Wanuskewin Heritage Park emerged as the proud recipient of the Indigenous Tourism Award at the recent Canadian Tourism Awards. This prestigious award, presented by the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC), not only recognizes Wanuskewin's outstanding commitment to preserving Indigenous heritage but also signals a triumph in the First Nations tourism market. 

Embracing Heritage in the Heart of Saskatchewan

Heritage holds a unique place in the hearts of communities, acting as a thread that weaves together stories of the past, present, and future. Wanuskewin Heritage Park has not only preserved the rich cultural tapestry of the region but has also played a fundamental role in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for Indigenous history and traditions. The park stands as a living testament to the importance of heritage preservation and cultural celebration. 

OBASA’s Commitment to Recognition and Respect

At OBASA Suites, we understand the importance of acknowledging and respecting the heritage of the Indigenous peoples in the region. Our commitment extends beyond providing comfortable stays. We take pride in acknowledging the traditional lands on which we operate and expressing gratitude for the contributions of the Indigenous community to the Saskatoon area. 

An Invitation to Explore OBASA Suites

In celebration of Wanuskewin's cultural triumph, we extend an open invitation to those seeking a unique and comfortable stay in the Saskatoon area. OBASA Suites, with its strategically located properties, offers more than just accommodation. Whether you're here for business, leisure, or to explore the profound heritage embodied by Wanuskewin, OBASA Suites ensures a memorable and convenient stay. 

Seamless Blending of Culture and Comfort

Imagine the convenience of exploring the cultural gem that is Wanuskewin during the day and returning to the comfort of OBASA Suites in the evening. Our suites not only offer comfort but also proximity to other key attractions in the city. It's a seamless blend of cultural exploration and modern comfort, promising an enriching experience for all visitors. 

Join the Cultural Journey

As we celebrate Wanuskewin Heritage Park's success, we invite you to be part of this cultural journey. Discover the rich heritage that Saskatoon has to offer and make OBASA Suites your home away from home. Congratulations once again to Wanuskewin Heritage Park, and here's to the continued growth and recognition of Indigenous tourism in our vibrant community. 

As capital city for the province of Saskatchewan, the city of Regina is a beautiful destination to visit during the winter holidays. The town is filled with lights and festivities, making it the perfect place to spend time with your loved ones during this special time of year. OBASA Suites offers a wide range of short-term housing and furnished suites to make your stay in Regina as comfortable as possible during the holidays.

1. Festivals and Events

Regina has an abundance of festive things to do during the holiday season. The city has several Christmas markets where you can shop for unique gifts and handmade crafts, and there are also light displays, parades, and live shows throughout the city. One of the most popular events is the Festival of Trees, which takes place in November and December. This event is a must-see, featuring beautifully decorated trees and holiday displays, as well as daily activities and live entertainment.

2. Accommodation Options

OBASA Suites offers a range of short-term housing and furnished suites that are ideal for visitors during the holiday season. Our suites come fully equipped with all the amenities you need, including a kitchen, laundry facilities, and comfortable bedding. We offer a range of suite sizes to suit different needs, from cozy studios to spacious three-bedroom suites. Our suites are centrally located and close to public transportation, making it easy to access all Regina has to offer during your stay.

To see a list of suites available in Regina for short-term stays, [click here]

3. Festive Dining

During the holiday season, Regina’s restaurants offer special menus filled with holiday-inspired dishes and drinks. From traditional holiday classics to modern twists, you’ll find something to suit your tastes. OBASA Suites can provide you with a list of recommended restaurants and cafes that offer festive dining options so you can make the most of your holiday stay. Treat your taste buds to a culinary journey that complements the festive ambiance of the season.

4. Winter Sports

Regina’s parks and outdoor spaces transform into delightful winter wonderlands during the holiday season. Lace up your skates for a glide around the ice at Victoria Park, located only a 1-minute walk from OBASA Suite’s Hamilton building, or opt for a charming horse-drawn carriage ride through the city. With several public outdoor rinks welcoming all, there's ample opportunity for winter sports enthusiasts to enjoy the season's joy. Embrace the magic and partake in outdoor activities that bring a spirited touch to your holiday experience.

5. Shopping

Regina’s malls and shopping centers are infused with festive cheer during the holiday season, creating the ideal atmosphere for some holiday retail therapy. Whether you're on the hunt for gifts to delight your loved ones or simply want to indulge in the joy of seasonal shopping, OBASA Suites concierge can guide you to the best shopping destinations in Regina. Let OBASA Suites point you to the perfect spots so you can find everything you need for a delightful holiday stay.


Regina is an ideal destination to visit during the holiday season, and OBASA Suites can provide the perfect accommodation. With festive events, dining, winter sports, and shopping, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes in Regina during the holidays. Book your stay with OBASA Suites and experience all the city has to offer during this magical time of year.

Visit our Regina Suites page to see all available accommodations. [click here]

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Tis’ the season to be jolly! And what better way to celebrate the holiday season than with a trip to Saskatoon, one of the most beautiful cities in Saskatchewan? Saskatoon is a wonderful place to visit year-round, but the holiday season is particularly special. During this time, the entire city is transformed into a winter wonderland with festive lights, fun activities, and an overall sense of warmth and joy. Here are some of the best things you can do to make the most of your trip to Saskatoon:

1. Take a Stroll Downtown

The holiday season in Saskatoon is something special, and you can see it in full force when you take a walk through the downtown core. The streets are adorned with beautiful lights, and you can hear the music of the season playing in every corner. Stop by any one of the hundreds of local shops along the way for some unique holiday gifts, and then sit down for a hot chocolate or spiced cider in any of the inviting cafés. For even more truly unique home-grown gift ideas, you can also visit the indoor Christmas Farmers’ Market for the holidays.

2. Stay in a Furnished Suite for an Authentic Experience

Instead of staying in a hotel, why not opt for a fully-furnished suite? OBASA Suites offer cozy accommodations for you to enjoy during your holiday trip to Saskatoon. Basque in a warm, modern, home-like atmosphere and still has the advantage of being close to all the attractions by staying in the heart of the city. There are many furnished suites to choose from that provide a luxurious, comfortable and unique holiday experience for all visitors, regardless of the duration of the stay or reason for the visit.

For a list of OBASA Suites in Saskatoon, click here [link]

3. Explore the Enchanted Forest

The Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo is transformed into an enchanted forest during the holiday season. Come to see the unbelievable light displays set against the backdrop of a winter wonderland of nature. You'll see majestic animals like wolves, dingoes, bears and snakes when you explore the zoo, and feel the magic of the season when you explore the forest. This is a must-visit attraction when in Saskatoon during the holiday season.

4. Enjoy the Wintertime Activities

Saskatoon is a winter lover's paradise, and there are plenty of winter activities to enjoy during the holidays. Try tobogganing or try out some local winter sports. Perhaps take a skate on the riverbank at the Meewasin Skating Rink or glide through cross-country ski trails in and around the city. If you are looking for indoor activities, take a dip or power walk in any of the plentiful recreational centres, or go bounce your day away at the trampoline park.

5. Attend a Live Holiday Performance

What is the holiday season without watching the Nutcracker? Attend the annual Nutcracker Ballet performance at TCU Place in Saskatoon and enjoy an enchanting experience. From the beautiful sets and costumes to the breathtaking choreography, the Nutcracker ballet is a must-see performance that is fun for both kids and adults. Alternatively, you can enjoy the festive sights and sounds of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra or holiday-infused performance of “Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley” at the Remai Arts Centre/Persephone Theatre.

The holiday season in Saskatoon is an experience travel lovers should look forward to. Saskatoon's festive charm, delicious cuisine and endless range of holiday activities make it perfect for all family groups. With cozy furnished suites, mesmerizing light displays, and winter activities around every corner, a holiday trip to Saskatoon is sure to be unforgettable and truly magical. Pack your bags and head to Saskatoon for a truly festive holiday experience.

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Are you looking for a unique way to spend your time in Regina? If you're a fan of agriculture, livestock exhibits, and farming technologies, you must visit the world-renowned Canadian Western Agribition or as it is locally known as just simply Agribition. With its rich heritage and innovative advancements in farming, Agribition is a must-see event that attracts thousands of visitors from around the world every year. In this blog post, we'll explore what Agribition is all about and why you should add it to your itinerary.

What Is Agribition, and What Can You Expect?

Agribition is an internationally recognized agricultural exhibition that showcases livestock breeds, farming technologies, and agribusiness opportunities. It is held annually in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and lasts for six days. The event is an excellent opportunity for visitors to learn about different livestock and growing practices, from dairy cattle to crops and machinery.

At Agribition, you can watch live animal shows and sales, visit trade exhibits and conferences, and explore the newest and innovative advancements in agriculture. You'll see the latest in farming innovations, from the energy-saving LED grow lights to the most current machinery. Another highlight is watching the Pro Rodeo, which draws in visitors and enthusiasts from across the world.

Who Should Attend Agribition?

Agribition welcomes everyone who has an interest in agriculture and livestock. Whether you're a farmer, producer or enthusiast, or just looking for a way to experience rural traditions, you'll have a fantastic time at Agribition. Visitors from farming backgrounds are often surprised by what they learn from other highly innovative producers, and they appreciate the opportunity to connect with peers.

Agribition also provides an excellent opportunity for non-farming individuals to learn about the agriculture and livestock industry. With various activities for young and older visitors, the exhibit delivers a learning experience that is sure to impress everyone.

How Long Does It Take to Explore Agribition?

Agribition takes six days, but we recommend giving yourself at least two days to explore the exhibit. These two days will allow you to see the various shows and events, take a closer look at the different exhibits, and take in the whole visual experience. It's a massive exhibit that may take some time to fully cover all the areas of interest.

Where Should You Stay During Agribition?

Finding accommodation in Regina during Agribition can be a challenge since the event draws over 100,000 visitors. It would be best to consider looking into short-term housing or furnished suites near the event site. If you’re the adventurous-type, you may choose to explore camping options. But be aware, November is notorious for unpredictable weather and freak snowstorms. For your comfort and convenience of staying close to the Agribition, you can review our selection of [fully furnished suites in Regina] (link to Regina suites)

What Else Can You Explore in Regina?

Regina is the perfect destination for visitors to Agribition. If you have the time, explore some of Regina's most famous attractions, including the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, the MacKenzie Art Gallery, and the top-rated Wascana Park. Enjoy the many festivals, local cuisine options, and great nightlife.

Attending Agribition is an excellent opportunity for visitors to learn about farming practices and the livestock industry. You won't be disappointed if you come from a farming background or just a love of nature and agriculture. With different exhibits to cater to various interests, visitors at Agribition have an unforgettable experience and gain valuable insight into the farming world. Contact us to explore short-term accommodations for your trip to Agribition.

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Are you a newcomer in search of temporary housing in the welcoming city of Saskatoon? Relocating to a new place can be pretty daunting, and choosing a suitable short-term accommodation can be challenging. Fortunately, Saskatoon offers a range of excellent short-term housing solutions tailored to the specific needs of newcomers and immigrants. As a leading provider of accommodations in the city, OBASA Suites stands ready to assist you in finding the perfect short-term housing solution that best suits your requirements and ensures a comfortable start to your new chapter.

What is Short-term Housing?

Short-term housing is rental accommodation designed for temporary stays of 30 days or more. This type of housing is particularly well-suited for newcomers and immigrants who are yet to settle permanently or find themselves in transitional phases. Short-term rentals can be in the form of furnished apartments, corporate suites, or serviced apartments. These accommodations often come with a range of amenities such as high-speed Wi-Fi, cable TV, fully-equipped kitchens, and in-suite laundry facilities.

Why Choose Short-term Housing?

There are different reasons why newcomers and immigrants choose short-term housing solutions. The first and most obvious reason is convenience. Short-term housing comes fully furnished with all the necessary amenities. This means you don't need to worry about buying or transporting furniture or household items. In addition, short-term rentals are cost-effective and provide an unmatched level of flexibility. With this housing option, you have the liberty to select the duration of your stay and pay only for the time you need. Moreover, short-term rentals provide enhanced privacy and security compared to traditional hotel stays.

Why OBASA Suites?

OBASA Suites is a reputable accommodation provider with over a decade of experience in Saskatoon. We provide fully furnished and serviced apartments that cater to the needs of newcomers, business travelers, and tourists alike. Our apartments feature a comprehensive range of amenities to ensure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable. Situated in prime neighborhoods, our apartments are conveniently located near shopping centers, restaurants, and major attractions within Saskatoon. We present flexible rental options to guarantee the most suitable housing solution for your specific requirements.

What to Expect at OBASA Suites?

When you choose OBASA Suites, you can expect to find a home away from home. Our fully furnished apartments have high-speed Wi-Fi, cable TV, in-suite laundry facilities, and housekeeping services. Each suite has a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, cooktop, oven, and dishwasher. For those who prefer to eat out, our apartments are conveniently located close to numerous restaurants and eateries. We offer all-inclusive rental packages with all utilities, parking, and amenities, so you don't have to worry about additional costs.

How to Book with OBASA Suites?

Booking with OBASA Suites is easy and straightforward. You can go through the Saskatoon listings on our website to submit a booking request or call our customer service team at 1-855-407-7034 (Toll-Free North America) or 1-306-805-9756 (Worldwide) to discuss your accommodation needs. Our team can help you choose the perfect apartment for your stay and provide the necessary information on rates, availability, and amenities. We offer a secure payment system and flexible cancellation policies to ensure you have peace of mind.

To view the listings we have in Saskatoon, click here 

OBASA Suites is the perfect short-term housing solution in Saskatoon. Our fully furnished apartments provide convenience, flexibility, and comfort to newcomers and immigrants seeking temporary accommodation. With our dedicated customer service team, you can expect a hassle-free booking process and a memorable stay. Choose OBASA Suites today and experience the comfort and convenience of temporary housing in Saskatoon.

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Are you a newcomer or immigrant to Canada looking for a short-term housing solution? Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan, is a city brimming with opportunity, culture, and vibrant communities. If you're considering a move to this beautiful city, finding the right place to call home is a top priority. Most landlords require at least a six-month lease, which can be inconvenient for people who are new to the city. OBASA Suites, your trusted accommodation provider, offers an exceptional living experience that can help make your stay convenient, comfortable, and accessible for stays ranging from 7 days to 12+ months.

Furnished Apartments:

OBASA Suites is committed to providing newcomers or immigrants with fully furnished, affordable, and flexible housing solutions. Our range of suites caters to various needs, from cozy apartments for individuals to spacious suites or townhomes for families. With well-maintained properties in key locations throughout Regina, you can select the ideal neighbourhood that complements your lifestyle and goals. Our apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, high-speed internet, streaming TV access, and comfortable furnishing. You just have to bring your packed bags, and we'll take care of the rest.

Corporate Housing:

While our corporate housing is designed to meet the needs of business travellers, it also provides for a superior quality of life. Our corporate housing includes a fully equipped kitchen, high-speed internet, and a dedicated workspace. Real-life testimonials from our satisfied residents highlight how OBASA has played a pivotal role in enhancing their Regina experience, both personally and professionally. We're more than a housing provider; we're your partner in making your Regina stay a success.

Extended Stays:

If you plan to stay in Regina for an extended period, we offer extended stays that allow you to stay on a month-to-month basis. With OBASA Suites, you don't have to worry about committing to a long-term lease. Our extended stays are fully furnished and equipped with all the necessary amenities. We also offer in-suite laundry, so you don't have to worry about finding a laundromat.

Pet-Friendly Housing:

We understand that your furry friends are a part of your family, and we have pet-friendly apartments that allow you to bring your pets along. We have apartments conveniently located near parks and pet stores, so your furry friend can also enjoy their stay. Our pet-friendly apartments are fully furnished, and we have a designated pet area to make your stay comfortable.

Customer Service:

At OBASA Suites, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Our team is always available to help you with any queries you may have or any issues you may encounter during your stay. We provide a dedicated level of customer service, so you can always rely on us if you need assistance.


As Regina continues to evolve and grow, so does the demand for quality housing. OBASA Suites offers short-term housing to provide you with a solution that is thoughtfully crafted to make your stay in Regina comfortable and convenient. Regardless of whether you're traveling alone or with your family, we have a wide range of fully furnished apartments to choose from. Explore the housing options available to you in Regina and let us assist you in making your transition to the city as smooth and stress-free as possible.

View our Short-term rental housing options in Regina

Let us help you make your transition to Regina smoother and hassle-free.

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Are you a newcomer or immigrant in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, searching for the perfect place to call home? OBASA Suites is here to help you make a smooth transition into your new life in this vibrant city.

Finding Your Home Away from Home

Moving to a new country can be exciting and adventurous, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful. One of the biggest challenges newcomers and immigrants face is finding affordable and suitable housing, especially when they only stay for a short period. Saskatoon, a beautiful and vibrant city in Saskatchewan, Canada, is no exception. However, with OBASA Suites, you can rest easy, knowing that you'll find the perfect short-term housing that meets your budget and needs while enjoying the city's numerous attractions.

Why Choose OBASA Suites?

1. Affordable and Flexible Options

OBASA Suites offers fully furnished and serviced apartments for those who need short-term housing in Saskatoon. With one, two or three-bedroom suites available for rent, newcomers and immigrants can choose a convenient and comfortable location depending on their preferences. Moreover, OBASA Suites provides flexible lease agreements and tailored packages, including utilities, internet, and cable TV to housekeeping services and parking arrangements.

2. Convenient Locations

OBASA Suites has multiple locations in Saskatoon, making it easy for newcomers and immigrants to find a home close to work, family, or schools. Whether you prefer to stay downtown or near picturesque parks and recreational areas, OBASA Suites has you covered. Most of our units are in secure buildings and conveniently located within walking distance of restaurants, shopping centers, and other essential amenities.

3. Comprehensive Customer Service

OBASA Suites prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service to all its clients. Our staff comprises friendly and knowledgeable professionals who are always available to answer any queries and assist with any issue you might have. We will guide you through the check-in process, offer local recommendations, and ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible.

