities, or complimentary tickets to local entertainment and sporting events. Obasa Six-Three suites and apartments will impress you with the high cleanliness and immediate services we offer our clients.

2. Extendable stay options:

Rental accommodations are ideal for business travelers looking for a place that offers the same comfort level as their own residence. Finding this type of housing that you can take on rent might not be easy; however, when you choose the Obasa Six-Three Suites team as your housing provider, we will ensure you find a home that suits your liking and which is also available on your travel dates.

Additionally, unlike smaller hotels that cater to individuals who specify their day of check-in and check-out, we offer our guests the option to extend their stay easily. Some come to a new place to do business and leave immediately after work. If you are one of those "adventurous types" looking to explore some local activities or have a sudden change of plans and need to make a spot decision to stay for a longer time, then the Obasa Six-Three Suites team is here to help and will make the necessary arrangements to extend your booking.

3. Safe & Sanitized:

In addition to being spacious and luxurious, the homes managed by Obasa Six-Three Suites are safe and hygienic. Our team takes special care to ensure that our rooms remain well-maintained, so we always check and ensure that hygiene standards are maintained before you move in.

Our team of cleaning experts follows a strict sanitization protocol that helps us ensure that all our rental properties are clean to the naked eye and completely disinfected. So when you opt to stay in any of our homes, suites, or apartments, you can rest assured knowing that we have done our safety checks and have cleaned the property thoroughly.

4. Convenience of a full kitchen:

Ever had the urge to unleash your inner "master chef"? You can refine your culinary skills by utilizing the full kitchens in all of our rental properties. They contain all the necessary appliances and equipment to properly prepare your next 8-course affair from appetizers to dessert and everything in between. Expecting some guests? No problem, there are enough table settings for four (or more in some cases).

It is empowering to have an entire kitchen at your disposal, so you can make your meals to pack and take with you for lunch while traveling instead of depending on takeout food all the time. Save money and live healthier by preparing your own fresh meals.

5. Superior level of service:

For the Obasa Six-Three Suites team, our ultimate goal is to take good care of all our guests and ensure that they have a delightful experience staying with us. The people who loved our rental suites or rooms would also recommend our property to others. Hence, we strive to offer every one of our guests a superior level of service during their stay.

Our service continues once you book an apartment or room for your business trip or vacation. We offer our guests a level of service that meets or exceeds high-quality hotels, which means that you will get concierge services and housekeeping facilities whenever you require them. Our professional Client Care team can even arrange additional amenities for you, like VIP Check-in, a secure parking spot, and an in-suite washer and dryer, iron and ironing board.


All the furnished home rentals of Obasa Six-Three Suites are an excellent option for business travelers looking for a comfortable and convenient place to stay. We have a range of quality rental property options for you, such as one-, two- or three-bedroom suites, apartments and other suitable rental homes located in friendly neighbourhoods.

You can visit our website at and check out all the available properties. From here, you can easily select the dates you would like to rent out a home for your temporary stay as per your travel plans. You can also connect with a member of our team in case you have any questions by emailing us at or calling us at 1 877-996-2272.

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