Breadbasket & Beyond: 20 Reasons Why You Have to do Business in Saskatoon & Regina

Top 20 Reasons to Consider Regina & Saskatoon for Your Next Business Venture

You know it as the Breadbasket of the World, but Saskatchewan’s diverse economy, low tax rates, highly skilled workforce and plenty of incentives, makes it the perfect place for any business that wants to grow in the global economy.

These 20 reasons only scratch the surface of what is possible for your business in Saskatchewan.


Low Cost to Business

1. One of Canada’s Lowest Corporate and Manufacturing Tax Rates

Even before all the tax incentives, Saskatchewan has one of the lowest corporate and manufacturing tax rates in Canada at only 12%.


2. Lots of Available Tax Credits and Business Incentives

Even with a low tax rate, your business can qualify for a cornucopia of tax rebates and business incentives covering everything from each of its rapidly growing resource sectors such as agri-business, mining and forestry, to spurring innovation, supply-chain efficiency, and more!


3. Stable Utility Costs

All major utilities, including electricity, are provided by the government. You can rest assured budgeting out costs knowing utility costs are incredibly stable.


Highly Skilled Workforce

4. Low Cost of Living

Affordable real-estate means your employees have much easier access to buying a home. This not only makes relocating easier, but can give your team members hundreds of thousands of dollars to pocket when moving from Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco and other expensive markets.


5. Streamlined Immigration

Saskatchewan recently expanded its Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand immigration programs to more than 200 high-skilled occupations. This means it's easier than ever to get the talent your business needs from the global labour pool.


Silicon Prairie, Advanced Tech and Innovation

6. 3,000 New Jobs Between 2015 and 2016 Alone!

Nicknamed Silicon Prairie, Saskatoon has become an international leader in advanced technology. Between 2015 and 2016, the province added more than 3,000 new jobs!


7. 6% Corporate Tax Rate to Companies Commercializing IP

Eligible companies commercializing intellectual property can take advantage of the Saskatchewan Commercial Innovation Incentive, combine that with the R&D refundable tax credit, and commercialization becomes incredibly affordable.


8. Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre

The province keeps its crown at the forefront of food processing technology with the help of non-profit organizations like the Food Centre in Saskatoon. They offer complete assistance to processors seeking to add value to their products for both domestic and international markets.


9. Global Pioneers in Plant-Based Foods

Being the world-leading exporter of lentils and peas put Saskatchewan in a unique position to be proud global trailblazers in the rapidly growing plant-based food sector. Between its strong, developed infrastructure and highly-skilled talent pool, Saskatchewan is building the food infrastructure of the future. 


Tons of Business Opportunities

10. Central North American Location with Great Transportation

The four corners of this massive province stretch right in the middle of North America. Together with its excellent rail and road networks, your business’s supply chain has excellent connections to Asian, European and American markets.


11. Huge Opportunities in Supply Chains for Manufacturers

The provincial government has invested heavily in making its resource sector as efficient as possible. This means there are huge opportunities in manufacturing when it comes to an accessible supply chain.


12. Manufacturers have Direct Access to Locally-Produced Steel Supply

Locally produced steel is within arms reach for your business as Regina is home to the largest steel company in Western Canada.


World Leaders in Agri-value
13. World-Class Agri-Business Leader

Saskatchewan is the world’s leading exporter of:

  • Flaxseed (19% share of world export market, 2019)
  • Canola Meal (19% share of world export market, 2019)
  • Canola Seed (21% share of world export market, 2019)
  • Mustard Seed (26% share of world export market, 2019)
  • Peas (31% share of world export market, 2019)
  • Oats (31% share of world export market, 2019)
  • Durum Wheat (35% share of world export market, 2019)
  • Lentils (51% share of world export market, 2019)
  • Canary Seed (70% share of world export market, 2019)

Not to mention, it’s also Canada’s second-largest cattle-producing province.


14. Food Processing Sector Doubled its Revenue in 15 Years

Between 2004 and 2019, the annual revenue of value-added agriculture has more than doubled going from $2.3 billion to over $5.2 billion!


15. More than $14 Billion in Goods Shipped Across the World

Agri-business is responsible for exporting over $14 billion of goods across the world annually. More specifically, the province’s more than 300 food processing facilities ship over $4 billion of goods to the United States, Mexico, Europe, Japan and more every year!


Massive Untapped Resource Potential

16. 1.2 Million Cubic Meters (42.4 Million Cubic Feet) of Available Timber

With woodlands the size of Germany, the province has approved massive tracks of forests for the development of new mills. 


17. 650k Oven-Dried Tonnes of Available Wood Biomass

Whether for energy, or manufacturing, there are literally tonnes of wood biomass available for the taking. 


18. World Leader in Potash and Uranium Mining

It should come as no surprise such a global leader in Agri-business is also the global leader in Potash mining, a key ingredient in fertilizer. This speaks to the province’s extensive work creating resilient supply chains.


19. 25% Tax Rebate for Diamonds, Base, and Precious Metals

When talking about untapped potential in Saskatchewan, look no further than mining. Not only are there plenty of metals and diamonds in the ground waiting, but the province will provide eligible businesses with a 25% tax rebate for drilling them up!


20. The Most Attractive Jurisdiction for Mining Investment

Because of its resilient regulatory and royalty systems, as well as its welcoming business and investment culture, Fraser Institute ranked Saskatchewan as the most attractive jurisdiction in Canada for mining investment in 2019.



As more and more businesses uncover the untapped economic power of this province, now is the best time to maximize the potential for growth of your business, by getting involved in Saskatchewan’s rapidly developing economy.

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