4. Exclusive Amenities

At OBASA Suites, you can expect the best amenities to make you feel right at home. These include a fully equipped kitchen with modern appliances, comfortable furniture, and high-quality bedding. You will also have access to top-notch fitness centers, hot tubs, and shared recreational space in some of their properties. If you're travelling with pets, OBASA Suites also offers pet-friendly apartments so your furry friends can join you on your adventure in Saskatoon.

5. Seamless Booking and Payment Process

OBASA Suites has an easy-to-navigate website where you can initiate booking short-term housing in Saskatoon from the comfort of your home. The booking process is straightforward, and you can select your preferred location, dates, and number of guests. After your reservation request, one of our team members will contact you via phone or email to provide you with the best possible rate based on your needs and assist you in completing the booking.

Get in Touch With Us

If you're a newcomer or immigrant looking for excellent short-term housing in Saskatoon, OBASA Suites is undoubtedly your best bet. With our affordable and flexible options, convenient locations, comprehensive customer service and abundant amenities, OBASA Suites has everything you need for a comfortable and memorable stay in Saskatoon. Contact us today, and let us help you find your perfect home away from home.

Request a reservation for your short-term rental in Saskatoon

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At OBASA Suites, we're not just about providing exceptional accommodations; we're also dedicated to helping newcomers navigate their new life in Saskatoon. Check out these related articles for more information:

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When it comes to student housing, the last thing you want is added stress. At OBASA Suites, we understand the challenges that students face during this pivotal period in their lives. That's why we've designed our furnished apartments to offer you a level of convenience that simplifies your transition into student life.

1. Stress-Free Moving

Moving to a new place can be a nightmare, especially when you're dealing with the demands of student life. OBASA Suites takes the stress out of moving by providing fully furnished apartments ready for your arrival. No need to worry about purchasing and transporting furniture or kitchen essentials. Our suites are equipped with everything you need to start living comfortably from day one. Say goodbye to the headache of assembling furniture and hello to a hassle-free move.

2. Perfect for International Students

International students face unique challenges when moving abroad for their studies. Adapting to a new culture and environment is already a lot to handle, so why add the burden of setting up an entire household? OBASA Suites understands the needs of international students and offers furnished apartments that cater to their requirements. From kitchen appliances to comfortable bedding, our suites are designed to make you feel at home, no matter where you're from. Plus, our friendly staff is always available to provide support and guidance, ensuring a smooth transition to life in Canada.

3. Affordability

Managing your finances as a student is crucial. OBASA Suites recognizes the importance of affordability and offers furnished apartments that won't break the bank. When you choose OBASA Suites, you're not just getting a place to live; you're getting excellent value for your money. Our all-inclusive pricing means that you won't be surprised by hidden costs or unexpected bills. This transparency allows you to budget effectively and focus on your studies without financial worries.

4. More Time to Focus

Time is a precious commodity for students. Between classes, assignments, and extracurricular activities, there's little room for distractions. OBASA Suites' furnished apartments are designed to create a conducive environment for academic success. With all your living needs taken care of, you'll have more time to focus on your studies and personal growth. Whether you need a quiet space to study or a comfortable place to relax, our suites provide the ideal setting to help you achieve your goals.

5. Flexibility

Student life can be unpredictable. That's why we offer flexible rental terms to accommodate your academic schedule. Whether you need short-term or long-term housing, we have options that fit your needs. Plus, if your plans change or you need to extend your stay, we're here to assist you. Our flexibility ensures that you have the freedom to adapt your housing situation to your evolving requirements without any added stress.

By choosing OBASA Suites, you're not just selecting a place to live; you're opting for a lifestyle that fosters success and personal development. With our commitment to stress-free moving, dedicated support for international students, affordability, more time to focus on your studies, and flexible rental options, OBASA Suites stands as the ideal choice for students seeking hassle-free accommodations.

We invite you to embrace the ease and comfort that come with our furnished apartments. Explore our available suites in Regina and Saskatoon. Our lovely agents will assist you in finding the perfect housing for your student needs.

Going off to college or university is an exciting time, but it can also be a stressful experience, especially for those who are leaving home for the first time. One of the most daunting tasks is finding a place to live. While there are many affordable rental options available, many students are looking for a hassle-free option. That's where OBASA Suites’ furnished apartments for student residency become an excellent option. Not only do our apartments save time and stress by eliminating the need to buy furniture, but they also create a secure and convenient living space perfect for student needs.

1. Convenience and Time-Saving

One of the biggest advantages of choosing an OBASA Suites furnished apartment is the time saved and reduced stress. With most of the apartment essentials included, from furniture to dishes and linens, as well as your own in-suite laundry, it becomes easier to move in and focus on the more important aspects of student life. OBASA Suites are a popular choice for international students who may not have access to transportation for moving in furniture or who wish to avoid the hassle of purchasing furnishings and arranging for it to arrive – only to go through the process of selling it off once their studies are completed.

2. Security and Peace of Mind

Safety and security are top priorities for students when looking for a place to live. With our furnished apartments, the potential worry about strangers bringing in furniture that could contain bed bugs and other vermin is eliminated. OBASA takes immense pride in accommodating client needs, especially when it comes to proper cleaning protocols throughout all of our properties. We follow strict cleaning and sanitization processes that exceed industry standards to maintain a consistent positive experience for our guests.

The responsibility for maintenance falls upon the property owner, meaning that students can rest assured that minor maintenance concerns will be dealt with promptly. Additionally, the buildings have secure entrances that require codes or keys, making it difficult for uninvited guests to gain access.

3. Affordability

Believe it or not, OBASA’s furnished apartments can be more affordable than unfurnished apartments. Students who are just starting out often have limited funds for furniture and household items. In these situations, furnished living spaces can be a cost-effective solution, especially if the student plans to live in the apartment only for a short time. With an added perk of having utilities included in the rent, makes our apartments even more economical. And if sharing rent expenses with a roommate is preferable, we also offer 2-bedroom furnished apartments at many of our property locations.

4. School Proximity

Imagine starting your day with a short commute, allowing you to maximize your time for studies, campus activities, and personal pursuits. As you set your sights on Regina or Saskatoon, OBASA Suites has the perfect blend of comfort and convenience awaiting your arrival – fully furnished apartments strategically located close to the heart of university and college campuses. This is a huge benefit for students who want to minimize commuting times and increase the amount of time spent on school responsibilities. When you're situated close to your university, getting to classes on time becomes much more manageable.

5. Community Space

At OBASA Suites, we also have community spaces, meaning there are accessible areas such as fitness facilities, recreation rooms and outdoor spaces for barbecues and gatherings. These spaces serve as hubs of social engagement, where you can connect with fellow students, forge friendships that last a lifetime, and create a sense of belonging.

OBASA understands the unique needs of international students and is dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming home away from home. Finding a hassle-free option is crucial for students who are starting a new chapter in their lives. Apart from their financial advantages, furnished apartments allow for a more efficient move-in process, greater peace of mind, and a chance to live in close proximity to school. As students work hard to achieve their academic goals, the idea of having one less responsibility is welcome relief. At OBASA Suites, we offer an ideal solution for students who want to focus on their studies and enjoy their newfound freedom.

Your dream student residence is just a click away. Have a look at what OBASA Suites has available in Regina and Saskatoon. Our team is eager to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your student journey.

Regina (the Queen City of the Plains) is the capital city of Saskatchewan, Canada. Tucked in the middle lower-third of the province, Regina is a vibrant and unique city worth visiting, packed with rich history, cultural hot spots, and pristine natural beauty. Whether you’re looking for an adventure-packed holiday or a relaxing getaway, Regina has something to offer. Here are the top reasons why you should visit Regina on your next vacation.

1. Rich History:

Regina has a rich history that dates back 6,000 years. A tour of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Heritage Centre gives visitors a storied look into one of the world’s most famous police forces. The Government House, built in 1891 and restored to its former glory, is a great place to take in the city's rich history and architecture. You can also get an in-depth look at Regina's past by visiting the Western Development Museum, which houses artifacts and displays capturing prairie life from the early 1900s.

2. Rich Cultural Experiences, Festivals and Events:

Regina is home to a thriving arts and cultural scene, such as the Globe Theatre, Saskatchewan Science Centre, and Royal Saskatchewan Museum – all offering visitors a deeper look into the city’s rich history and creative arts. The annual Regina Folk Festival draws music lovers from all over the world, while Oktoberfest showcases the city’s love of craft beer and German culture. Regina is home to several festivals and events throughout the year. Every year in May, the Cathedral Village Arts Festival showcases music, visual arts, and theater performances. The Regina Folk Festival, held annually in August, features some of the world's best folk and indie musicians. The Queen City Ex, held in August, is a fun-filled fair featuring amusement rides, concerts, and local food. In February Regina’s Wascana Winter Festival takes place in Wascana Park with fun winter activities such as Snow Cricket, cross-country skiing, ice skating on the frozen lake and the hilariously competitive “Hole-ympic Outhouse Races”.

3. Beautiful Natural Scenery:

Beyond the city, Regina is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, from the expansive prairies to the serene waters of Wascana Lake. In the summertime, you can take a stroll through the Regina Floral Conservatory to see an impressive collection of exotic plants and flowers. And during the winter months, snow sports of all kinds can be enjoyed in nearby Qu’Appelle Valley. Regina boasts numerous parks and outdoor spaces for an adventure-packed vacation. The Wascana Centre offers over 2,300 acres of trails, water activities, picnics, and bird watching. The Grasslands National Park, two hours outside Regina, is also a must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking, horseback riding, and guided tours are available to explore the stunning scenery, steep canyons, and plentiful wildlife. Or you may choose to take a day trip to the larger city of Saskatoon situated only 2.5 hours to the North.

4. Sports and Recreation:

Regina offers a range of sports and recreational activities for visitors to enjoy. Mosaic Stadium is home to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, a Canadian Football League (CFL) team with a passionate fan base. Attending a Roughriders game is a popular local activity, and the stadium itself is a modern facility that can hold a large number of spectators. The atmosphere during a game is electric, making it a unique and exciting experience.

5. Delicious Food and Culinary Delights:

Regina’s food scene is a mix of traditional Canadian fare and international cuisine, with fresh and locally sourced ingredients at the heart of every dish. Be sure to visit the Regina Farmers’ Market to taste unique regional offerings and head to the city’s popular local restaurants and bars, such as O'Hanlon's Irish Pub and Victoria’s Tavern. Regina's dining scene has exploded in recent years, with numerous new restaurants showcasing the city's diverse culinary culture. From local cuisine to international flavors, the city has something for every taste bud. The Cathedral Social Hall is a vibrant gastropub in the heart of the city offering craft beer, cocktails, and delicious food. The Copper Kettle Restaurant is one of Regina’s longest-standing, locally-owned businesses with award-winning gourmet pizzas and authentic Greek specialties. The Willow on Wascana, located near the Wascana Centre, is known for its sophisticated menu and cozy ambiance with a spectacular view.

6. Budget-Friendly:

Compared to other major Canadian cities, Regina is an affordable option for travelers. Accommodations, meals, and attractions are available at a fraction of the cost of other urban areas.

Regina may appear to be a small city, but it has something for everyone! From history, art, and culture to outdoor adventures, great food, and year-round festivals and events. Whether you're planning a family vacation or a solo getaway, Regina will not disappoint! Book your stay with Obasa Suites when you visit the Queen City of the Plains, and you’ll come back rejuvenated, enriched, and filled with exciting memories of the best experience.

Have a look at our selection of furnished suites here: Furnished Suite Rentals in Regina, and reserve online.

Finding temporary housing solutions is no easy feat, but furnished home rentals offer the convenience, comfort, and flexibility that traditional hotels cannot match. If you are moving to Regina or visiting the city for an extended period, furnished home rentals may be the perfect solution for you. Read on to understand the many benefits of furnished home rentals and why they are the popular choice for people looking for temporary housing solutions in Regina.

1. Home away from Home:

Furnished home rentals are designed to feel like home, in every sense of the word. They come fully-furnished with all the basic amenities to make your stay comfortable, like a fully-equipped kitchen, bedding, linens, towels, appliances, internet, and cable services. Therefore, you can pack light and experience a homely environment wherever you go. Also, furnished home rentals offer different decor options, giving you the flexibility to choose the style that suits you best, whether you like modern, traditional, or classic themes.

2. Flexibility:

Furnished home rentals offer flexible lease terms, ranging from weekly to monthly rentals. Therefore, whether you are visiting Regina for a business trip, vacation, or relocating to the city, furnished home rentals offer you the flexibility to customize your stay duration according to your needs. Also, unlike traditional leased properties, furnished rentals come with shorter lease terms or even month-to-month options.

3. Cost Savings:

Furnished home rentals are more cost-effective than hotels, especially for longer stays. With furnished home rentals, you can enjoy the privacy and space of a home at a fraction of the cost of a hotel room. Also, furnished home rentals offer additional savings because you do not have to pay for extra services like laundry and cleaning, which are already included in the rental.

4. Variety of Options

Furnished home rentals come in all shapes and sizes. From one- and two-bedroom apartments to three-bedroom houses, there are plenty of space options available. Some offer increased accessibility for those with special needs, or fitness and recreational facilities – while others may offer rooftop terraces or private green spaces.

5. Location:

Also, rental companies are aware of the importance of location; hence they have furnished rental units that are situated throughout trendy neighbourhoods in Regina – often providing you easy access to the City's major attractions, businesses, and cultural events. Also, with furnished home rentals, you can enjoy the privacy and quietness of a residential neighbourhood, which makes it easier to blend in with locals and experience the Regina lifestyle authentically. With a range of features, locations, and prices, you are sure to find the unit that suits your budget and preferences.

6. Move-In Ready:

Moving to a different city or country can be a daunting task, and one of the significant issues is finding the time to purchase and move furniture, appliances, linens, cooking utensils and dishes. Furnished rentals have most everything you need that has already been designed to work together, providing a cohesive interior design and organized functionality, and most importantly, eliminating the need for a move-in day full of heavy lifting.

7. Safe and Secure:

Furnished home rentals offer a high degree of security and safety with professionally trained and experienced staff. With 24-hour customer service, you can rest assured that any problems or emergencies that arise will be addressed promptly, giving you peace of mind during your stay.

Furnished home rentals are a smart choice for people looking for temporary housing solutions in Regina. They offer the convenience, comfort, flexibility, and cost savings that traditional hotels cannot match. Whether you are visiting Regina for business, relocation, or vacation, furnished home rentals offer you a home away from home experience. Therefore, if you are looking for a comfortable and hassle-free stay in Regina, consider choosing furnished home rentals with Obasa Suites.

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Are you planning to stay in Regina for a short period of time and looking for a comfortable and affordable place to stay? If yes, then you might be confused between staying in a hotel or a furnished apartment. Read on as we discuss the benefits of choosing furnished apartments over hotels in Regina.

1. Comfort and Convenience:

Furnished apartments provide a homely atmosphere that is more comfortable than hotel rooms. You can cook your own meals in a fully equipped kitchen and store your groceries in a full-sized refrigerator. In addition, most furnished apartments have a full-sized washer and dryer that allows you to do your laundry at your own convenience. These facilities are not available in hotels where you have to rely on restaurants or room service for meals and laundry services are often expensive.

2. Cost-Effective:

Furnished apartments are more cost-effective as compared to hotels in Regina. In a hotel, you have to pay for individual services such as laundry, food, and room service that can add up to a significant amount. On the other hand, furnished apartments come with all the amenities included in the rent such as internet, cable, and utilities. Moreover, furnished apartments are usually available at a lower cost as compared to hotel rooms for the same duration.

3. Privacy and Security:

Furnished apartments offer more privacy and security as compared to hotels. In a hotel, you share common areas with other guests such as lobbies, restaurants, and pools, which can be a little uncomfortable for some people. In a furnished apartment, you have your own private space that you can use as per your liking. Additionally, most furnished apartments come with security measures such as 24-hour surveillance and controlled access to the premises.

4. Flexibility:

Furnished apartments offer more flexibility as compared to hotels. In a hotel, you are bound by strict check-in and check-out times that can be inconvenient if your travel schedule doesn't match. In contrast, most furnished apartments offer flexible check-in and check-out times that suit your needs. Moreover, you can extend your stay in a furnished apartment without any hassle as compared to hotels where there may be no extended availability or you have to switch rooms and will certainly have to check out and back in again..

5. Location:

Furnished apartments can be found in prime locations in Regina, which can be advantageous for people looking to stay close to their workplace or other amenities. Many furnished apartments are located in residential areas with nearby grocery stores, restaurants, and other services. In contrast, hotels are often located in commercial areas with limited access to nearby services.

In conclusion, furnished apartments are a better option than hotels for people looking for a comfortable, cost-effective, and convenient temporary housing solution in Regina. Furnished apartments offer additional benefits such as privacy, security, flexibility, and prime location, which can enhance the overall experience of staying in Regina. If you're planning to stay in Regina for a short period of time, consider staying at one of Obasa Suites fully-furnished apartments as an alternative to hotels.

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Spotless Homes, Safe Stays: The Importance of Proper Cleaning Protocols

Short-term home rentals are becoming more popular than hotels as people prefer having more flexibility over choosing a standard hotel room with restrictions. With more people opting for home rentals, property owners must ensure that rental apartments or executive suites practice rigorous cleaning and safety standards to keep accommodations safe and well-maintained.

Obasa Suites take care of all the properties we offer by following strict cleaning protocols and sanitization processes that enable us to keep every corner of our suites clean and free from dust or germs. This article will highlight the importance of cleaning protocols in short-term rental properties and why this should be important to you when seeking a credible provider.

Cleaning protocols refer to the processes and procedures any temporary housing rental company needs to follow to ensure that their properties are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guests. This can include everything from washing bedsheets and towels to sanitizing furniture, high touch, and hard-to-reach surfaces, such as light switches and door handles.

