The Top 5 Reasons Savvy Real Estate Investors are Flocking to Saskatoon & Regina

Investing in Real Estate? Here’s 5 Reasons Why House-Flippers Everywhere are Flocking to Regina & Saskatoon.

As homes across North America get more and more expensive, the return on investment you can get from house-flipping gets less and less lucrative. As any savvy investor knows, the best realty returns come from developing markets—cities on the verge of rapidly growing economies.

This brings us to the two Canadian cities often overlooked, but both very well suited for the economy of the future. Here are our top 5 reasons why real estate investors and house flippers need to consider Regina and Saskatoon.


1. Regina & Saskatoon are Ready for the Future World Economy

Simply put, the province of Saskatchewan finds itself in a very unique position of already providing the world with many goods and resources that’ll only be more demanded by the economy of the future.

That combined with its central North American location, highly efficient rail and road networks, incredibly low corporate taxes, and tons of available tax credits and incentives makes the province a no brainer for international companies looking to relocate parts of their companies and supply chain to the prairie Province.

Not to mention the serious investments made by Saskatchewan to increase innovation, particularly in the Agri-Value sector (food processing) which has already more than doubled its revenue in the past 15 years to over 5.2 billion dollars a year!


2. Global Agri-food Giants are Already Moving In

The province is already the world’s top exporter of pulses such as peas and lentils—key ingredients in the emerging Plant-Based protein sector, and large international companies have already taken notice.

Take Agricorp, a global company headquartered in Singapore, which recently built two agri-food processing plants in the province with eyes set only to grow.

Also look at Cargill, another global company operating out of Minnesota. They’ve invested more than $300 million in the past five years, making Saskatchewan the new home of the largest canola processing plant in North America (Saskatchewan is also the world’s leading exporter of canola).


3. A Forest the Size of Germany is Ready for Sustainable Harvesting

Construction sectors across the world are rediscovering the value of timber in urban high-rise construction. These “Plyscrapers” use an innovative form of compressed timber called mass timber, which is super strong, more flexible than concrete, and still fire-resistant (Yes, this wood is fire resistant!)

Already several provinces have approved mass timber for urban construction, and Canada’s federal government has invested nearly $40 million over four years to increase the use of mass timber in buildings and public infrastructure projects across the country.

This is all happening just as the province of Saskatchewan approves a massive forest for sustainable milling. Long story short, Saskatchewan’s already strong forestry sector is set to become radically stronger in the next few years.


4. Too Late for Silicon Valley? Invest in Silicon Prairie.

Wouldn’t it be great to use a time machine to invest in Silicon Valley’s real estate before prices soared? Although Silicon Valley start-ups have yet to produce a time machine, investing in an emerging global tech juggernaut is still possible. Just travel to Silicon Prairie, i.e. Saskatoon.

Although it’s often underappreciated by the global community, Saskatoon’s tech sector is a force to be reckoned with. Specializing in advanced industrial equipment, the city has carved itself out a resilient niche only set to grow as more global corporations travel to Saskatchewan.


5. The Housing Market is Unlikely to Keep Up with Demand

To get the most out of your investment, you need to get in on the market now before it’s too late. As more and more jobs are created, more and more homes are needed. Industry insiders are saying, based on the rate at which the economy is developing, as well as low interest rates, it’s unlikely the housing market will be able to keep up with the demand.

That means, as your old economics text book will tell you, increasing demand for housing, coupled with a low supply of housing means increasing value of housing.

In order to maximize your potential return on investment, you need to invest in real estate sooner rather than later.



Regina and Saskatoon are the beating hearts of this province—so as the province's economy balloons, homes in these cities are going to jump in value. That means it’s the best time ever to get in on these markets to maximize your potential ROI from Real Estate.

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Looking to Invest in an Income Property but Don’t Have the Time to Manage It?

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