Film Production Bringing You to Vancouver? Here’s How to Stay Busy When You Book a Short Term Rental.

Film Industry Bringing You to Vancouver? Here’s How to Stay Busy When You’re Off the Set.

Through the vast amount of films produced in the city, Vancouver has become a stand-in for countless cities across the world. We believe that no matter where you are coming from, you’ll find plenty for shopping, dining and entertainment when you book a short term rental in Vancouver.

Here’s our shortlist of the best of the best this city has to offer those in the film industry after the day’s shooting has finished.


Cafés & Quick-bites
Cafés: Revolver Coffee

Coffee lovers rejoice, your perfect cup of joe is waiting for you at this cozy café in Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood. You’ll find coffees brewed hot and cold, latte art topping your espresso beverage, and cinnamon buns that melt in your mouth (Just make sure to grab one before they go!).

One of our favourite parts about Revolver is that they also sell their beans by the bag. That means you can take them back to your short term rental suite to brew and get your mornings off to an amazing start. At Obasa / Six Three, your suite’s coffee maker and mugs are provided at no extra fee. The latte art however is on you!


Desserts: Thierry Alberni

Chocolates, pastries, cakes, macarons, this french patisserie is a top choice for anyone with a sweet tooth visiting Vancouver. It’s so difficult for us to make a recommendation because honestly, it’s hard to go wrong. Even if you’re not a fan of sweets, these treats make an excellent thank you gift.


Seafood:The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant

As a pacific coast city, it should come as no surprise that Vancouver has some excellent seafood. We recommend The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant located in Granville Island right beside the Public Market.

Here you’ll find platters of the best the pacific has to offer. It’s fresh, it’s delicious, and the view your table will have over the ocean is simply serene! But worry not vegetarians, you’ll have a variety of options too!


Vegan: MeeT in Gastown

The menu here is simply superb for vegans and non-vegans alike. We recommend their brunch, specifically their Gastown Classic Benny which features plant-based ham and eggs drizzled in a mouth watering cashew hollandaise sauce.

But if you can’t make it for brunch, dinner is excellent too! Better yet, they offer takeout, so you can enjoy it relaxing at home in your short term rental alone or with friends!


Walking Food Tours: Gastown Historic Walking Food Tour

Walking Food Tours are a great way to not only see the city, but also sample a variety of its dishes. Our top choice is the Gastown Historic Walking Food Tour. A hilarious improv comedian will be your guide as you make your way through this historic neighbourhood and try some delicious food.


Great Deals: Chinatown

One of the oldest chinese districts in North America, checking out Vancouver’s Chinatown is a must for people looking for amazing deals on exotic goods. From groceries to cook in your short term rental’s fully furnished kitchen, to great gifts and mementos, you’ll find it in Chinatown.


Premium Shopping: South Granville

South Granville is the place you’ll find the latest fashions to hit the runway. Though more expensive than other shopping districts in the city, these boutiques are your place to find the most chic and trendy fashion as well as home decor and more.


Best Mall: CF Pacific Centre

This massive mall has been serving the people of Vancouver with all of your favourite name brands from Aldo to H&M. If you’re looking for footwear, accessories, dining, or entertainment, you’ll find it here.


Nature & Exploration
Hiking: Grouse Mountain

The mountains around Vancouver contain some of the most beautiful paths to hike in the world. We recommend Grouse Mountain — right next to the city. With a range of trails to choose from, people of all hiking skill levels will find a breathtaking view of the ocean, city and surrounding landscape.


Kayaking: Creekside Kayaks

Ever try urban kayaking? In Vancouver you can! Tucked away in False Creek in the middle of Vancouver, this kayak rental service will rent you a kayak without leaving the heart of the city.


Skiing & Snowboarding: Cypress Mountain

Just north of the city you’ll find this terrific ski resort with hills for people of all skill levels. Other than downhill skiing, you’ll also find snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and tubing.

If you’ve never been to the city before, you definitely can’t miss hitting the slopes at this awesome resort.


Sightseeing Cruise: Vancouver Harbor Sightseeing Cruise

All aboard this historic boat for an open-air tour of Vancouver’s waterfront. Get some of the best views of the beautiful North Shore Mountains or the stunning Lions' Gate Bridge as your guide fills you in on the amazing history of this city.



Long hours filming mean you need time to relax and refresh. That’s why when you travel to Vancouver for film production, you need a quality fully-furnished short-term rental that lets you truly unwind before the next shoot begins.

When you book your executive suite through OBASA / Six Three, our expert team will set you up in an amazing home or apartment that matches your every need. Whether that’s having a fully-equipped kitchen, in-suite washer and dryer units, entertainment space, or even room for your pets, our team will find you the perfect short term rental.

Get in touch with us today to get started!






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