Such cleaning protocols have become even more critical recently as the world continues to adapt to the new realities in the aftermath of the pandemic. It is more important than ever to safeguard the health and wellness of guests; adhering to proper cleanliness standards is one way to achieve this goal.

Some of the essential benefits of following high cleaning and safety standards are:

1. Our guests have peace of mind:

When you rent a home for a short stay, you want to know that the property you are staying in is clean and safe. Our well-established cleaning protocols assure travellers that the property has been thoroughly disinfected, reducing the risk of illness or infection.

This is especially important for particularly vulnerable travellers, such as the elderly or those guests who might currently have some underlying health conditions. We take additional measures to meet health and safety standards by having a rigorous cleaning or disinfecting schedule.

2. Our reputation precedes us:

The credibility and reputation that Obasa Suites has maintained over the years is due to our service, flexibility in accommodating our client needs and a high standard of cleanliness.

Our cleaning protocols are backed by our policies that ensure that all rental suites, townhouses or apartments offered to guests are thoroughly cleaned to the same high standard. This approach reassures our clients who stay with us while vacationing or are on a business trip. It also helps ensure that our guests consistently have a positive experience, no matter which one of our properties they choose to stay in.

3. High customer satisfaction levels:

At Obasa Suites, customer satisfaction is vitally important to us. Any rental property that is continually cleaned and kept neat and tidy will surely leave a good impression, which is what we strive for. Also, our guests are always happy and satisfied to stay in a suite that is pristine and maintained at high standards.

4. Reduce the probability of infections and outbreaks:

A robust cleaning protocol helps us reduce the probability of an outbreak at our properties. In the event of any severe illness or infection, we maintain a clean and safe environment for the benefit of both our guests and staff members.

To ensure that we adhere to regular cleaning protocols, our cleaners strictly follow checklists that they complete every time they do the housekeeping or disinfecting of our properties.


To summarize, Obasa Suites ensures that its cleaning protocols are effective. We invest in the right tools, supplies and training for our staff. Maintaining a high level of cleanliness is our duty and responsibility to our guests so that we prioritize their health and wellness above all else.

Obasa Suites uses high-quality hospital-grade disinfectants and modern equipment when we clean our rental accommodations during routine housekeeping and after a guest has vacated the room. We give our cleaning staff adequate training and instruct them to strictly follow their cleaning protocols correctly and consistently to ensure that every room is clean and free from contaminants.

Come and experience our safe, spotless rental homes for yourself. Our cleaning policies are always above industry standards, and we clean every part of our rental properties, including the door keys, fobs or even garage openers. Contact us if you would like to know more about our cleaning regime by calling 1-855-407-7034. To book a completely sterilized rental home for your next vacation, please see a selection of our available suites at https://obasasuites.com/suites/.

Are you an executive who frequently travels for project work? Or do you have a team of professionals with whom you must travel for work? Obasa Suites has the perfect solution if you or your team members are tired of staying in bland and impersonal hotel rooms.

We at Obasa Suites have provided housing to individuals travelling for vacation and business reasons for over 30 years. We understand the unique needs and challenges of anyone visiting a new location for the first time. That's why we offer a curated selection of high-quality, fully furnished homes that provide a convenient and effective alternative to traditional hotel stays.

These are a few reasons why you should consider Obasa Suites as your housing partner whenever you or your colleagues travel to different locations for project work.

1. Stay for a short or long period:

Whether you're looking for a short-term or a longer-term solution, Obasa Suites rental homes can offer you and your teammates all the amenities and comforts quite similar to what you are accustomed to when at home. Also, we provide fully furnished homes on rent for as many days as you require.

Suppose you discover that your project will continue for longer than you had expected. Typically you would set about searching for a new place to stay. When you choose Obasa Suites as your housing provider, extending your stay is accomplished with a simple phone call or email request. We will take care of all your needs, and confirm the extension of your stay so that you can concentrate on the project.

2. Ample amount of room:

Certain types of project work require the support of a vast team of professionals. In such cases, you might need to travel with a large group of colleagues. Obasa Suites have dozens of properties with spacious living areas and ample workspaces where you and your team could assemble to collaborate and conduct meetings or project reviews.

All our homes provide a welcoming and productive environment where both project managers and executives can work together to discuss project details and assign tasks to each other. We love to help businesses by housing their project teams in close proximity to encourage regular communication and coordination so that work gets done faster.

3. Home rentals available near project locations:

In addition to being exceptionally comfortable and more cost-effective than other traditional hotel stays, our rental accommodations are also situated in prime locations near central business districts and transportation hubs, thus making it easy for you and your team to get to the precise location of your project site quickly and on time. Staying close to where the project work is taking place is crucial. If you reside in an area far from your actual project location, you or a team member must account for inefficiencies such as transit times.

Hence, it would be better for you to eliminate your rental house-hunting tasks by engaging with the professionals at Obasa Suites You just need to tell us where exactly is the site of your project so that we can provide you with a list of the available housing options in that area.

4. Best-in-class customer service

At Obasa Suites, we pride ourselves on providing exemplary services to all our guests to ensure that they have a relaxing and memorable stay with us. Our experienced Client Care team can be contacted 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have during your stay at any of our rental properties.

Our team also has the necessary expertise to effectively manage any special requests you might have, as they are well-trained and have been helping thousands of clients over the years. You can always count on us as we will ensure your rental experience is seamless and stress-free from start to finish.

5. Vast array of amenities

The house rental options with Obasa Suites come packed with a vast array of practical amenities that are readily available for you to use. For instance, every property is equipped with high-speed wireless internet, so you can stay in touch with your head office through online meetings and even check those essential work emails.

Some other unique amenities you will have access to when you choose to stay at any of our properties are streaming TV services, a fully equipped kitchen, housewares, bath kits and in suite laundry consisting of a full-size washer & dryer. Moreover, we will also give you a designated parking area if you are commuting in your vehicle. Browse through our website to see the various suites, condos & houses and the various amenities that are included.

Why settle for a dull hotel room when you and your team members can have a home away from home to reside on your next project trip? You can choose from a wide range of premium suites, furnished apartments, townhomes, and even entire houses to call home. What's more, you can stay at our rental properties for as long as you need to and vacate as soon as your work project is complete.

Contact us today to book your fully furnished rental suite or apartment and experience the comfort, convenience, and productivity that only a home from Obasa Suites can provide. Visit our suites section at https://obasasuites.com/suites/ to review the wide variety of properties available in Saskatchewan and with our vendor partners across Canada, and if you find something that you like, you can submit a booking request for your preferred dates.

Traveling for business purposes can be exciting and exhausting at the same time. Exciting because you can visit different places and connect with new people. However, it could be exhausting because you have to deal with the stress of finding a good quality rental accommodation that is comfortable and spacious.

Obasa Six-Three Suites has the perfect solution to help you find a furnished home for rent. We understand the importance of having a great place to relax your body and mind after a hectic day of meetings or project discussions. All the properties we rent are thoughtfully designed and tastefully appointed to give our guests a feeling of rest and relaxation.

Here are some of the other benefits you will experience when you book your stay at Obasa Six-Three Suites for your next business trip.

1. Lots of additional facilities available in our suites:

Our fully furnished homes not only offer you comfort and privacy, but they also come with plenty of other amenities and services you wouldn't have expected. Our premium rooms have home entertainment systems setup so you can unwind after working hours.

What's more, if you are a person who enjoys doing a regular workout, many of our rental suite options also provide guests with a fitness center, included gym memberships at nearby partnered facilities, or complimentary tickets to local entertainment and sporting events. Obasa Six-Three suites and apartments will impress you with the high cleanliness and immediate services we offer our clients.

2. Extendable stay options:

Rental accommodations are ideal for business travelers looking for a place that offers the same comfort level as their own residence. Finding this type of housing that you can take on rent might not be easy; however, when you choose the Obasa Six-Three Suites team as your housing provider, we will ensure you find a home that suits your liking and which is also available on your travel dates.

Additionally, unlike smaller hotels that cater to individuals who specify their day of check-in and check-out, we offer our guests the option to extend their stay easily. Some come to a new place to do business and leave immediately after work. If you are one of those "adventurous types" looking to explore some local activities or have a sudden change of plans and need to make a spot decision to stay for a longer time, then the Obasa Six-Three Suites team is here to help and will make the necessary arrangements to extend your booking.

3. Safe & Sanitized:

In addition to being spacious and luxurious, the homes managed by Obasa Six-Three Suites are safe and hygienic. Our team takes special care to ensure that our rooms remain well-maintained, so we always check and ensure that hygiene standards are maintained before you move in.

Our team of cleaning experts follows a strict sanitization protocol that helps us ensure that all our rental properties are clean to the naked eye and completely disinfected. So when you opt to stay in any of our homes, suites, or apartments, you can rest assured knowing that we have done our safety checks and have cleaned the property thoroughly.

4. Convenience of a full kitchen:

Ever had the urge to unleash your inner "master chef"? You can refine your culinary skills by utilizing the full kitchens in all of our rental properties. They contain all the necessary appliances and equipment to properly prepare your next 8-course affair from appetizers to dessert and everything in between. Expecting some guests? No problem, there are enough table settings for four (or more in some cases).

It is empowering to have an entire kitchen at your disposal, so you can make your meals to pack and take with you for lunch while traveling instead of depending on takeout food all the time. Save money and live healthier by preparing your own fresh meals.

5. Superior level of service:

For the Obasa Six-Three Suites team, our ultimate goal is to take good care of all our guests and ensure that they have a delightful experience staying with us. The people who loved our rental suites or rooms would also recommend our property to others. Hence, we strive to offer every one of our guests a superior level of service during their stay.

Our service continues once you book an apartment or room for your business trip or vacation. We offer our guests a level of service that meets or exceeds high-quality hotels, which means that you will get concierge services and housekeeping facilities whenever you require them. Our professional Client Care team can even arrange additional amenities for you, like VIP Check-in, a secure parking spot, and an in-suite washer and dryer, iron and ironing board.


All the furnished home rentals of Obasa Six-Three Suites are an excellent option for business travelers looking for a comfortable and convenient place to stay. We have a range of quality rental property options for you, such as one-, two- or three-bedroom suites, apartments and other suitable rental homes located in friendly neighbourhoods.

You can visit our website at https://obasasuites.com/suites/ and check out all the available properties. From here, you can easily select the dates you would like to rent out a home for your temporary stay as per your travel plans. You can also connect with a member of our team in case you have any questions by emailing us at info@obasasixthree.com or calling us at 1 877-996-2272.

Change isn't easy, and relocating is probably one of the most significant changes that could take place in your lifetime. Whenever you decide to move or relocate to a new home, finding a place for you and your family to stay is always the highest priority. The challenge is that if you haven't previously visited the area you intend to reside, you will need help finding a suitable place that meets your standards. You should take the help of someone who knows all the housing options available in the neighbourhood where you are relocating.

The Obasa Six Three Suites team has been in the business of providing housing options that meet the needs of people looking to move or shift their residence location for personal and professional reasons. So if you need help finding your next home in an unfamiliar area, then we can be a valuable service. We specialize in providing various housing facilities for people looking for places to stay short-term. It is the perfect short-term solution, so you don't have to make a rushed decision when selecting a permanent home. Give yourself the peace of mind to focus on getting things ready for your move.

Here are some of the advantages you get when you work directly with us.

1. Find a home as per your liking:

We have more than enough options for you to choose from. Also, if you are looking for a home that closely resembles the one you are leaving, we will employ our sister MyKey Global Accommodations team to find one that matches your specifications. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than helping families reside in comfort while they look for their dream home. Our team of professionals will quickly understand your housing and location requirements and find a place that matches that description.

2. Our homes and suites have all the amenities you require:

We understand that you are accustomed to all the comforts and amenities you have at your previous home. When you shift residences or relocate, you would naturally be looking for a property with all the amenities you need to have a comfortable lifestyle. The housing options offered by Obasa Six Three Suites are all fully furnished, and each has a fully functional kitchen. At each of our properties, you will also find high-speed internet to stay connected with your relatives. We also provide important home appliances like a washer and dryer so that you can do your weekly laundry.

3. Get a place at a convenient location:

Finding a home or accommodation you like is difficult enough, and sometimes even when you do find a place, you discover it may not be in the most suitable location. Although places like these might be within your budget, you could spend additional money commuting. It is best to find a place close to the area where you would be travelling daily for work, or at least one close to public transportation and other facilities. Luckily the properties of Obasa Six Three Suites are located within city limits and near local amenities with high "walk-scores". Feel confidents in leaving your house-hunting to us as we will find you a place in the perfect location.

4. Easy booking process:

Generally, it takes quite a bit of time to book a home, and finalizing your residence involves submitting certain official documents and other personal details. If you have not booked a house before, you might need to learn how to manage these proceedings properly, which could also be more time-consuming and frustrating for you. However, when you work with experienced housing providers like us at Obasa Six Three Suites, we help ensure that booking your home is seamless. It's always better to let professionals like us help you find and book a place of residence – we will ensure that the procedure is as smooth for you as possible, right from the time you move in till the time you have settled into the new place.

5. Supported by a dedicated local expert & Client Services Team:

When you and your family arrive at the new site where you are relocating, you will need the help of a local to find out about the various facilities available in that area. If you do not have someone who knows the place to guide you, you might have to spend a couple of days or weeks to figure out where to find certain things like grocery or hardware stores, pharmacy, medical facilities, child care services, the nearest shopping mall, cinema, or other entertainment activities and venues. Included in our client relocation services is a Client Services Team of local experts to help guests familiarize themselves with the area after moving in and providing additional support at any time during your stay.


So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us if you need assistance finding your place to reside when relocating to a new city. We have a selection of the finest suites and accommodations with all the necessities you may require for personal or professional use. For your planned stay, please choose from our list of luxury suites and apartments, houses and townhomes when you relocate. Have a look at the variety of housing options we have on our website at https://obasasuites.com/suites/ and if you need us to address any queries, then please write to us at info@obasasixthree.com. You can call us at 1-877-996-2272 to speak to one of our representatives.

Many universities and colleges have a high demand for well-qualified professors and researchers to be a part of their faculty. Ever since universities and colleges reopened after the pandemic lockdowns, a lot of students have returned back to the physical classrooms. Since everyone is now going back to attend classes, group discussions and lectures, the number of new student enrollments would also increase as students are keen to experience university life.

As the number of students enrolling for university courses gradually increases, more lecturers or professors would need to be hired to give lectures on various topics. Thus, what some universities do if they are unable to recruit permanent faculty members is that they invite guest lecturers from other locations as visiting faculty to come and take up sessions with their students on a particular subject. These professors would then have to travel to the location in order to give lectures and they would need to arrange for their accommodation if the university does not have housing available for them on campus.

With the help of the Obasa Six Three Suites team, all visiting faculty members or traveling researchers will be able to find suitable short-term housing for their visit to the university that has invited them over. Below are some compelling reasons why you should consider booking your stay at the rental properties offered by Obasa Six Three Suites.

1. Quickly book a suite of your choice

At Obasa Six Three Suites, we make it extremely easy for guests to book a room of their choice on the dates needed. Booking an ordinary hotel room can get frustrating at times when vacancy is low on the desired dates. Also, the rooms might not be up to the expected standard or may not have all the amenities you desire to make your stay comfortable.

There could be hotels that might be able to take reservations, however, the prices they charge could be very expensive especially if there is a huge demand at the time. Therefore, it would be better to reserve a room or suite with Obasa Six Three Suites as booking with us will be a hassle-free experience and the places we have available come with all the amenities that a traveling faculty member or researcher will need like high-speed internet and plenty of space to comfortaby read or review university course material.

2. A functional kitchen in every suite

Some universities do offer meals to their visiting faculty or research members during their visit. However, not all universities offer meals twice a day and guest professors would need to arrange for their own meals during the weekends or on holidays when the university they teach at is closed. Also, not all people prefer to order in or eat out at restaurants frequently.

To address this dilemma, we at Obasa Six Three Suites always provide our guests with a fully-equipped kitchen along with their room. Our guests have the advantage of cooking their own meals so that they do not have to depend on the university or a restaurant to provide them lunch or dinner. They can just use the appliances available in the kitchen to cook their own food instead.

3. Extension of stay provided

Sometimes a university might request their visiting faculty members to extend their stay and teach additional classes or an expanded curriculum. Some guest lecturers would be more than willing to stay and continue teaching the course for a few extra days.

In such a situation, the professor would need to extend the stay in that location for the extra number of days that they will be lecturing. Obasa Six Three Suites would be happy to accommodate and provide an extension on the stay for the number of days required. This allows visiting faculty guests to live comfortably in the same rental suite until the time they complete giving their lectures at the university.

4. High-quality, well-maintained rooms

Since Obasa Six Three Suites is a well-established housing solutions provider, we have a huge variety of luxury suites, rooms, apartments, condos and even townhouses for guests to choose from. Our team has a lot of expertise in helping people like researchers and faculty find the best accommodations which they can use as their temporary residence, up until the time they finish their work at the university that they are visiting for a short period.

All of our rental properties are always well-maintained and meticulously cleaned, from floor to ceiling. In fact, we go well beyond industry standards when it comes to cleanliness and we also have a detailed housekeeping inspection sheet that we follow to ensure that our rental properties are absolutely spic and span before the arrival of any guest. This helps us to keep our suites safe, hygienic and completely disinfected so tha our guests can have the most relaxing stay.


Still wondering if it is worthwhile to book a rental apartment or room with Obasa Six Three Suites? Well, then get in touch with our professional Client Care Team who would be glad to address any queries, concerns, or special requests that you might want to address before proceeding to book a stay with us. We strive to offer the best service to all of our guests and so we work hard to ensure that every one of them has a pleasant and memorable stay.

To check out the rooms and suites that are available for rent, visit our furnished suites  page and choose from the list of major regions in Canada in which we offer short-term rentals. Simply select a location and you will be shown our entire list of properties available for rent in that particular area. Our team would, of course, be available to answer any questions. Simply send us an email to info@obasasixthree.com or give us a ring at 1-877-996-2272 if any assistance or support is needed from our end.

