Construction is Booming in Saskatoon & Regina. Is Your Firm Wasting Time & Money on Housing for Temporary Workers?

Here’s How Smart CAP Can Save Your Construction Firm Big When Onboarding Out-of-Province Talent

As we’ve spent the last month looking into all the amazing energy flowing into Saskatchewan’s economy, it should come as no surprise that this industry is also in heightened demand.

We're jumping into the rapidly expanding construction sector, and showing construction firms what they can do to support their workers while saving big.


Why is Construction Booming in Regina & Saskatoon?

As the economy of Saskatchewan soars, so too is the industry building that economy’s infrastructure. 

From roads and rails to homes and businesses, the province is investing millions into strengthening their transportation networks and supply chains for the businesses in their future.

The issue is, there’s far more demand for construction than there are people working in construction. This means businesses must look outwards to bring in talent from across the country.


Construction Firms Are Wasting Millions in Short Term Rental Homes & Apartments

If you’re in the industry, you know this pain all too well. Not only must you look for the talent, but you also need to find them decent accommodation while they work in the province.

This can cost you thousands, if not millions of dollars on short term rentals. Not to mention, it could lead to delays as you work out the challenge of finding suitable homes for each worker.

Luckily, there is a better way.


Here’s Why Smart CAP Makes Onboarding Talent Easier

When you take advantage of our Smart CAP program, you can save thousands of dollars on your accommodation. We design tailored pricing plans when you book short term rentals with us in bulk.

That means you not only have beautiful fully furnished suites for your team, but you also save thousands of dollars (...and with a fully equipped kitchen, your team will also save big on living expenses!).

See the savings for yourself:

Standard Hotel Smart CAP
Total accommodation fees for 30 days: $5,128.28 $3,298.50
Total Living Expenses for 30 days:  $2,550.00 $607.00
Total: $7,678.28 $3,875.50


You’ll Support Your Team’s Mental Wellbeing

Being far away from home can be stressful on your team. You can help support their mental health by providing them with the comforts of home and the amenities of a hotel. Best of all, we have plenty of pet-friendly short term rentals available in both Regina and Saskatoon.

By staying in our executive suites, our patrons get:

  • Spacious, clean and inspected fully furnished accommodations
  • Local expertise with onsite and in-market teams
  • Healthy and balanced living with space to cook, do laundry, exercise, work and entertain
  • Hotel-like support with access to concierge service, housekeeping, parking, work out facilities and more
  • Safe, convenient and quiet neighbourhoods close to grocery stores, public transit routes and community centres
  • Fast response time – 2 hours or less during business hours
  • Single point of contact for both reservations and maintenance

Unsurpassed service, quality and cleanliness standards



When you need a lot of suites for your temporary construction workers in Saskatoon and Regina, you owe it to yourself to give us a call.

Get in touch with our expert team to find out how you can save thousands, if not millions of dollars with Smart CAP by OBASA / Six Three Suites.





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