Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Hotel During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Be Prepared: Ask the Right Questions Before You Book Your Hotel Stay

Whether you’re travelling for business, or to visit the in-laws, vetting your accommodations for safety during this pandemic is an essential part of the way we now travel. But what questions should you be asking before you book? 

Here are the top 5 questions you need to ask before you reserve your hotel room:


1. Do they offer free cancellations, and how much notice do they need?

More than ever before, hotel chains are allowing people to cancel their reservations at no charge before arrival. Many chains are allowing these free cancellations with as little as 24-hour notice.

Make sure you find out what a hotel’s cancellation policy is before you book, that way if you come down with any symptoms of the virus, or if cases spike in or around the hotel’s region, you don’t get penalized for cancelling your stay.

On the flip side, before checking-in to your room, inquire about possible free room upgrades. As other people cancel their stays, you could potentially get their room without having to pay for it.


2. What policies do they have in place to limit the spread?

From plexiglass barriers at the concierge, to hand sanitizer provided throughout the public spaces, there are many ways the hotel can limit the spread of coronavirus.

Ask if all employees are required to wear face masks at all times. Additionally, inquire about housekeeping practices between each guest’s stay. What they do to disinfect rooms is important, but also ask about how they exchange the air.

Since hotel rooms are generally small spaces, the last thing you want to do is breathe the air of your room’s former occupant.

At OBASA / Six Three, we clean our furnished suites with hospital-grade cleaners to ensure you have the healthiest stay possible. And since the virus can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours, we make sure to leave our suites vacant for a minimum of 48 hours between every guest’s stay. You can read more about our cleaning protocols here.


3. What in-room features do they have to stay entertained and socially distanced?

With many activities closed from the pandemic, chances are you’ll be spending a lot more time within your hotel room. So that you don’t lose your mind cooped-up in a room, it’s important to find a short term rental with adequate entertainment. Do they have movies or video games on demand? How about high-speed wifi?

To practice better socially distancing, you should also ask about food options such as contactless room service. Furnished suites from OBASA / Six Three come with fully equipped kitchens so you can limit the time you spend around others at a restaurant while also saving yourself money.


4. How is the air circulated?

This is an often overlooked question that’s arguably among the most important. Ask whether the room shares a ventilation system with adjacent rooms or if its air is circulated independently. You should also inquire about rooms with windows that can open — a feature many hotels are lacking.

Since our executive suites are essentially fully furnished apartments or houses, they all come equipped with windows you can open. On top of that, many of our suites have their own french balconies so you can be assured that the air you breathe is always fresh.


5. Do they have rooms available on lower floors or with exterior entrances?

Elevators, with their cramped space and many buttons, are critical spots of contagion. For that reason, ask if your room can be as close to the main floor as possible. That way you can easily take the stairs instead. Even better, ask about rooms with exterior entrances, then you never have to share interior hallways with the hotel’s other guests.


Hotels can be dangerous hotspots for contracting the disease, however by asking the right questions and arming yourself with the facts, you can ensure the hotel you decide to book is safe.

Of course, if safety is your top priority when travelling, you can skip the hotel altogether by staying at one of our fully furnished suites. Our rooms offer all the comforts of home with all the amenities of a hotel.


At OBASA / Six Suites, we’re doing everything we can to ensure your trip is as safe as it is comfortable.

If you want to know more about what we’re doing to keep our guests safe, feel free to reach out and ask us a question. We’d love to hear from you.



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