The Farming & Agriculture sector has been booming recently and this industry is only going to grow even more as consumers demand more farm-fresh produce in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Many farming companies are learning about new technologies that will help optimize their crop output every year to increase yields and revenue. However, to learn more about these advanced technologies, farming operations would need to send their producers and employees to farming-related events, exhibitions or conferences.

These events don’t often take place locally or in close proximity to the farming operations. Many farming or agricultural events take place in a large exhibition center since farmers and executives from agriculture or even livestock breeding companies would be attending these functions. Hence, companies need to take care of traveling and living expenses of their employees while they attend the conference or exhibition.

Finding good accommodations for an employee or a group of people is not always easy, especially if one is unfamiliar with the destination. Thus, in such cases, using the services of a qualified housing solutions provider like Obasa Six Three Suites would be extremely beneficial. Offering luxury rental accommodations that fit our client's requirements is our forte. This is why many people come to us as we have years of experience in providing appropriate rental suites to people or companies looking for temporary accommodations.

These are some of the major reasons why people from all over trust us to provide them with excellent short-term suite rental options.

1. Locations near exhibitions centers:

When traveling for any event, it would be advisable to choose to stay somewhere close to the venue and that would help avoid unnecessary expenditures on transportation services. Staying close to the venue where the event would be taking place would help with critical time management and allow for more sessions or talks to be attended.

Since we have apartments, suites, and rooms across different cities and regions of Canada, we can help agricutural companies in arranging accommodations for their employees at a location that is very close (often within walking distance) to the venue where the conference will be taking place.

2. Clean & comfortable accommodation:

While in certain areas it could be fairly easy to find vacant rental accommodations, this does not guarantee that the properties will be up to the expected standards. Many firms get a shocking surprise when they find out from their employees that the rooms that were booked for them were not well-maintained or sufficiently cleaned.
Companies can approach a more experienced rental housing business like Obasa Six Three Suites with complete confidence. Not only do we have some of the most luxurious apartments, suites and condos, but we also place the safety of our guests above all else. So along with keeping things neat and well-maintained, we also rigorously sanitize our rental properties after every check-out.

3. Local point of contact for any assistance:

At Obasa Six Three Suites, we always strive to take the best care of our guests and attend to all of their needs. We ensure that everyone who books a rental stay with us gets their questions answered in the most timely fashion. This is made possible by offering a local point of contact who will always be available in case our guests have any concerns regarding the rental suite or need some other information urgently.

Most hotels only provide their guests with a helpline number that often lands with someone assisting from another country. They are unfamiliar with the surroundings, amenities and local offerings. This could lead to a poor experience for guests especially if they do not get an answer when they call on the number provided. We, on the other hand, always appoint a dedicated staff member so that our guests are not made to wait for long when they need assistance.

4. Booking can be done in advance:

Although most hotels or rental providers offer customers the option to book their rooms in advance, they might charge a higher price for booking at an advanced date or some might not even have any good rooms available for the dates needed. The advantage of working with a professional and experienced housing service provider like Obasa Six Three Suites is that guests can rest assured that if our team confirms availability that they will get a room or suite of their choice on the dates on which the room would be required.

So if planning to attend an upcoming agricultural conference or trade exhibition – we can help find the perfect rental apartment or suite for farming support staff, operations teams or key executives ensuring availability for the days when the event is taking place.

5. Stay can be extended if required:

There might be instances when a company may need their representatives to stay at a location for an extended period of time to check on the progress of an agricultural project or meet potential business partners. In such a case, the company would also need to extend the booking period of the apartment or suite that they had rented for their employee.

Most rental property owners might not be able to extend the stay beyond the previously confirmed booking dates as they would be expecting other guests as well. However, we at Obasa Six Three Suites would be happy to help our guests by extending their stay at any of our rentals for the extra number of days required (pending available inventory).


Booking accommodations for a short-term rental can get tedious as a lot of time is needed to search for rental spaces that fit the necessary expectations and budget of the agricultural firm that is looking to make a reservation for their team member(s). Obasa Six Three Suites helps simplify this process by listing out some of the finest properties that are available for rent on our website. Do browse through our website and visit our furnished suites page to get more information.

Wish to know more about any of our rental properties? Then just give us a call on 1-877-996-2272 and a representative from our Client Care Team would always be available to address any queries. We are also just an email away, so please share with us any questions or concerns regarding any of our properties at info@obasasixthree.com and we will send you a quick response.

Temporary Housing Solutions for Displaced Insurance Policyholders

It is the responsibility of insurance agencies to find suitable temporary housing for their policyholders when faced with calamities such as a fire or flood. Finding suitable accommodation for displaced families with the right amenities can be challenging, especially when it is time sensitive.

Policyholders with an insurance displacement benefit should expect their insurance provider to offer them decent temporary accommodations until their permanent residence is once again in a livable condition. Hence, offering them any sub-standard rental apartments would not be acceptable. Suppose you are an insurance adjuster and are looking for quality accommodations for your clients – Obasa Six Three Suites can provide you with fully-furnished properties that will make your policyholders feel right at home.

Being one of the top housing providers, we understand precisely what is required to make an apartment or suite as comfortable as possible for people. We also offer accommodations to insurance companies looking for housing rentals to assist them in finding the best places to house their clients. Our luxurious suites and apartments are well-equipped with modern amenities to ensure your guests have everything they need to live comfortably until they return to their permanent residences.

Here are some reasons why Obasa Six Three Suites would be the perfect housing solution provider for insurance companies looking to find appropriate short-term rental homes for their customers.

1. Furnished apartments with all amenities for modern living:

Apart from being immensely comfortable, the rental apartments, suites, townhouses, and condos from Obasa Six Three Suites come with all the modern amenities that a person might need daily, such as in-suite washer and dryer, a high-speed WiFi connection for internet access, and fully-functional kitchens where guests can prepare their meals.

In other words, if insurance firms wish to find a place where their policyholders can feel relaxed and completely at ease until they can return to their own homes, then our rental accommodations will do precisely that. Moreover, we ensure that all of our rental properties are meticulously and hygienically cleaned for your peace of mind. They are also modern and well-maintained to meet the highest standards and expectations.

2. Convenient locations:

Finding a good rental place is hard enough, let alone finding one close to the area where your policyholders live or work. Some of the most common things people consider when looking for a place is whether it is close to local shops, malls, offices or even schools for their children.

Fortunately, the rental properties from Obasa Six Three Suites are located in areas that are close to many local utilities and public transportation facilities. So if an insurance agency wants to select a rental apartment or room for their clients in the most convenient area, we can help find the ideal accommodation.

3. Budget-friendly rental properties:

At Obasa Six Three Suites, we understand the budgetary challenges of insurance providers when trying to locate suitable short-term accommodations for their policyholders. Not only do they have to find a safe and comfortable place, but they also need to ensure that the rates for the properties fit within their budget.

In consideration of insurance displacement cases, we are more than happy to offer insurance businesses special rates that should suit any budget. Moreover, we also provide a direct billing service to ensure that the billing process is quite simple and hassle-free. For more insurance adjuster support solutions, contact our team for details.

4. Flexible stays along with extensions:

Many rental property owners may offer their apartments only if an individual or company is willing to agree to a fixed stay duration. Also, some do not offer their guests the option to extend their stay if they want the room or apartment for a couple more days, weeks or months due to unforeseen delays or change of circumstances. These types of restrictions could, at times, cause inconveniences to guests and create additional stress for them.

At Obasa Six Three Suites, we offer the flexibility to accommodate extended stays. We will gladly comply and present any options for extension requests of their stay at any of our properties. If the case arises when an insurance company informs us that they would want their policyholder to stay in the rented space for more time because of delays in getting their home ready, our team will be happy to assist in providing all available options.

5. Excellent Client Services team:

Whenever an insurance company books a temporary stay for their displaced policyholders, they need a reliable point of contact to inform them if their clients are facing challenges of some kind. Obasa Six Three Suites have a professional Client Services team who are always ready to support the guests and insurance companies who have rented out accommodations on behalf of their clients.

Our team of experts is well-experienced in providing quality support services to companies and is keen to ensure that every guest staying with us is safe, healthy and content with the room or suites booked for them.

As an insurance provider, you can have confidence that your clients will be taken care of as the Obasa Six Three Suites team will provide the best temporary housing solutions available. If you are working with or for an insurance professional and looking for a clean, safe and hygienic space for your clients, then Obasa Six Three Suites has the finest suites to choose from.

Review the collection of suites and rooms we have listed on the suites page, as you will find more details related to the properties we rent out from this site.

Please get in touch with us at 1-877-996-2272 or send an email to info@obasasixthree.com for further information.

Professional actors, directors and production crew members often travel to different locations for movie, television or live stage productions, including pre-production, location scouting, and principal photography, requiring a significant amount of planning. Travel arrangements must be made for all the people involved. Not only that, but entertainment companies also need to search for short-term rental housing where their entire team can live for the duration of the film or television production.

Obasa Six Three Suites can help when addressing such challenges. As we have been assisting many individuals and corporate clients with their temporary housing needs over the years, we can provide dozens of suitable rental properties to people who are looking to stay in a particular location for a limited time. Since the entertainment industry in Canada and all over the world is continuously growing and evolvling, we are happy to be able to assist production companies in finding the best places for their actors and crew members to stay.

Here are some main reasons why entertainment and film industry businesses love to work with us.

1. Hassle-free reservations:

Trying to book a suite or apartment for many people could be stressful, mainly because a lot of time and energy gets spent searching for rental properties and making reservations. In cases where the holiday season is at its peak for a particular location or if an important event is taking place there, finding vacant rental properties could be tricky as other guests or vacationers might have already made a booking in advance depleting available inventory..

As experts at providing housing for rent, we at Obasa Six Three Suites can help people and large groups find a rental suite or room quickly and without the usual hassles. As we have many properties to offer, guests only need to select the one they want to rent, and we will take care of the suite reservation.

2. Get rental housing close to film shooting locations:

A film or television series shooting can sometimes occur in an entirely different location and not confined to a set in a studio or soundstage. Thus, a travelling team of production crew members and principal cast usually prefer to be accommodated in rooms or apartments that are close to where the shooting will be taking place.

Finding rental housing close to the shoot location is essential to ensure that the filming can continue without unnecessary delays. For instance, if the team were staying in a place that was very far away from the venue of the shoot, then they could potentially spend a lot of time travelling or stuck in traffic. The Obasa Six Three Suites team can help entertainment companies find suite rental options that are located very near to the location of the film shooting to help nagate travel time and costs.

3. Hygienic rental accommodations:

It is imperative that the production stays on schedule to avoid costly budget overruns. This means ensuring cast and crew stay healthy and rested. Entertainment production companies need to spend a large portion of budget on renting apartments or rooms for their entire team to stay in. They would naturally expect the accommodations to be clean and hygienic. Many rental property owners and hotels do not maintain their rooms to the same high standards that Obasa Six Three Suites does. This puts guests at risk of the inconvenience of illness, downtime or simply a poor experience.

Obasa Six Three Suites are always hygienically cleaned from top to bottom after every guest checkout and departure so that new guests can be welcomed to a fresh, clean accommodation. We follow the highest cleanliness standards and use the best cleaning products to disinfect and make every one of our suites look spotless.

4. Reasonable rates with quick billing:

All the rooms, apartments, condos and townhouses from Obasa Six Three Suites are reasonably priced, especially if businesses in the entertainment industry are looking to reserve rooms in bulk for their entire movie crew. We offer attractive pre-booking discounts to help clients with their budget allocation.

We even offer our clients a quick and direct billing option that includes all the upfront costs for renting the property, helping make the invoicing process much more manageable. All fees and charges are clearly conveyed so there are no surprises. So why go to expensive hotels or lodges that will charge you more for providing less? Choose the Obasa Six Three Suites instead, as it will meet your quality and price requirements.

5. Spacious and comfortable rental properties:

All the rental properties with Obasa Six Three Suites are spacious and come fully furnished and well-appointed. Most suites come with a 2-bedroom option as well. These well-maintained suites are perfect for families or people staying in a group. All you need to buy is your groceries - we will provide all the rest.

Our apartments have an abundance of space in the suite. Many locations even feature entertainment rooms for private functions as well as fitness facilities. If cast members want to rehearse their parts or stay in peak physical condition Obasa Six Three Suites can provide for that. Crew members will have ample space to store their filming equipment and enough room to rest and unwind after a long day of shooting.

The Obasa Six Three Suites team is thrilled to support the entertainment industry by helping them with their short-term housing requirements. Obasa Six Three Suites always provides the best living spaces that make guests feel as comfortable as if they were living in their own homes. Our dedicated Client Care Team members are always ready to assist guests with their day to day needs or special requests.

Visit our suites page (link) to learn more about us and our rental properties in various locations in Regina, Saskatoon and across Canada. If you have any questions, you can even reach out to us by email at info@obasasixthree.com or call us at 1-877-996-2272.

Traveling for medical treatment? Rent out a comfortable suite where you can recover

There might be situations in life when you or a member of your family may have to travel to a particular location in order to obtain a specific type of medical treatment. If the treatment requires you to stay in that location for a couple of weeks or months, then you would have no option but to be there until the entire treatment has been completed. Thus, in such a circumstance, arrangements need to be made for the patient and family members to stay in a rented place while the treatment is being done.

Some hospitals in smaller populated areas might not have the capacity to treat serious diseases like cancer for instance. So the patient would need to travel to another area that does have the infrastructure, technology and qualified doctors or specialists who can help treat severely ill patients. Fortunately, one thing you do not have to worry about is finding a place to stay as we at Obasa Six Three Suites can take care of that for you. We help support families and individuals who are looking for a medical stay by offering them reasonable short-term rental options.

Here are some of the benefits of renting an apartment or suite for your upcoming medical trip from Obasa Six Three Suites.

1. More cost-effective than staying in the hospital

While many reputed hospitals do offer the best treatment possible, the travel, medicine and treatments themselves can take a toll on your finances. On top of this, if you choose to get admitted to the hospital, then the cost would only increase.

Thus, a smarter and more cost-effective option would be to just rent a spacious suite from Obasa Six Three Suites. It would definitely be a much more comfortable option than what you would be paying for a hotel for the duration of the medical treatment. Hence, renting a living space from Obasa Six Three Suites will definitely allow you to minimize your medical expenses and help in your overall well-being.

2. Rental options are available close to nearby hospitals

When a person is sick, mobility for traveling distances is limited. If this is a concern for you, Obasa Six Three Suites can help you find many available rental suites located in close proximity to hospitals that you may be visiting for your treatment.

In fact, at Obasa Six Three Suites we provide suites, houses & apartments for rent that are located close to many other local amenities such as public transport, grocery stores, entertainment centers, and restaurants as well. So if you are keen to find a rental space that is located very close to the hospital or medical center, then our client services team can assist in finding you a place. This means you won’t have to travel for too long to reach the hospital everyday saving you on the commute time as well.

3. Most rental suites have the comforts of your own home

At Obasa Six Three Suites we love having guests come and stay at our rental properties for as long as they need. We will ensure that our suites are always well-maintained and very comfortable for you. In fact, our rental apartments come fully furnished with a well-equipped kitchen, so that you can choose to cook your own meals instead of spending money ordering food everyday.

We want you to feel right at home by ensuring our rental suites have all the creature comforts that you might be accustomed to in your own residence. Staying in a comfortable and spacious suite that feels like home would be a much better place for you to rest and recover from your treatment, rather than being confined to a small hospital bed.

4. Internet services to keep you connected

If you are traveling for medical treatment or are accompanying a friend, relative or immediate family member who is unwell, then you are likely to want to stay connected to others to give them regular updates on how things are going. This would not be possible without reliable WiFi services and access to the Internet. All Obasa Six Three Suites rental properties come with reliable high speed WiFi connections, so that you can constantly stay in touch with your family and friends. To gain access, simply enter the WiFi password provided for your suite and connect all of your devices.

5. Dedicated support team to ensure you have a pleasant stay

When you are visiting a new place for the first time, whether it is for medical reasons or something else, you will likely want the support of a local person who can attend to your needs and questions. Fortunately, the client services team here at Obasa Six Three Suites are available to assist guests when needed.

There is no need to worry about finding help in the case of an emergency, as you can get in touch with a member from our client service team who will be ready to provide any support required. Our dedicated team prioritizes taking care of you and your family. Thus, allowing you to relax and have peace-of-mind knowing that there will always be someone dependable whom you can approach when you or the patient you are caring for needs something.


At Obasa Six Three Suites, we offer special suites for rent to those people who are looking for a medical stay. Our rooms and suites are not only suitable for patients and families - if you are medical professional traveling for work or consulting at a hospital, then we can provide you with plenty of temporary housing options that you can rent for your short-term or long-term stay as well.

Browse through a list of our available properties in Saskatoon, Regina and other cities so you can book a suite of your choice. In case you need any assistance with your booking, feel free to contact us at 1-877-996-2272 or send us an email at info@obasasixthree.com.

The holiday season is coming up! Are you in the midst of planning your next vacation? If you have done your research in selecting the best spot for your holiday, you would also need to check if that place has suitable housing where you can stay. What’s more, if you are traveling with family, then you need to ensure that you find a place that is big enough to accommodate your family members and is well-maintained. Luckily, most tourist or holiday spots are very familiar with the concept of short term vacation rentals, so you should definitely be able to find an apartment or suite to rent out for your upcoming holiday.

Finding a space to rent out for your upcoming vacation should ideally be a priority. It should be taken care of way before the start of your holiday break since some of the best rentals get booked by other holiday-goers well in advance. So why should you choose to rent a fully furnished house or suite instead of a cheaper hotel room? In this article, we will tell you exactly what type of benefits you can get from choosing to rent an apartment, townhome, condo or house to stay in for the entire duration of your holiday.

