How to Get Paid to Travel. Here’s 7 of Canada’s Most In-Demand Jobs Let You Travel

The Best In-Demand Jobs in Canada That Allow You to Travel

If you're an avid traveller at heart, and believe that life is something that shouldn't be put on hold but embraced wholeheartedly, then you need a job that lets you travel.
Here's our short-list of the best careers you can do while traveling in Canada. (...And better yet, they're all in-demand too!)

1. Contractor/Construction worker

Most people associate construction with manual labour and long days on site. Though this can be true, it's less the case now than ever. Construction sites often offer a variety of opportunities for workers—paid education and training, flexible work schedules, excellent benefits and much more!

But better yet, with so many massive infrastructure projects across the country, the number of opportunities for contractors is huge. The sky's the limit to what this profession can offer you! (...Although skyscrapers are certainly challenging that limit!)

2. Travel nurses

Another great choice for people who love to travel while working are travel nurses. Nurses in this field are assigned to several different hospitals and rotate between them. Best of all, not only do you get to help people, but you get paid really well too!

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3. Graphic Artist

Graphic Artists are in demand, and with good reason—online businesses can never get enough art for their websites. Because this job can largely be done on your own computer, you can take your work around Canada and see all the amazing places that this country has to offer.

4. Copywriter/Blogger

With so much of the internet fuelled by words, it should come as no surprise this job is making our list. Brush up on that SEO, and you'll be able to explore the country helping customers connect to businesses through blogs and web copy.

Not only does this job allow you to see a lot of different places while writing, but it can allow for time off if necessary.

5. Software/Web Developer

Another great career to have freedom of movement in Canada (and around the world depending on where you're located) is software development. You could be building the software powering tomorrow as you travel from one ocean to the next.

Moreover, jobs in this field often allow you to set your own hours, making it easy to come and go from work while you travel.

6. Truck driver

Truck driving is another high demand job that is a great choice for someone who loves to travel and wants to earn a living at the same time. Although driverless transportation is likely to have huge ramifications on the industry in the near future, it's still massively in-demand right now as more and more people get online orders delivered right to their front doors.

7. Doctor/Nurse

You've heard of Doctors Without Borders, but in a massive country like Canada, you can be a traveling doctor within borders as well! If you have a passion for helping others, then the medical field is another great choice for wannabe travellers.
Whether you're a doctor, or nurse, or virtually any other medical profession, you'll be able to help people in need as you take your skills from place to place.
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If you're a hard worker who loves to travel then you're in luck. Canada has a wide variety of industries that need bright minds and experienced individuals.
Just remember if you do travel for your work, make sure your accommodations are... well, accommodating. Don't risk losing productivity because of a substandard short term rental booked through an online travel agent. Get everything you need to work as efficiently as possible anywhere in Canada... How?
Get in touch with us. Simply let us know where you're going, and what you need in your short term rental, and we'll set everything up for you.


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