OBASA Honored with Heritage Award

MARCH 20, 2018. SASKATOON, SK. – OBASA Group of Companies is very pleased to be recognized with the Award of Merit for Restoration of the OBASA Building’s Revitalization from the City of Saskatoon’s Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (MHAC).

“The Heritage Awards represent an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the work of preservation, restoration and stewardship of buildings of heritage value and education in our community,” says Paula Lichtenwald, Committee Chair. “These awards recognize what is often an immense amount of vision, time, and a financial commitment that benefits the entire city.”

Through the vision of CEO and President, Gordon Doell, the OBASA Group of Companies revitalized the OBASA Building to create opportunities for local startups to established firms to grow their business in Saskatoon’ financial district. In conjunction with Heney Klypak Architect Ltd., Gord reimagined the six-story high rise to create a landmark businesses can leverage to grow their operations.

Seeing a need for flexible office space in Saskatoon, Gord created an exterior that establishes a striking presence, inspiring a modern and professional atmosphere for all who enter the building. To accommodate businesses from individual consultants to mid-sized firms looking to grow, the newly renovated office spaces are designed to infuse energy and productivity into any organization with modern decor, set off by natural light and balanced through individual office spaces and co-working spaces, as well as access to board rooms and community areas. The result is one of the most sought after commercial real estate projects in Saskatoon.

“Saskatoon is a hub for innovation with the potential to become the Silicon Valley of the North.” Explains Doell. “As established firms grow, and new ventures spring to life, we wanted to develop the OBASA Building as a resource to help business thrive from right here at home.”

Since the completion of the revitalization project in 2017, the OBASA Building has attracted businesses from digital agencies to global consulting firms, IT consultants, and law firms. With access to professionals ranging from property managers to architects, the OBASA Construction Division is poised to customize office space to fit any business looking to access clients from downtown Saskatoon, to around the globe.

The OBASA Group of Companies, through OBASA Properties, provides modern, effective, and inspiring office spaces to businesses operating in Saskatoon. With over 30 years of experience, in real estate and the recipient of industry leading awards for service, restoration, and reconstruction, smart business owners trust OBASA for the office space they need to succeed.

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