1. Short term vacation rentals can be fully furnished

Nowadays, there are plenty of rental housing companies that offer fully furnished rooms or suites for vacationers. So when you are planning your vacation, instead of staying in a basic motel or hotel, why not book a tastefully furnished apartment instead that comes with comfortable furniture, a fully functional kitchen and lots of other amenities?

You will find tons of furnished suites for rent online and many apartment-renting businesses will also provide you with all the details you need via email. Obasa Six Three Suites is an ideal option as well and you can virtually tour the range of furnished suites available before you book them.

2. Flexible rental options at affordable prices for longer term stays

One of the best parts of choosing a rental suite is that you can book a stay for a longer term when you need it at an affordable rate. You can choose to rent out a suite for just a couple of days, weeks or even months and only pay for the duration of the time you are staying in the suite.

Moreover, at Obasa Six Three Suites we are flexible to offer an extension of your stay based on your request (dependant on availability).

3. Easy to find and book vacation rentals

If you are visiting a place that is a very popular tourist destination, then it is very likely that you will easily find apartments available for rent. Many businesses are involved in providing suites and other suitable accommodations for vacationers who are looking for temporary housing for the duration of their stay in that particular area.

Since there are many housing providers for mostly every holiday destination, it becomes easier to find good accommodations to rent. Simply do a quick search online for places to stay or rent for a particular destination and then dozens of vacation rental companies will show up in the search results. How you make that choice is critical and can significantly impact the experience you desire. Obasa Six Three Suites has great options not only in Regina and Saskatoon, but across all major cities in Canada. By tapping into our network of furnished accommodations for your next holiday, you will experience peace-of-mind and a high standard of comfort.

4. Variety of furnished rental options to choose from

Vacation rental options range from apartments, single rooms (if you are not traveling with family), suites, apartments, condos, townhouses, and even single family houses for larger groups. So depending on your housing needs and your budget, you can select a place that meets your requirements. If your needs change during your stay, our range of options are available to help you upgrade or downsize your accomodations.

5. Fully furnished rental apartments are perfect for families

Sometimes it can take a while to get adjusted to a rented apartment, especially if you are traveling with family. Since you might be quite used to staying in your own home, it is not easy getting accustomed to a totally new place that does not have the furniture, rooms, or other amenities that you have available in your house.

Fortunately, the majority of vacation homes available come fully furnished with all the comforts that you would require to stay comfortably. There is a reason why at Obasa Six Three Suites, we pride ourselves on providing you with a “Home Away from Home”. The furnished suites are spacious and have all the necessary amenities like a TV, Washer / Dryer, Internet Services, Refrigerator and other kitchen appliances. Hence, you will feel as though you are actually staying in your own home.


Are you still wondering if short term rentals for your next vacation or holiday are a good choice for you? The Client Services team at Obasa Six Three Suites want to put your mind at ease and make the decision an easy one. We are happy to answer any further questions you may have. Obasa Six Three Suites specializes in offering luxury rental suites that are well-furnished and hygienically cleaned to ensure that you and your family have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable place to stay while you are on vacation.

Please do get in touch with us when you decide to go on your next vacation – we can help you find the perfect rental suite that meets all of your needs. You can contact us by sending an email to info@obasasixthree.com or you can also call us at our corporate office on 1-877-996-2272. A member of our Client Services team will always be available to attend to your inquiries.

Learn about the Agriculture Industry of Canada at the Agribition event in Regina


Canada has a rich and flourishing agricultural industry. However, there is a lack of awareness and events that highlight the immense growth and progress in the agricultural sector in Canada. People hear a lot of news about the advancements in Canada’s IT, engineering, automobile, and even the real estate industry, so they mostly attend the various events related to these main sectors.

However, there is one major event that is taking place soon in the City of Regina, Saskatchewan that showcases everything related to the agricultural trade industry of Canada, right from livestock to farm-fresh produce. We are of course talking about the Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) event taking place from November 28 to December 3rd, 2022. This Agribition event is a great place for visitors to come and enjoy themselves and even learn about agriculture and livestock.

Let us give you a brief history of the Canadian Western Agribition event that's held in Regina every year and how it all began...

Many years ago, between the 1960s and 70s, cattle producers and livestock owners from different places had no choice but to travel all the way to either Denver or Toronto in order to showcase their cattle. However, a small group of cattle ranchers decided to host an agricultural event in Saskatchewan in Western Canada, so that they would not have to continuously travel long and painstaking distances to exhibit their cattle.

This idea gave birth to the Agribition event which first launched in Saskatchewan in the year 1971 and was open to all farmers or beef producers in Canada who wanted to exhibit their livestock. The organization of the event began with just five initial founders and later many more people from all over Canada got involved to make the event a success. Agribition soon became a sales hub for cattle breeders and many of them depended on the event to sell more cattle to potential buyers.

Another reason for the huge success of the annual week-long event in Regina is because of the immense support provided to the CWA by the Government of Canada and other official agencies. What’s more, the organizers of the initial Agribition shows had no idea that the event would gain so much popularity and attract worldwide attention – they were surprised by the large number of exhibitors who came to the show from all over to exhibit their purebred or commercial cattle.

Hence, for the past 30 or 40 years, the CWA has grown to become one of the largest agricultural shows in Western Canada and it continues to draw in thousands of food and cattle producers as well as buyers. Agribition continues to grow and so it is much more well-managed and organized today than back in 1971. The event now takes place in state-of-the-art facilities in Regina so as to accommodate over 85,000 visitors and a vast number of livestock and produce exhibitors.

What can you hope to gain from attending the Agribition event?

1. Get valuable information about the Canadian livestock and agricultural industry as a whole

Agribition is the best place for you to learn about livestock and agriculture in case you wish to gain more knowledge about the sector. The event has many stalls populated by the partners, farmers and livestock owners who are extremely friendly and approachable. If you have any questions about raising livestock, breeding, farming or anything related to agriculture, then you will definitely find the answers that you seek at the CWA.

2. Meet people from all over the world

People from all across the globe come to Agribition and stay in Regina for a week to attend the event. To date, the event has seen people visiting from over 80 countries. You will find cattle breeders or livestock sellers from countries like Australia, Argentina and even Ukraine at the CWA event. If you love meeting new people or want to find out more about the agricultural sector or technologies used by other countries, then you can discover a lot more about it at Agribition.

3. Learn about the business of farming and breeding livestock

Unless you have been in the business of raising cattle and other livestock, you probably won’t know much about how this industry works and what the people involved have to go through to ensure that consumers receive the best quality beef products and other produce. There is a lot of time, energy, and investment that goes into the process of breeding livestock in order to produce the best quality beef products. So people from all walks of life come to Agribition to learn and appreciate the work done by both livestock producers and farmers.

4. Have fun at the entertainment events

Agribition is not just a trade event for ag producers or buyers but it's a show that the whole family can enjoy. The event has some attractive exhibits and entertaining shows that the general public can enjoy. The main CWA exhibits do target beef cattle buyers, professionals who are looking for farm equipment and various other types of agricultural business owners, but there are also entertainment activities like the Maple Leaf Rodeo show and the ‘Party on the Dirt’ event that will take place on the last few days of the CWA.

So, if you are excited about Agribition and want to attend this year, then hurry and book your stay at a luxurious suite for the entire duration of the CWA event in Regina, Saskatchewan!

We at Obasa Six-Three Suites are one of the top providers of short-term, fully furnished rentals in Regina. Our rooms and suites are second to none in terms of comfort, quality and cleanliness. What’s more, all of our suites come equipped with all the important amenities you might need during your stay, such as high-speed internet connectivity, kitchen appliances, in-suite washer/dryer and cable TV service.

Moreover, our team of professionals will always be available in case you need any additional assistance during your stay at any of the Obasa Six-Three suites. Once you confirm a booking with us, we will assign a dedicated member from our customer care team to handle any queries you may have about the room or suite that you have booked.

In case you would like to read more about the CWA event that is fast approaching, then please do visit their website at https://www.agribition.com/.

Furnished Suites in Regina for Engineers

There have been many businesses in Regina that had suffered setbacks due to the recent Covid pandemic and this led to a loss of jobs for many people. However, there were some businesses that kept hiring people for certain roles even during the worst part of the pandemic. Some of the professionals in demand now and even during the time of the pandemic were IT and Engineering professionals.

In fact, all across Canada there has been a continuous demand and hiring of engineers. Many of the engineers being recruited by companies are being sent to various locations in Canada where they have to manage the backlog of projects suffered due to the pandemic. This leads to challenges that employers face when it comes to finding suitable accommodation for their engineering employees during travel.

As one of the leading short-term rental providers in Saskatchewan, Obasa Six Three Suites has been helping businesses from all sectors find suitable housing to rent in places where they want to send their employees for work purposes.

When it comes to engineering companies, here are some of the main issues that they face while searching for temporary housing for their engineers and other workers.

1. Expensive rental prices:

One of the biggest challenges that engineering companies face is finding temporary housing that is appropriately priced. Also, most rental property owners in cities like Regina charge quite a hefty sum of money to businesses that are looking for places to house their employees.

This issue is partly because of the pandemic as property owners had lost quite a bit of revenue due to travel restrictions and lockdowns. Hence, to make up for the loss of income, landlords and other owners of rental properties in Regina tend to charge higher rental rates.

The Obasa Six Three Suites team can help provide rental accommodations at the best rates. We always offer our short-term rental suites at fair prices in various locations such as Regina, Saskatoon and across Canada.

2. Inadequate facilities for rent:

In certain areas and provinces like Regina for instance, companies find it extremely difficult to find suitable rental facilities for their employees. Also, if any company has an engineering project in a more densely populated area, then locating housing in such a place would take a lot of time and effort.

Even if there are many apartments available for rent, there might not be enough housing facilities available for an entire team of say 10-20 engineers. So companies would have no choice but to book smaller spaces and would therefore be able to send only a limited number of employees to a particular project site. This would probably cause delays in project completion.

The Obasa Six Three Suites team can help you in your search for the short-term rental accommodations you need in your preferred location in Canada. We have a team of experts who are well-experienced in locating rental properties in the areas you are interested in.

3. Lack of information about available accommodations:

Sometimes, there are certain regions or provinces that actually do have plenty of apartments available for rent. However, due to the lack of information and awareness about these properties, most of them get overlooked by companies looking to rent out places for their employees. Businesses do most of their searches for rental properties online, so if any property is not listed for rent online by the owner, then it would be difficult for people to find it.

The Obasa Six Three Suites team has been in the business of renting out suites and apartments for many years and so we have all the information you might need when it comes to finding temporary accommodation in hotspots like Vancouver and even cities like Regina.

4. Rental apartments not located near project sites:

Locating rental apartments that are close to work sites is another major obstacle that could cause delays in the progress of a project. Engineering firms will always plan for their employees to find lounging that is near the site so as to minimize the travel time that it would take for their employees to reach their assigned place of work.

The team at Obasa Six Three Suites understands these challenges that companies face for every new engineering or construction-related project that they undertake. We can help you in your search to find rental accommodations closer to your areas of work.

5. Rooms not properly maintained:

A huge hassle for companies that are looking to rent apartments is discovering that the rooms or apartments that were rented for their employees are not in very good condition. What’s more, some property owners sometimes do not even have the courtesy of offering guests better rooms to stay in.

On the other hand, all of the rental rooms from Obasa Six Three Suites are properly maintained and even cleaned regularly. Many of the short-term rentals we offer are also fully furnished and have many useful amenities.

6. Improper service offered by rental property owners:

When you are paying rent to stay in a place, then you would naturally expect some decent level of service and basic facilities from the rental property owners. You would definitely be disappointed if you don’t get the service that you expect.

We at Obasa Six Three Suites always ensure that everyone who rents from us has the most pleasant experience for as long as they are residing in the suite. Hence, we make it a point to be available to our renters and address all their needs or requests to the best of our ability.


Do you require urgent accommodation to rent for a short-term stay in Regina? Well, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We also help businesses in the construction, mining, medical and engineering industry to locate fully furnished suites for their employees who are travelling to the city for some official work. Check out the Regina Furnished Suites page to see all the options we can offer while you are in Regina.

A Home Away from Home in Regina

Planning a quick getaway or sightseeing trip to Regina, Saskatchewan? Well, then you would surely need to stay for at least a week if you want to cover all the sights that the city has to offer. What’s more important is that you find suitable housing or accommodation that feels like a home away from home. Also, if you are going on a vacation with close family, then finding a place to stay that feels just like your home will make your family members feel a lot more safe and comfortable.

The suites and rental accommodations offered by the Obasa Six Three team are all fully furnished and so will definitely give you that ‘homely vibe’. We believe that you deserve the very best and most luxurious stay where you can recuperate properly, especially after a long, tiring day of touring the city of Regina. So to help you out with your search for a short-term rental accommodation that feels just like home, we have created a list of fabulous suites from Obasa Six Three that you can book for your upcoming trip to Regina.

Here are some of the well-furnished suites and rooms that you can reserve wherever you plan a holiday or short visit to Regina, Saskatchewan.

1. The Hamilton:

With a well-maintained kitchen and furnished rooms, The Hamilton is the best place that you can rent and call home for the entire duration of your stay in Regina. All of the suites at The Hamilton have a sleek and elegant design. Additionally, they also come with an outdoor spa and serene garden area which you can access and enjoy whenever you like.

2. Strathmore Suite:

Along with being a fully furnished suite, this rental accommodation will ‘wow’ you with its awesome interiors. What gives these suites an amazing look and feel is the special tiles and white quartz countertops in the kitchen area. This rental property also features a dining space and a living room that's large enough to accommodate a huge family. It also has a spacious balcony with a seating area where you can sit back and enjoy a great view during your stay.

3. Rae Street:

Looking for a suite that is also located close to shops and restaurants? Well, then you should check out the rooms on Rae Street. These suites are also very near to the iconic Mosaic Stadium where you can catch a Roughriders game live if there is a match scheduled during the time of your visit. Since they are located in the heart of the city, many of the popular cafes, shopping areas and eateries are within walking distance.

4. 2163 Hamilton Street:

Are you currently living in a more modern home and so are looking to rent a similar one for your trip to Regina? Well, then you are in luck as the 2163 Hamilton Street property from Obasa Six Three Suites will perfectly match your requirement. Not only does it have a modern and sophisticated look, but this 600-square-foot rental also comes with lots of the latest amenities like a 40-inch Flatscreen, walk-in glass shower and compact vanity.

5. Trinity Lane:

The suites at Trinity Lane are very cozy and perfect for a family stay. This rental property has a seating area with leather sofas and a beautifully designed kitchen complete with a granite countertop. The kitchen is also fully equipped with appliances like a fridge, oven, stove and microwave so you can also prepare a meal and have dinner with your family, just like you do when you are in your own home.

6. TD Penthouse Suite:

If you are looking for a more high-end place to stay, then you have the option of renting the TD Penthouse Suite. This modern and elegant Penthouse has a 1,100 square feet area and is located in the prestigious TD Building on 1914 Hamilton Street. This luxurious penthouse has a rooftop patio, BBQ area and a even concierge service that is always available to pamper you.

7. Bellagio:

Looking for rental accommodation that is not only big but also has various other amenities? Well, then you should opt for a stay at the Bellagio. This place offers wonderfully designed rooms that are 572 square feet in area. The condo suite is furnished with some of the best leather furniture available and it also has a fully functional washer and dryer.

8. Centre Square:

The rental rooms at Centre Square have a unique feature, that is, their skillfully engineered hardwood wood floors that give it a rustic but polished look. The suites even contain their own appliances in the kitchen area. Some of the other exciting amenities that you will get here is the rooftop fitness centre, walking track and special underground parking that you can use to park your car, if you decide to drive down to the city of Regina.

9. Montague Street:

Obasa Six Three can offer you a condo for rent at Montague Street that is fully furnished. It comes with all the basic facilities that you might need during your stay like a master bedroom, kitchen, storage room and cupboards to store your clothes. If you wish to have a movie night with your family, then you can make use of the flatscreen TV and DVD player that is available in this condo in the living room area.

10. Gardens on Rose:

If you choose to stay at the suite in Gardens on Rose, then you will be fascinated by the amazing view of the city that you will get from the windows. The suite is covered with premium hardwood floors and it has a living room with an adjoining kitchen. Nature lovers will like staying here as this suite is located quite close to Victoria Park which is perfect for relaxing evening walks.

11. Canterbury Gardens:

The suite at Canterbury Gardens is actually a condo with a large living room. It also has plenty of other additions like a dinner area, balcony and even a 50-inch Flatscreen TV where you can enjoy bingewatching shows with your family. Some of the other features that give this suite a homely appeal are its light wood flooring & comfy leather chairs and sofa set.

12. Stockton Road:

Need a bigger rental suite for a family of 4-5 people? Then the accommodation available at Stockton Road would be a nice choice as it is a pretty big 900 square foot suite. Here you will also get access to WiFi internet, a media room and in-suite laundry facilities as well. Thus, it will offer you and your family quite a comfortable stay and make them feel right at home.

13. Valley Green Way:

Last but certainly not least, Obasa Six Three offers you a townhouse at Valley Green Way with two magnificent suites to choose from. These suites are the biggest on our list of home-style rental accommodations. The upper suite has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The lower one is also quite spacious as it consists of two bedrooms and one bathroom. All fully furnished of course!


The above rental properties in Regina can be reserved directly from the Obasa Six Three website. So if you have planned your dates for travel, then you can visit our site and enter the dates you wish to book for your upcoming visit to the city. In case you need any further assistance with your booking, then you can also get in touch with our client service team by calling on 1-877-996-2272 or by sending us an email at info@obasasixthree.com.

Stay In A Luxurious Suite At The Hamilton In Regina

Are you planning to come to Regina for a short visit? Well, if you are traveling for a holiday or for work purposes, then the first thing you would search for is a decent place to stay for the duration of your visit. While there are many hotels available in Regina for you to choose from, they could be quite expensive. What’s more, they might not have all the amenities that you would be looking for or could be booked for the days on which you are planning to visit.

