10 Reasons Why Your Pet Can Improve Your Mental Health When Traveling as a Contractor

Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Should Bring a Pet While Traveling for Work

If you're a contract worker that's traveling away from home for a project, you shouldn't have to do it alone. Bringing a pet to accompany you on your trip is one of the best things you can do for your mental health and overall well being.

Here's why you should always bring your pet while traveling for work:

1. They're a good distraction

If you're working remotely from your home, having a pet to distract you can be very helpful. Few things give you more motivation to power through a stressful project than a fluffy face that’s happy to see you!

2. They make you more social

Pets are very social creatures. Even if they aren't able to talk, they still enjoy human companionship and can make great friends with the people around them (if they want). Having a dog greet you when you return from work to your short term rental does wonders for your mental health, providing much needed company while traveling away from home.

3. They keep you sane

Having a pet to nurture can definitely make you less frustrated with other people and their decisions. Being around a goofball of a dog lightens up on those stressful days, especially if they're wearing one of those sausage-shaped doggy costumes.

4. They make you feel safer

Dogs are great companions because they will bark at things that scare them and be very protective towards their owners. This helps you feel more confident going out and about while traversing through new territory.

5. They keep you active

Speaking of getting out and about, having a pet can definitely make you more active when traveling for work, even if your furball isn’t the most physically active of animals.
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6. They keep you organized

Having that furry companion can help you not get lost in the big city. They can help you find your way home if you get turned around and are also pretty great at scoping out the best local eats!

7. They’re great to talk to

Besides just being cute, pets make great companions! You’ll forget the feeling of loneliness when you are around them, because they will always have an open ear for what’s going on in your day.

8. They make travel more enjoyable

Traveling with a buddy can definitely be more fun than traveling alone, making all those long road trips much more enjoyable and less stressful on the both of you.
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9. They can break the ice with new people

You will never be lonely while traveling with your pet. If you have a friendly dog, it is more likely that he will attract other people to you and help you make new friends with your traveling partners.

10. They are easy to travel with

Having a pet doesn’t always mean that you will have loads of restrictions when traveling with them. There are many ways to travel with your pet without having to worry about any restrictions.
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There are endless reasons why you should bring your pet on your next travel trip. They will keep you active, help you meet new people and in the end make all of your worries disappear. If you're away from home for work, or on a family/friend vacation, they will be there for you and make sure that everything is okay.
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Ready to book your next pet friendly work trip? Get in touch with our team and we’ll find you the perfect short term rental for you and your fluffy friend.


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