Calling All Snowbirds: When You Can’t Fly South, Why Not Fly to Saskatoon?

Calling All Snowbirds: When You Can’t Fly South, Why Not Fly to Saskatoon?

It’s safe to say, Canadian winters aren’t for everyone. For many years, people seeking refuge from those long cold winter months were free to escape to our southern neighbour and beyond (that is, until the groundhogs let them know it's safe to come back).

But then comes 2020, and like most things this year, a wrench is placed squarely in our winter plans. Borders all around the world are closed, and for the first time in a very long time, snowbirds aren't flying south for the winter.

So what’s a snowbird to do? Our suggestion: Saskatoon—that’s right, Saskatoon. 


Why Is Saskatoon the Perfect City for a Snowbird?

Granted, the idea of flying to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan of all places may sound odd to hear at first, but with the right place to call home, Saskatoon is an amazing city to get through your Canadian winter.

The secret is finding that perfect spot to call home. Look no further than Hallmark Place — located on the west bank of the South Saskatchewan river in the heart of downtown Saskatoon.

These beautiful fully-furnished suites, residing in one of the city’s tallest buildings, will make your winter at home worth all the snow. Still don’t believe me? Here’s five reasons why:


1. You’ll Never Have to Wait in the Cold for the Car to Start

Two words: Heated garage. That’s right, no more waiting for the engine to warm up, no more scraping ice off the windshield, and most importantly, no more shoveling the driveway! Just park it, leave it, and put your feet up.

2. You Get a Complimentary Gym Membership (...and Onsite Squash Court!)

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t get your heart pumping. When you buckle down for the winter at Hallmark Place, you get a complimentary gym membership to Fitness Focus, a fully-equipped local gym

But don’t worry if you’d rather not leave the building—you don’t even have to leave the property to stay active. Play a round of Racquetball or Squash in the onsite court.

3. You Get All the Amenities of a Hotel, With All the Comforts of Home

From the friendly concierge service and housekeeping, to a fully-equipped kitchen and in-suite washer/dryer, you truly get access to the best of both worlds right at your fingertips.

Take a brisk walk to a nearby grocery store and cook yourself a feast (don’t worry, there’s an in-suite dishwasher), or if you’d rather not cook, that’s fine too. With a quick call to the concierge, you can learn where the locals eat—the choice is yours!

And if you need something in a pinch, there’s an onsite convenience store!

4. From Your Bedsheets to Your Key Fob, Everything Gets a Hospital-grade Cleaning Treatment

More than ever, cleaning protocols are paramount to traveling safely. Between every guest’s stay at Hallmark place, their suite is left vacant for 2-3 days to ensure all surfaces are virus-free.

But that’s just the tipping point of how rigorously these rooms are cleaned. From hospital-grade cleaners to 100-point cleanliness inspections, the intense dedication to sanitation is one of the many reasons this short-term rental is so much better than a hotel.

5. You’ll Find Tons of Options to Eat, Shop and Explore

Take a stroll through picturesque Kiwanis Park along the South Saskatchewan River, or walk to Midtown for some indoor shopping. The neighborhood is full of restaurants to try and shops to check out.

And don’t worry, there’s a Timmy’s just around the corner! (Tim Hortan’s coffee—just one of the many other perks to staying in Canada!)



As beautiful as rural Canada is in the summertime, we all know what it’s like in the winter. Slipping on sidewalks, waiting for the car to start, feeling shut-in to our homes—there’s a lot not to miss.

For snowbirds looking for an escape, Saskatoon may be the answer you didn’t know you to be looking for. You may not be able to fly south, but at least you’ll be able to get through winter as comfortably as ever.


Reserve Your Winter Stay-cation Before Someone Else Does!

At OBASA / Six Three Suites, each of our fully-furnished apartments and houses are one of a kind. If you find one like Hallmark Place that you love, make sure you book it before anyone else.

But don’t worry, if your dream executive suite gets booked before you have a chance to reserve, we can help you find another that you’ll love just as much!



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