To help you with your search, we at Obasa Six Three Suites would like to introduce you to a very prestigious property in the Downtown Regina region called The Hamilton. If you have not heard much about the remarkable suites offered by this amazing housing provider, then have a look at the exciting amenities and other facilities that you can avail of when you choose to stay here during your visit to the city of Regina.

1. Fully furnished and comfortable suites:

If you are visiting Regina for a much-needed vacation, then you have chosen the right place. However, if you are not staying at a friend or relative's place, then your only option is to rent out a place or book a hotel room. Moreover, when you are traveling with family, then it is crucial that you select a place where you and your loved ones can live in comfortably and have a good night’s rest after spending a long day outside.

Many low-priced rental properties sometimes do not offer well-furnished apartments, which might make living difficult, especially if you have your family with you. Also, many basic hotel rooms are not very comfortable and have limited furniture. So instead of spending on these kinds of housing suppliers, why not choose a fully furnished suite in The Hamilton, where you and your family members can relax and unwind?

These suites are not only luxurious but also offer a high level of comfort. They come with enough furniture where you and your loved ones can kick back and recline in at the end of the day. All their suites are suitable for both couples as well as a family of four to five people.

2. Lots of places to visit nearby:

When you go to visit a place for a holiday, you would surely be looking for a short-term rental property that is located close to all the popular attractions and entertainment hubs. In Regina, you might find plenty of properties available for rent, however, not all of them are situated close to the major parks or recreational areas that the city of Regina is famous for. What makes the suites of The Hamilton unique is all the must-visit places in the city are located nearby.

So whenever you decide to check out the restaurants, shopping malls or theatres during your stay in Regina, then you do not have to worry about how will you travel to these locations as all of these attractions will be just a short walking distance away from the hotel. Even if you have hired a vehicle to drive around the city, then you won’t spend much on fuel costs as all the famous places will be a short drive away.

3. Excellent facilities available for the entire stay:

Another thing that is unique about the suites of The Hamilton is that both the single bedroom and double bedroom options come with a fully functional kitchen as well as a washer and dryer. So if you decide to have a delicious home-cooked meal rather than going out to eat, then you can easily prepare your food in the fully equipped kitchen provided in every furnished suite of The Hamilton.

Additionally, you will not have to depend on any laundry service to wash your clothes as each suite also has its own functional washer and dryer that is ready to use. Thus, you will not have a massive pile of laundry to do when you go back home after your holiday as you will be able to do all your laundry in the suite itself. Some of the other facilities available to you are a fitness centre, shared hot tub, cable TV, concierge service and of course, free WiFI.

4. Extremely well-maintained and sanitized suites:

If a clean and well-maintained property is high on your list of priorities for selecting a room, then the suites offered by The Hamilton and Obasa Six Three would be perfect for you. We ensure that all of our suites are spotlessly clean and well-maintained. Thus, in our accommodations, you will not find a single appliance that looks dirty or any piece of furniture that has not been kept in good condition.

Also, since the pandemic had made people hesitant about staying in rented places, we go that extra mile to ensure our rooms are hygienically cleansed. For maintaining the cleanliness of all our suites, we always use high-quality sanitizers and cleaning products so that the rooms are not only clean but safe as well. So you can have that extra peace of mind knowing that the suite in which your will be staying is properly disinfected and free from contamination of any kind.

5. Best-in-class customer service:

Some hotels fall short when it comes to attending to the needs of the guests who are staying on their property. At Obasa Six Three, we believe that if you are spending your hard-earned money on a hotel, then you should get nothing but the service from the staff working there. This is why we recommend that you stay at The Hamilton during your visit to Regina as we will personally see to it that someone will always be available to attend to all your needs.

We provided best-in-class guest services as we have a professional Client Care team, who will ensure that you have a memorable and very comfortable stay whenever you rent out a fully furnished room from The Hamilton.


Interested in knowing more about The Hamilton suites? If you are still not convinced that the rooms available at this hotel are the finest in Regina, then please visit this page - regina-furnished-suites. You can even take a virtual tour of both the one and two-bedroom suites to have a look at them out before you make a booking. For any further queries, you can contact the Obasa Six Three team at 877-996-2272 or send an email to info@obasasixthree.com.

Short-term Rental Options in Regina for Construction Workers

Construction has been booming across Canada even with supply challenges. There are many construction companies that are busy with infrastructure projects and constructing buildings in various provinces. Within Saskatchewan, Regina and Saskatoon, in particular, are seeing plenty of new construction, infrastructure development and roadwork projects taking place in the region, hence we are experiencing many construction companies sending their skilled workers and project supervisors to Regina and Saskatoon to help fuel its growth.

Suppose you are a construction company owner or supervisor. In that case, it is your responsibility to look after the basic needs of your construction workers who are in or will be traveling to work on the projects that need to be completed. One of the biggest challenges you might face is finding suitable short-term housing for all of your workers. Fortunately, we have done some research that can help you select the absolute best short-term housing solution, so that you do not have to spend a lot of time endlessly searching for good places where your employees can stay for a short time.

Obasa Six Three Suites is one of the best temporary housing service providers that offer different types of fully furnished suites for short-term rentals in Saskatchewan. Below we have explained what makes Obasa Six Three one of the most recognized short-term housing providers for construction contractors and why you should definitely consider us to host you for your temporary housing needs.

1. Trusted Supplier of Short-Term Rentals

Obasa Six Three suites has many well-furnished homes that are vacant and available for rental purposes, even for a short period of time. Our website contains detailed information that can give you a glimpse into all the nice places where you can rent out a well-maintained suite for your workers within Regina and Saskatoon. The website is also very user-friendly and so you will be able to find a suitable place to rent in a jiffy.

While you browse through the various suites that are available on the website, you can also check details like the various kinds of amenities that are available, the location of the rental suite and even see some pictures of the different rooms the suite has. This can then help you decide what the best fit is for your team. You can even check to see if the suite you like is available for the dates when your workers will be traveling. If it is, then you can even make a booking easily by sharing a few quick details on the site and one of our customer service reps will reach out to you with a solution.

2. Close proximity to local services

In case you are looking to rent a suite that is furnished and is located close to places like shopping malls, entertainment hubs, or dining places then Obasa Six Three Suites can help you find such a place. Our team of housing experts will help you find short-term rental options that are within close proximity to public transport facilities, markets and entertainment areas in the city of Regina.

So if one of your criteria for renting a place for your construction workers is that it should also be located nearby to local services, then the team at Obasa Six Three can help you identify such suites and will share with you only those places that meet these requirements. Once you are satisfied with the location of the suite, you can then proceed to book it for your employees.

3. High level of comfort & Quality service

The suites offered by Obasa Six Three are quite modern and provide premium comfort to all renters who choose to stay in these suites. To make guests feel even more comfortable, the Obasa Six Three team goes out of their way to ensure that every person staying in the suite is relaxed and has the best experience for the duration of their stay.

At Obasa Six Three, we are known for our award-winning level of service and our exceptional quality of suites. This makes them the perfect temporary housing solution for anyone who is traveling for work in major cities across Canada. Even if your employees need internet facilities to use for work purposes, then they can make use of the WiFi that is provided in every Obasa Six Three Suite. Thus, your workers can stay connected with you and also live comfortably in the well-maintained and fully furnished suites.

4. Feels like home!

Want to provide your employees with a housing option in Regina that feels like their own residence? Well, the suites and apartments from Obasa Six Three are the best in making people traveling for work feel right at home. We have suites all over the world and most of them are suitable for short-term rentals for individuals like construction workers who need to travel most of the time to work on projects in various locations.

Additionally, every suite offered by Obasa Six Three comes completely furnished along with everything that your colleagues might want such as cable TV service, Home Entertainment System, Washer/Dryer for doing laundry, and even high-speed internet facilities. They can even use the fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and fitness centers available in most of the locations in Regina. Plus, their suites are quite cost-efficient, so you should be able to find a great place to house your construction workers that not only fit your budget and but which also makes your workers feel extremely at ease, just like they feel when they are in their own home.


In case you need assistance in finding a decent space to rent out for a short term for your construction workers, then please do not hesitate to contact the Obasa Six Three Suites team. We are happy to help people looking for a good place to rent during their travels to the city of Regina or Saskatoon. You can simply fill out a quick form at https://obasasuites.com/contact/ or send us an email to info@obasasixthree.com. For immediate assistance, you can even call us at 1-877-996-2272 and one of our housing professionals will be available to answer any questions you might have.

Canadian Mine Workers Can Avail Furnished Housing Options For Multiple Locations

The Saskatchewan mining industry has been growing exponentially and so there has been an increasing demand for mine workers, especially in Regina and Saskatoon. A reason for the mining industry boom is the removal of travel restrictions and mandatory lockdowns that were imposed by the government to curb the spread of the pandemic. Travel restrictions hindered the mining operations of many companies as they were not able to send their workers to certain locations to do mining work as they were under a strict lockdown.

As the mining industry is now growing fast, companies are beginning to employ more workers who are skilled and trained in mining precious metals and minerals from various sites across Canada.

Due to this increasing demand for mining services, companies in the mining industry have to start sending their employees to different parts of the country. So when a company decides to send their people to a certain place for mining, they have to first and foremost look for apartments or houses which they can rent for a short-term, so that their workers can stay there till the completion of the mining project.

Obasa Six Three Suites is one of the leaders when it comes to offering temporary housing solutions across major cities in Canada. We help businesses locate suitable accommodations for their employees that are close to their mining projects so that their employees do not have to spend a lot of time traveling to the site every day.

If you are looking for rental places to accommodate your employees who will be traveling for work, then here’s why you should allow us to assist you in your search for short-term housing rentals.

1. Help you find accommodations in the right area:

Finding suitable accommodation for your employees might not be as easy as you think. You need to go through the entire process of searching for rental apartments and then speak to the property owners to find out the availability and price of the rooms. In certain scarcely populated areas, it might be even more difficult to find decent housing for rent.

We at Obasa Six Three Suites have been in the business of renting furnished suites and apartments for many years and we pride ourselves in providing a great selection of suites to our clients. For mining companies, our focus is to provide you the right accommodation that you can rely on for the comfort of your employees so that you can focus on your mining projects.

2. Housing for multiple people:

Need short-term housing for a whole group of mining workers? Well, then finding the perfect place to accommodate all of them will not be a problem for the Obasa Six Three team. Since we have been providing housing solutions to many businesses over the years, we can offer you a rental property that meets your requirements.

If one of your criteria for renting a place is that it should accommodate groups of 3-4 people, then we have many spacious apartments and townhouses that you will find suitable. Contact our team to find out the different housing options we have available.

3. Fully-furnished suites with housewares included:

What makes the suites from Obasa Six Three stand out from the other housing suppliers is that our rental options are always fully-furnished and come with housewares that your employees can use whenever necessary.

Most hotels do not provide housewares and appliances in the room until the guest requests them. At Obasa Six Three, we do make it a point to ensure that all of our rental suites come fully equipped with everything that a guest might need to use during their stay, like for instance a washer, dryer, cooking area, and of course, comfortable furniture.

4. Cost-effective housing options:

Many housing facilities offer guests sub-standard rental options that are quite expensive and sometimes do not even have any basic amenities. On the other hand, when you contact the Obasa Six Three suites team, you will get only the finest apartments at very affordable rates.

Moreover, since our rooms are always neat, clean and sanitized regularly, you will definitely get value for your money. Our service team will also be available to you in case you need any assistance during the course of your stay.

5. Exclusive Smart CAP program:

Is your project going to take a while to reach completion? If this is indeed the case, then you do not have to worry about accommodation as we also offer apartments for rent for extended periods of time. You can also be a part of our exclusive Smart CAP program to avail exciting benefits.

Under the Smart CAP program, you will be able to rent our furnished suites on a monthly, quarterly, and even yearly basis. Moreover, you can avail the exciting benefits that come as a part of this program and secure housing for your workers at much lower costs.


Are you ready to find the best short-term rentals for your mining project? If you do, then we are always happy to help you identify the perfect place for your employees. Our team will be available to support you and address your queries during the time you are renting an apartment or suite from us.

For bookings, you can simply go to our Furnished Suites (https://obasasuites.com/suites/) section on this website or call us at 877-996-2272. Our team will respond to you as soon as possible.

There are very few events that showcase the might of the agricultural sector of Canada, and this is why Canadian Western Agribition goes to great lengths every year to set up a premier agricultural marketplace in Regina, Saskatchewan to show people just how strong the agricultural industry in Canada truly is.

The event mostly showcases and exhibits some of the best beef cattle livestock from all over the country. Additionally, there are also many other agricultural product exhibits and food demonstrations that help people understand more about agribusiness and livestock like cattle raised for beef, and other animals that are also an integral part of the agriculture industry like horses, goats, bison, etc.

The Regina Agribition aims to mainly educate the masses about the Canadian agricultural sector and strives to do so in a fun and exciting way. The event has gained so much popularity over the years that people from across various continents come down to Regina to learn about the Canadian agricultural products market and to be entertained by live music, trade shows and other performances that are well-organized by the hardworking staff of the CWA.

If you are the owner of an agriculture-based business, then there would be no better place to market your agricultural products than at Agribition. This event is known for bringing together sellers and buyers of agricultural produce. You will even find buyers from international locations at the event. Hence you stand a chance to market your products to buyers from across the globe when you participate in the Canadian Western Agribition in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Agribition is not just about promoting agriculture. While most of the event focuses on agriculture and livestock products, there is a lot more fun and entertainment that you can experience during the event.

Here are some of the main aspects of the week-long event slated to commence on November 28th, 2022.

1. Livestock exhibits

The main exhibits at the event are the varied types of livestock that are put on display by the farming community. Moreover, Agribition has been famously known for showcasing the finest quality of beef cattle livestock with superior genetics. Hence, buyers interested in procuring some of the best quality beef livestock for their business cannot afford to miss these exhibits. Various livestock animals like the Texas Longhorn, Bison and even sheep are available on display and for sale almost every day of the event. Thus, buyers can choose from a huge range of options for beef cattle and other livestock raised for meat.

2. Livestock / Animal competitions

Another fascinating part of Agribition is the different types of livestock and animal competitions that take place. So participants have the chance to showcase their animals and win exciting prizes. Some animal competitions usually held at the Agribition are Bison, Alpacas, Equine, Dogs and of course, Cattle. The more popular livestock competitions are the Agribition Beef Supreme, First Lady Classic & Futurity and Stock Exchange.

3. Trade shows

The trade shows are the most valuable part of Agribition as businesses gather in Regina to set up their booths and sell their products to the many people attending the exhibit. These events are a great place for any business to spread more knowledge and awareness of their products to the public and gain a few potential customers or business leads. Interested business owners can contact the staff or volunteers at Agribition for more information on the costs and other details needed for setting up an exhibition booth at the trade shows.

4. Educational Program for Kids

Agribition is all about helping people learn about agriculture; this is why many people and even schools bring their kids to the event to learn more about livestock and agriculture first-hand. During the Covid-19 pandemic, however, the event could not go on as planned, so many children missed out on learning about cattle, agriculture and the environment. Hence, the event organizers decided to create an online platform where kids could register themselves to learn and get educated about Agriculture. Hence, the Virtual Educational Program was launched.

5. Maple Leaf Finals Rodeo

One of the most significant events of the Agribition is the Maple Leaf Finals Rodeo. This event is highly anticipated and so spectacular that the event venue at the Brandt Centre is always packed with rodeo fans eager to see their favourite contestants perform live. The Bull riding event is the highlight of the rodeo, but even the others like Saddle Bronc, Steer Wrestling, Tie Down Roping and Barrel Racing are equally thrilling. At the end of the rodeo competitions, the top 10 contestants will be decided, and then they will compete to win a whopping $100,000 in prize money. So it is safe to say that this is one part of the exhibition that no one would want to miss.

The Canadian Western Argibition event is for anyone and everyone to come and learn and experience the various aspects of agriculture on a more personal level. It is not just organized for the benefit of business owners but every farmer, producer and individual consumer. So if you want to learn and understand a lot more about agriculture, and livestock or just wish to spend time having a bit of fun along with your entire family, then make sure that you take some time to visit Agribition from November 28th to December 3rd this year in Regina, Saskatchewan.

To support the attendees and visitors, OBASA Six Three Suites has a variety of furnished suites to accommodate your stay in Regina for the event. Visit our Regina Furnished Suites page to see the list of properties you can book.

Are short-term rentals a good investment?

Have you ever gone on vacation for a short period of time and stayed in a rented property? Well, you might have noticed that the property is owned by a regular homeowner who has offered their place to you so that you can stay comfortably in a home away from your actual home. If you have an apartment or residential property that you own, then you too can think about offering it for a short-term rental.

Do you still feel confused about whether giving your property for a short-term rental will be profitable for you? It’s completely natural for property owners to have certain restraints and fears when it comes to giving their residence on rent. In this article, we hope to explain what are the benefits that property owners can attain by offering their homes or apartments for short-term rentals and why this would ultimately be a good investment.

1. Easy to get rental bookings

If you think that you will have to struggle to get regular short-term rental bookings for your property, then this is just a myth. Nowadays, people love to step out and travel, especially since they might have been restricted from moving around due to the pandemic situation or stuck under lockdown due to the rising number of covid cases.

Ever since things have come under control, people have been eager to get out and travel to visit new places for a short vacation. Hence, these travelers will always be on the lookout for some properties that they can take on rent for the duration of their short stay. So this is the best time to offer your apartment or home for short-term rentals.

2. Get good rent money for your property

Some people have a misconception that offering short-term rentals will not be profitable as renting out a property for short term will not provide much income. This cannot be further from the truth. Any one or two bedroom property owner can earn a significant percentage of the rental amount per day by offering their residence for a short-term rental.

What’s more, if your property has many rooms, is fully furnished, and has a lot of facilities available to guests, then you stand a chance to earn almost double what a regular apartment owner would get. Plus, if you work with an experienced housing provider like the Obasa Six Three Suites team then you can be rest assured that you will earn a good income from renting out your home.

3. Regular income from repeat customers

Once you start giving your property for rent, then you will not regret this decision. This is because offering short-term rentals gives homeowners the opportunity to get a regular source of additional income. When you keep offering your property for rent, then guests who have liked staying at your place would look forward to staying there the next time they visit.

Moreover, if your property is really well-maintained and offers guests a comfortable stay, then the people who rent out your property will also recommend it to their friends and colleagues who might need a place to stay when they travel. In this way, you will definitely get a continuous stream of renters who will seek out your place to stay on rent.

4. Minimum risk of property damage

The best part of offering your property for just a short-term rental is the minimum risk of damage. People staying at a property for a short time like just a week or two would be less likely to damage the property as compared to renters who take a place on rent for a couple of months.

What’s more, short time renters would mostly want to spend their time outside of the rented residence or apartment to explore the surrounding area. So they would be spending more time outside and less time within the property. They would mostly only use the place at night to get some sleep and step out again during the daytime.

5. Rent on your terms

Another great thing about choosing to rent out your property for a short term is that you can decide during which days and months you would like to offer your place for rent. If you don’t want to offer your flat or home on certain days then you can choose to not entertain any offers from renters seeking to take your property on rent.

Renting out your property can be done completely on your terms and conditions. Since you are the owner of the property, you have the right to dictate the terms of renting it out. So if there are times during the year when you would like to host your relatives at your property or you yourself would like to stay at your place for a while, then you can decide not to rent it out during those times.

6. Simple paperwork process

You do not have to worry about the hassle of doing lengthy paperwork before you start giving your place for rent. Getting all your legal documents in order could be time-consuming, but you do not have to do this all by yourself.

There are many housing experts available to help you with the paperwork process, like the team of professionals at Obasa Six Three Suites for instance. We will ensure that all your documents are in order so that you can start renting out your property to travelers looking for a decent place to live during their short visit.

7. Assistance with property management

We at Obasa Six Three Suites have been managing the properties of our clients for quite a number of years. Thus, we know how important and precious a residential property is to the owner. So we ensure that your property gets only the best renters who offer good rent money for the length of their stay.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about managing your property alone. You can choose to partner with a certified housing provider and get the assistance you may need with property management and maintenance.

8. Get help in finding the best tenants

When you want to rent out your property, whether for short-term or long-term then you would want to rent it out to only those good tenants who would really stay in it as it was their home. Sometimes getting these kinds of tenants can be a bit of a challenge.

However, with help from the experienced housing team of Obasa Six Three Suites, you will get the best quality of tenants every time. All you need to do is ensure that the property you are offering will give these renters the best stay experience so that they recommend your place to others as well.


We hope that this article has helped you make a decision on whether giving your property for a short-term investment is good or not. In case you have any further questions in this regard, then you can contact the Obasa Six Three Suites team and we would be more than happy to address any queries that you may have in this matter. Simply contact us or send us an email at info@obasasixthree.com.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your investment.

You Wouldn’t Buy Your Car Without Giving It a Test Drive, So Why Book Your Hotel Room Without Seeing It First?

When it comes to planning your ultimate dream vacation, it's normal to focus on where you'll eat and what you'll see, but all too often we neglect the place we'll arguably be spending the most time: where you'll sleep.

Although for some people accommodations might feel secondary to the things you'll be doing on your trip, a good night's sleep in a warm and comfortable bed can be the make or break of a fulfilling, relaxing or important trip.

Your Suite Should be a Retreat, Not Make You Want to Retreat!

You already spent countless hours traveling. The last thing you’ll want is to open the door of your suite only to find it's not the room you anticipated. Surprises like that are no way to start your business trip or family vacation. Our team is committed to finding you your perfect home away from home. That means no surprises at check-in.

So How Can You Ensure Your Short-Term Rental Has No Surprises? Take It for a Test Drive Before You Book!

There's no reason to keep your short-term rental suite a secret from you. Yet most of the big hotel companies only share a single photo of your suite before expecting you to book it! But how can you know what's hiding out of frame? How can you trust they aren't sweeping anything under the carpet?

At OBASA Six Three, we don't expect you to book your fully-furnished suite until you've been able to see it for yourself. That's why we'll give you virtual keys to explore your suite from home before you commit to anything!

With Our Amazing New 3-D Suite Tours You Can:
Getting Started Is Easy:
  1. Pick a suite from our available options.
  2. Once you've made your choice, we'll send you a link to a 3-D room tour through the app. This will allow you to see all the ins and outs of your room.
  3. If anything about the suite isn't what you expected, we'll be happy to change it before or after your booking depending on availability.
But It Gets Even Better!

When you find and book a short term home or apartment that fits your every need, we'll share with you our simple step-by-step video guide so you can check into your suite hassle-free! Our arrival videos mean no more waiting in line at reception! Get straight to your suite and start unpacking for the great adventure ahead!


When you're traveling away from home for an extended period of time, it's important you have a place that meets your expectations in order to get the rest and relaxation you need to take on the day's adventures.

Everyone has different needs when they travel. With our 3-D tours, you can easily ensure your fully-furnished suite has everything you need for the trip you deserve.

A quality short-term rental suite is the difference between a relaxing vacation and a stressful one. Get in touch with our team and learn how planning your next trip just got a whole lot easier!


The Grey Cup Festival, one of the most awaited sporting events, is all set to take place in the month of November this year between the 15th till the 20th in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan. Fans of all ages are super-excited about this upcoming festival as the last time the city hosted this grand event was a couple of years back in 2013.

Since then, the city of Regina was appointed to host the festival again in the year 2020, but because of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns that had been imposed in various provinces, the Grey Cup could not go on as planned. Hence, people were very excited to learn that the event is scheduled to take place in Regina this year as per the CFL Commissioner's official announcement.

Fans from all over Canada are sure to be traveling to Regina to attend the five-day event. Some people who are fortunate enough to have relatives living in the area of Regina would probably stay with them for the duration of the festival. However, not all folks are lucky enough to have close acquaintances residing in the city of Regina and so the only option for them would be to find a place to stay on rent for the duration of the Grey Cup Festival.

So the first thing that people traveling to Regina for the 109th Grey Cup Festival would need to do is to look for a comfortable place where their families can stay for a short period of time. A great option is to rent a furnished apartment. What’s more, fans who are traveling with their family would definitely appreciate a home away from home by renting a fully furnished suite so that all their family members can have a clean and hygienic place to rest after attending The Grey Cup.

The great thing about choosing a fully furnished rental apartment is that you can rent out a place that suits your budget. We at Obasa Six Three Suites provide some of the best rental suites that are sure to match your delicate budget and we can even help you find a place that has an ample amount of public transportation to help you reach the Grey Cup Festival venue for the various events.

Here are some of the other advantages of choosing to stay in the fully furnished apartments of Obasa Six Three Suites this Grey Cup Festival season.

1. Very spacious apartments

When you are traveling as a family of four or five people, then renting a small apartment simply won't do as you will feel very cramped. Plus, you need a good amount of space where you can store all the belongings that you will be carrying along with you for the event.

At Obasa Six Three Suites, we have a collection of very spacious apartments that you can rent out for the entire duration of your stay in the city of Regina. You can simply connect with one of our team members who will show you an apartment that is of your liking and once you approve, then we can confirm a reservation for you and your family.

You already spent countless hours traveling. The last thing you’ll want is to open the door of your suite only to find it's not the room you anticipated. Surprises like that are no way to start your business trip or family vacation. Our team is committed to finding you your perfect home away from home. That means no surprises at check-in.

2. Home-like amenities available

All of the furnished apartments from Obasa Six Three Suites will make you feel like you are in a home away from home. This is because we ensure that all our guests feel right at home whenever they stay in any of the apartments that we offer.

When we say fully furnished, we not only mean that the apartments have furniture and some appliances, but our rental suites also have a fully functioning kitchen, a space where you can do your laundry and we even provide our guests with a dedicated area where they can do some office work or exercise.

So if you want an apartment to rent that almost resembles your own, then the Obasa Six Three Suites are perfect for you!

3. Best possible location

If you contact the Obasa Six Three Suites rental team to book your furnished apartment in advance, then we will help you find the best possible location in Regina that is close to the festival venue and even local amenities like grocery stores and public transportation.

In case you want to live nearby or as close to the festival venue as possible, then be sure to let us know in advance so that we can find rental properties in Regina that are close to the location where the Grey Cup Festival is being held.

4. Stay flexibility

Wish to extend your stay even after the Grey Cup Festival has concluded? Well, then that would not be a problem. If you want to stay in the apartment for a longer period of time than you had stated, then we would be more than happy to oblige.

We do not have a strict check-out criterion and allow our guests to stay on for more days if required. Simply contact our staff to inform them about your decision to extend your stay and they will coordinate with you to make the necessary arrangements.

5. Fast & immediate support

A major advantage of choosing an apartment from Obasa Six Three Suites is that you not only get the best available apartment for rent in Regina, but you will also have a team of professionals who will always be available to assist you in case you are facing any issues with your apartment.

You do not have to call up the call center number to speak to someone as you will be given your very own point of contact whom you can call up to ask your queries or to get your needs addressed immediately.


Be sure to start booking your rental accommodations well in advance or else you might very limited places available for rent if you wait too long. This year's Grey Cup Festival is going to be one of the biggest football parties that will be taking place in Regina, Saskatchewan and people from all parts of Canada are expected to visit.

Thus, if you are a huge CFL fan, then you must begin planning your trip to Regina from today itself and contact Obasa Six Three Suites for any assistance you may need in finding a fully furnished apartment that is perfect for you, your family or friends.

Book a Furnished Suite in Regina

Since 2016, Halifax has been the second-fastest-growing municipality in Canada. Collaboration between the provincial and municipal governments and business organizations, with the support of Halifax Partnership, has made the city a tech center in Canada, attracting international corporations and innovative new start-ups.

Despite the pandemic that began in 2020, Halifax has continued to grow, due in no small part to the ten different colleges and universities in the area. Every year skilled young graduates increase the incentives for start-ups and global corporations to expand to the city.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there has been a radical shift from in-house employees to remote and freelance workers. Many young people who previously left the Maritime Provinces to find employment in cities with stronger economies have returned home, choosing to make Halifax their base and acting as a draw for many new and established businesses to expand.

Along with the opportunities that come with industry growth, the real-estate sector faces challenges as competition for affordable housing increases. Businesses need short-term housing solutions that both allow their relocating employees to continue working remotely while seeking permanent housing, and accommodate people traveling to Halifax for business.

Relocation supervisors and individuals may have difficulty finding the solutions to their housing needs on their own. Enter OBASA Six Three Suites. We connect clients with leading furnished accommodation solutions in Halifax and throughout North America.

When booking short-term rentals with OBASA Six Three, you get variety. Whether you're looking for a furnished home fit for an entire family unit, accommodations that are pet friendly or flexible for group housing for trainees, we provide government entities, relocation professionals, and individuals with the service and solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

We have detached furnished homes, multi-bedroom temporary apartments, and penthouse executive suites to choose from, all with a variety of amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Fully furnished accommodations in Halifax, such as Bishop's Landing, provide comfort, luxury, a central location on the waterfront, and proximity to historical sites like Halifax Citadel. Bishop's Landing is one of the premier condo buildings in Halifax, but each of our locations exceeds industry standards in cleanliness, décor, and client/guest satisfaction. Every one of our suites has all the amenities of home and more.

Historically, Halifax, Nova Scotia, has been a hub for government jobs; with Halifax Harbour serving as the Atlantic home port for the Royal Canadian Navy, the Department of National Defense has been the single largest employer in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

With nearly thirty years of experience in the housing industry, OBASA Six Three proudly supports the men and women who serve in various capacities with the Canadian government and the many growing businesses that choose to make Halifax their home.

If you're looking for short to long-term furnished housing for yourself or your staff, contact OBASA Six Three and we'll help you find exactly what you need.

The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) held its annual conference in Tampa, FL last month. It is the premier event for the temporary furnished housing industry. Providers of short-term accommodations gather from all around the world to network and become educated both on industry trends and CHPA efforts.

During the conference, members are recognized at the Tower of Excellence Awards for outstanding achievement and leadership in the industry. OBASA Six Three is proud to have been not only nominated for "Company of the Year" but also be named a finalist in the category.

"Company of the Year" nominees are recognized for their contributions to the industry and other related organizations, exceptional growth, and outstanding customer service, among other attributes.

"While ultimately we were not named the winner this year, it was an immense honour to be listed among the other prestigious nominees," says OBASA Six Three Chief Marketing Officer Mike Dunklee. "OBASA Six Three has experienced such tremendous growth over the past year, and we're proud to have done so while still providing the high levels of service and quality our customers appreciate. Our congratulations go out to all the fellow nominees and especially the winners in every category!"

CHPA Announced Tower of Excellence Award Nominees: https://www.chpaonline.org/2022-tower-of-excellence-award-nominees-announced/

CHPA Announced Tower of Excellent Award Winners: https://www.chpaonline.org/2022-tower-of-excellence-award-winners/



The Advantages of Booking a Furnished Suite vs. a Hotel when travelling to Winnipeg for Business

When travelling for business in Winnipeg, Manitoba, it's easy to feel like you don't have many options. You could stay in a hotel downtown, a hotel by the airport, or maybe at a hotel in the suburbs. Although hotels can be fun for a vacation, they're often noisy; with guests coming and going at all hours and staff in and out. It can be hard to ensure any peace or privacy when your purpose for travel isn't for pleasure but for work. And most of these places have the same setup; a couple of queen-sized beds, a tiny bathroom in the corner, and if you're lucky, maybe they've crammed in a desk and chair beside the TV.

Convenience and Service you can Trust

Booking short-term or long-term stays with OBASA Six Three Suites is a hassle-free process. Whether you're booking your own business travel or you're the corporate travel planner for your company, you'll have the same point of contact from booking to checkout. If you've locked yourself out of your rental or need some recommendations for places to eat, our friendly concierge staff are available to help.

Space to Work and the Comfort of Home

Are you looking for a warm, homey space with room for the family while visiting Winnipeg? Try one of our Polo Park Suites. The kitchens are fully furnished, with all the amenities, including a dishwasher and coffee maker. The living room is comfortable and open, inviting enough to work or relax in. Like the fresh air and a view to inspire your next marathon work session? Polo Park has balcony views, access to a conference room in the building, and a gym.

Vacation Luxury and Inspiring Views

You might be there for work, but everyone needs a break once in a while, and our Hargrave furnished suites in Winnipeg have the break built-in, with the airy loft-height ceilings of a penthouse and a view to match, a balcony for fresh air, and a bright open-plan living space with comfortable furniture. You can lounge with a good book or step out the door and explore the downtown nightlife.

Amazing Comfort, Award-Winning Clean

Our cleaning staff follow a rigorous 100-point inspection list, using hospital-grade cleaning supplies, so you and your family are safe and healthy at all times. Customize our cleaning services during your stay, or ensure your complete privacy by requesting none at all.

Each of our suites is luxuriously furnished and decorated with our guests in mind. Enjoy the convenience of an in-suite washer and dryer, fully equipped kitchens to dine with family or friends, and full-sized bathrooms with space to move around. Are you travelling with your best furry friend? We have pet-friendly accommodations ready for you and your four-legged companion.

Comfortable and cost-efficient, Obasa Six Three has fully furnished suites in Winnipeg that are ready to meet your unique business needs. Contact us today and book your home suite home today.


Home is a sanctuary where you feel most at ease, but selling your home is anything but easy. It may seem like there are a hundred questions to answer and no one to help you. Questions like: How do we find the right agent? Should we build new or buy? Who pays for inspections? How long will it take the builder to get labor and materials? What happens if we sell our current house before we find our new one?

To find the answers to these questions, you'll need to consult the experts, and when it comes to interim housing, OBASA Suites is at the top of the field.

Before your new forever home is ready, you might need a short to long-term furnished rental, and that could mean spending days or even weeks searching for the perfect fit. You could try a hotel, but most are vacation stay factories, churning guests in and out without much personalization. Airbnb is largely unregulated, so it's only as reliable as the host you're renting from, and there's no way to screen potential landlords.

No, you need a month-to-month rental, so you don't get stuck in a contract. And preferably something furnished, so you don't have to move your couch in for one month and out the next. But most furnished apartments are decorated as cheaply as possible, and who wants to interview landlords and view apartments when you should be looking for your perfect new home instead?

Unlike Airbnb, each and every one of our properties in each and every city around Canada meets the same award-winning standards for cleanliness and decor. Our suites are turn-key ready, fully furnished with high-quality decorations designed for comfort and convenience, and stylishly finished with details that give your interim-home a touch of vacation lux.

When you need short-term furnished housing, let OBASA Six Three do the work for you so you can focus on your move.

Whether you're moving down the block or to a new city, we have a variety of potential accommodations for you to choose from. Like Le Riopelle in Montreal, elegantly furnished executive apartments with panoramic views of the city. Or Albert Street in Regina, a spacious family home with five bedrooms and a finished basement.

OBASA Six Three Suites has a proven system that makes the transition seamless, from booking and check-in to check-out. Your point of contact will be the same each time you speak to our professional concierges, so you get a personal connection with someone who knows your needs every time you call. Our week-to-week or month-to-month leases are tailored to your needs to make the transition from your old house to your forever home as efficient as possible.

Contact OBASA Six Three Suites, and we'll take care of the interim so you can concentrate on finding your Home Sweet Home.

The Best In-Demand Jobs in Canada That Allow You to Travel

If you're an avid traveller at heart, and believe that life is something that shouldn't be put on hold but embraced wholeheartedly, then you need a job that lets you travel.
Here's our short-list of the best careers you can do while traveling in Canada. (...And better yet, they're all in-demand too!)

1. Contractor/Construction worker

Most people associate construction with manual labour and long days on site. Though this can be true, it's less the case now than ever. Construction sites often offer a variety of opportunities for workers—paid education and training, flexible work schedules, excellent benefits and much more!

But better yet, with so many massive infrastructure projects across the country, the number of opportunities for contractors is huge. The sky's the limit to what this profession can offer you! (...Although skyscrapers are certainly challenging that limit!)

2. Travel nurses

Another great choice for people who love to travel while working are travel nurses. Nurses in this field are assigned to several different hospitals and rotate between them. Best of all, not only do you get to help people, but you get paid really well too!

Frequently traveling as a medical professional? Learn how we make it easier.

3. Graphic Artist

Graphic Artists are in demand, and with good reason—online businesses can never get enough art for their websites. Because this job can largely be done on your own computer, you can take your work around Canada and see all the amazing places that this country has to offer.

4. Copywriter/Blogger

With so much of the internet fuelled by words, it should come as no surprise this job is making our list. Brush up on that SEO, and you'll be able to explore the country helping customers connect to businesses through blogs and web copy.

Not only does this job allow you to see a lot of different places while writing, but it can allow for time off if necessary.

5. Software/Web Developer

Another great career to have freedom of movement in Canada (and around the world depending on where you're located) is software development. You could be building the software powering tomorrow as you travel from one ocean to the next.

Moreover, jobs in this field often allow you to set your own hours, making it easy to come and go from work while you travel.

6. Truck driver

Truck driving is another high demand job that is a great choice for someone who loves to travel and wants to earn a living at the same time. Although driverless transportation is likely to have huge ramifications on the industry in the near future, it's still massively in-demand right now as more and more people get online orders delivered right to their front doors.

7. Doctor/Nurse

You've heard of Doctors Without Borders, but in a massive country like Canada, you can be a traveling doctor within borders as well! If you have a passion for helping others, then the medical field is another great choice for wannabe travellers.
Whether you're a doctor, or nurse, or virtually any other medical profession, you'll be able to help people in need as you take your skills from place to place.
Learn more about how we make traveling as a medical professional easier.


If you're a hard worker who loves to travel then you're in luck. Canada has a wide variety of industries that need bright minds and experienced individuals.
Just remember if you do travel for your work, make sure your accommodations are... well, accommodating. Don't risk losing productivity because of a substandard short term rental booked through an online travel agent. Get everything you need to work as efficiently as possible anywhere in Canada... How?
Get in touch with us. Simply let us know where you're going, and what you need in your short term rental, and we'll set everything up for you.


Great Things to See and Do in Regina in the Fall

Regina has plenty of fun and entertainment to offer every type of traveller, whether you are in town for business, vacationing or visiting family for the holidays. Here are just a few reasons to step outside your fully furnished, short-term suite in Regina provided by OBASA Six Three.

Take a walk in the park

Regina's 830 hectares of parks and 120 kilometres of pathways are beautiful in any season, but they become particularly spectacular in the fall. Imagine a light breeze, red and orange leaves, and sunshine sparkling off the bright blue water of Wascana Lake. There are bike rentals around the city, so set yourself up with an e-bike, or take a stroll through the poplar woods while the leaves turn golden around you. 

Guided Walking tours

Enjoy the architecture and history of the city by taking a self-guided walking tour of each of Regina's eight historical districts. Or download the izi.Travel app for free and search Entertaining the City for a guided walking tour through Regina's popular Warehouse District

When you want to come in from the cold

Along with Starbucks, Second Cup, and Tim Horton's, Regina has a wonderful selection of locally owned cafes and eateries for every dietary need. Abstractions Café offers a middle-eastern menu with vegetarian-friendly options, or 13 Avenue Food & Coffee House has variety and a cozy atmosphere. 

The Bushwakker Brewery and Pub is known locally for having some of the best pub food in the city. Enjoy live music on Monday nights, or support your favourite team on game nights. 

There may be restrictions due to Covid-19, but many cafés and restaurants are open for dining, just make sure you check the guidelines on the provincial website. And you can always order take-out and delivery.

Escape with OBASA Six Three Suites

OBASA Six Three has accommodations for all types of travellers, so if you're in town with your whole family it's easy to stay in and play games or watch movies together. But being home with the kids all day can send anyone a little stir crazy, so why not practice your escape skills at Regina's Escape Club and Board Game Café? Or enjoy an afternoon at the batting cages at Baller's Rec Room; it has an arcade with classic games such as Pac-Man, pool, air hockey, and Space Invaders, plus an all-ages restaurant.  

For a little bit of nature without the cold

The Regina Floral Conservatory is open no matter the season, with six different seasonal displays to admire. This year the Harvest Moon display starts in September and makes way for the Autumn Freedom display. Or the Fall Indoor Farmer's Market brings Saskatchewan's bountiful harvest to the city every Saturday. 

Choose Comfort and Convenience with OBASA Six Three Suites

Whether you're a professional travelling for business or visiting with family for the holidays, every OBASA Six Three furnished suite in Regina comes with a fully equipped kitchen so you can invite guests over for a six-course Thanksgiving dinner. Each fully furnished suite comes complete with high-speed WiFi and television for those nights when you just want to stay in and relax with a home-cooked meal. But you won't want to stay in all the time with so many great local spots to explore!

Whatever your travel needs, OBASA Six Three Suites is here for you and your family. Just contact our Client Services team for recommendations or check out our other blog posts.


Top Tips on How to Feel at Home when Traveling for Work

No matter how often you travel, it's always tough to adjust to being away from home for long periods of time. Sometimes it might not be that bad, but other times it can really put a dent in your productivity and mood.
So whether you're traveling for business or as a contractor to your next project, here are our top tips on how to make your stay as comfortable as home.

1. Pack your favourite essentials

Pack the stuff that you won't be able to live without—and yes, that can include food! Pack those snacks, and if your rental unit has a kitchen like this one, don’t forget your favourite recipes!
This will give you more flexibility with what you want to eat when comparing it to fast food, or worse... hotel food!

2. Get some exercise

Reserve a few hours in your itinerary to get some exercise. It doesn't have to be strenuous, just enough to burn off some of those endorphins and clear your head. If your suite has an on-site gym like this one in Regina, take advantage of the free equipment while you can.
Or if your short term rental is in an area where there are plenty of cycling trails or walking paths nearby like this beautiful short term rental suite in Saskatoon, take advantage of them to explore the local area.

3. Plan your day

Before you start your day, wake up early and plan everything you want to do. Be sure to include things like eating breakfast, checking out the local area for a morning jog or bike ride, grooming and hygiene routine at the gym, meetings at work with clients or coworkers… the list goes on!
In order to make sure you're not wasting any time while you're away from home, it's important to keep to a schedule that will keep you sane in this unfamiliar environment.

4. Stay in touch with loved ones

Sometimes we can't help but get all wrapped up in our work or vacation that we forget to check up on how our family and friends are doing and share with them what we've been up to. This is especially important for contractors like you who might be traveling without your spouse or a significant other.
Always try to stay in touch with family members and friends while on the go (...sometimes it's unavoidable).
For the most part, so long as you book a short term rental with reliable internet, staying in touch is not a hassle.

5. Exercise your hospitality

Even if it's just for a few days, always try to get along with the people around you. Keep in mind that it's important to show your appreciation and maintain good manners.
But if you're traveling for work, it's your job to network and make connections with coworkers and clients at the suite where you'll be staying during the project. Call up our concierge and find the perfect restaurant for a night out with your co-workers!

6. Have fun

There's no need to stress yourself out with work just because you're traveling for work! Enjoy the scenery, try new foods, go sight seeing… just have fun! You might as well enjoy your surroundings and take something back with you from this experience while you're away from home. When you’re staying in our furnished short-term suites, we help you to Live Like a Local!

7. Eat your fruits and veggies

Just like staying in shape… you may be tempted to slack off when you're in a beautiful location. But if you keep up with healthy habits as a contractor, you'll find that it makes it easier to get back on track when you get back home!
Plus, if you're able to eat well while traveling, not only will it make your trip more enjoyable – but it can also help keep those vacation pounds at bay.
Talk to us if you want a suite near fresh grocery stores, and we’ll make it happen!

8. Follow your instincts

Nobody knows your body and mind more than you do. So, ultimately the only person who can tell you what's right for you is yourself. If you feel like taking a rest day or not pushing as hard during your trip – do it!
You need to listen to that voice inside of you and take care of yourself first so that you can keep doing what's important when back home. And who knows…you might just find that this relaxing excursion helps replenish your batteries so much better than a weekend at home under the sheets!

9. Avoid hotels

The best way to feel at home? Stay in one on your trip. While hotel rooms will only give you cabin fever on your travels, short term rentals can offer everything you need to feel comfortable and right at home.
If you really want to take it easy, get a place that has a kitchen so you can save money on dining out. After all, where would you rather relax, a poorly lit hotel room, or something like this?


You just might be surprised by how much you can do when you're on the road. You may discover a level of acceptance and simplicity that you haven't felt in a long time. And maybe – just maybe, it will help keep your traveling habits (or lack thereof) in check for good!
For help finding the perfect home away from home, get in touch with our amazing team. They'll set you up in a place that fits your every need!


Want to See Canada but Lack Vacation Time? Become a Digital Nomad.

If you are looking for a way to explore Canada, but don’t have the time to spend days on vacation, perhaps you should consider becoming a digital nomad!
Being able to work while traveling through one of the most beautiful countries in the world has never been easier! In this post, we will share with you all the tips and tricks needed to become part of this growing global movement.

But first what is a digital nomad anyway?

Simply put, a digital nomad is a freelancer or entrepreneur that wants to spend little or no time in an office. Instead, these professionals travel the world while working remotely.
Today, digital nomads have helped to define a new way of working, both for businesses and individuals.

Do you have a remote job and are ready to get started traveling? Here's what to look out for:
1. Make sure your short-term rental has high speed wifi

This one's obviously important. Since you’ll more than likely be meeting with people through your webcam, no high speed internet, means no productivity.
Also consider looking into nearby parks with free wifi access so you can work in the sun!

2. Make sure to check up on the cost of living and the quality of life in different cities

Digital nomads are usually focused on being in the most cost effective place possible which is why it's important that they understand all aspects of staying for a longer period of time.

3. Look into the closest airport

This will make it easier for you to take planes or trains into the city if needed, and also reduce travel costs if something unexpected happens. For example, if you're traveling to Calgary, look into booking a short-term rental suite near Calgary airport to make the transit fares to your suite that much less expensive.

4. Pick a community that is walkable

If you're based in a major city, then you'll want to pick one that is walkable. This way, if there is a meeting that needs to be taken in-person with a client or collaborator then you can simply walk to them instead of paying expensive transportation fees.
Also consider accommodations that are close to public transportation, restaurants, or better yet grocery stores to cook in your fully-equipped kitchen like this one downtown Regina!

5. Take advantage of coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are great because they provide a casual way for digital nomads to connect with like-minded individuals and work productively from day one.

6. Find a neighborhood with plenty of restaurants and cafes

This one is pretty self explanatory. Digital nomads have time to travel and check out new cities but they also like to eat great food!
Not to mention, food brings people together! It's not just for the enjoyment of eating, but also for the enjoyment of creating memories with new friends. One of the best reasons to travel is to connect with other people so it helps to be in an area that has plenty of places you can eat with others.
If you book your fully furnished suite with us, and want to learn where the locals eat, give our concierge a call and they'll tell you exactly where you need to go.

7. Make sure to work from a comfortable spot

After all your hard work, you'll want to enjoy yourself! That's what makes this whole thing worthwhile! This is exactly why you should make sure that your place has an area where you can relax and work comfortably.
Take this suite for example. Wouldn’t you just love to curl up in those plush sheets?

8. Look for a place with ample natural light

The more natural light you have in your suite the happier and healthier you will be! It’s easy to see why you’d be more productive in a bright suite like this one versus your standard dark hotel room.

9. Look for a place that is friendly to pets

Some digital nomads travel with their pets and it's important that they find the right city to do so! In Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver there are plenty of veterinarians who specialize in puppies and kittens – our team will help you find a pet-friendly spot near the city no matter where you are going.

Learn more about the benefits of traveling with pets.


Becoming a digital nomad is more accessible than ever before. With that said, it's only possible if your accommodations are adequate!
When you book your fully furnished short term rental suite through us, simply let us know your needs and we'll make sure your short term rental has everything needed to stay on top of your work while traveling.
Better yet, you can let us know all the places you want to go, and we'll make sure every destination has exactly what you need.
Get in touch with our team now to get started!


You Gotta Visit These 20 Cool Places in Ontario and Quebec.

It's officially summer, which means that the world is opening up again. This is the perfect time to start planning a road trip across Canada — and we're here to tell you about all the cool roadside attractions between Thunder Bay and Montreal.

If you haven't checked out or article covering our favourite roadside attractions in Western Canada, check that out here.

Here's are a few of our favourite places to visit along the Trans-Canada Highway in Eastern Canada:

1. Thunder Bay Observatory, Thunder Bay, ON

Yes, this is a real observatory, with a real telescope that can actually be used to see the stars above Northern Ontario. If you're planning on passing through Thunder Bay at night, you'll definitely want to book a tour!

2. The Wawa Goose, Wawa, ON

Why not break up your long drive with a stop at the world's largest goose? It's an attraction that seems to exist purely for the amusement of tourists, but it's also a great place to pick up souvenirs (full disclosure, they're mostly goose-related!).

3. Dynamic Earth, Sudbury, ON

If you haven't been to Dynamic Earth, you really should go ASAP. There's the largest IMAX theatre in Ontario, a planetarium, an outdoor geology exhibition…. basically everything you could ever hope for when it comes to the study of our world is in this complex!

4. Ontario Sea Kayak Centre, Parry Sound, ON

If you like to see the beauty of nature or really just want to try out a kayak (or two!) for yourself, head to the Ontario Sea Kayak Centre. You can rent kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, and other watercraft for the day.

5. Webers, Orillia, ON

These delicious charcoal burgers are a staple for anyone traveling through Ontario. They're not particularly complicated and they don't need to be because the ingredients are simple: a fresh bun, a handful of lettuce, a thick beef patty and of course plenty of cheese!

6. Horseshoe Adventure Park, Barrie, ON

If you're in the mood for an adrenaline rush, head to this unique park in Barrie where you'll go down a giant waterslide, test your strength in a rock climbing wall and try your hand at tightrope walking! Hopefully you're not afraid of heights!

7. Canada’s Wonderland, Vaughan, ON

Considered Canada's premier amusement park, Canada's Wonderland has a wide selection of roller coasters and family attractions. Don't forget to bring your bathing suit to check out Splash Works, a water park with something for everyone!

8. Kensington Market, Toronto, ON

Kensington Market is a small collection of shops and restaurants that sits just outside of downtown Toronto. It's a great place to grab lunch, go for a stroll and browse the many eclectic shops.

9. Ripley’s Aquarium, Toronto, ON

This aquarium is home to over 100 species of animals, including rays, sharks, turtles and crabs. It's a great place to bring whole families and is always extremely popular with tourists and locals alike.

10. Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto, ON

This landmark in Toronto is home to some of the most famous trophies and memorabilia in hockey. If you're a fan of Canada’s favorite sport, visiting this attraction should be at the top of your list.

11. Toronto Zoo, Toronto, ON

This massive zoo is home to over 500 species of animals, including some exotic species like snow leopards, elephants, and gorillas. There's also a very impressive giant panda enclosure.

12. Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, ON

If you like to immerse yourself in cultural activities, you'll want to check out the Canadian Museum of Civilization. There's an extensive collection of artifacts and historical records that teach you about the history of Canada.

13. The Peace Tower, Ottawa, ON

This clocktower in the center of Canada’s Parliament is one of the country’s most recognizable landmarks. Take a tour all the way up to the top to get amazing views of the city and Ottawa river.

14. Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, ON

This museum perfectly embodies the Canadian values of honour and bravery. It's home to an extensive collection of military exhibits that can get a little graphic, so be careful if traveling with young children!

15. Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa, ON

If you have any interest in coins and currency, this is a must-see attraction for you. The Royal Canadian Mint is a Canadian government institution that produces all of Canada's coinage and employs over 1,200 people!

16. Canadian Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa, ON

This museum is a great place to learn about the history of science and technology in Canada. There's a ton of interactive displays and great exhibits including models of famous inventions like the airplane and the first automobile.

17. Calypso Water Park, Limoges, ON

This massive pirate-themed waterpark is a great place to cool off on a hot day. There's plenty of slides and pools to splash around in, as well as a wave pool and lazy river. Check out their website for hours, admission rates and any other details you need to know before going.

18. Montreal Underground City, Montreal, QB

If you're a huge fan of the movies, you'll want to visit this labyrinth-like underground city which is filled with tunnels and passageways. There's also an amusement park, restaurant, science museum and a mini-golf course.

19. Montreal Metro, Montreal, QB

If you're looking for some more modern attractions, Montreal's subway system is a great place to start—no seriously! The impressive Brutalist architecture, colourful art and sculpture and mosaic tiles make this one of the most interesting subway systems in the world.

20. Montreal Insectarium, Montreal, QB

If you like bugs, you'll love the Montreal Insectarium. As the largest insect museum in North America (and one of the largest on the planet), it’s home to creepy crawlies from all across the world! A visit here and you’ll never look at insects the same way again!


I hope this list of unique and interesting things to see in Ontario and Quebec gave you some new ideas for your next road trip across the provinces. Whether you're traveling for work, pleasure, or research, I hope this list helped to inspire your next adventure.

But even though you now know of a ton of places to see on your trip, do you know where you'll find your bed? Rather than booking every room individually or risk dealing with an online travel agency, you can simply give our team a call and we'll find you every short-term rental suite along your trip's route.

Let our team know your destinations and needs, and we'll find the perfect short term rentals tailored to your needs.


Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Should Bring a Pet While Traveling for Work

If you're a contract worker that's traveling away from home for a project, you shouldn't have to do it alone. Bringing a pet to accompany you on your trip is one of the best things you can do for your mental health and overall well being.

Here's why you should always bring your pet while traveling for work:

1. They're a good distraction

If you're working remotely from your home, having a pet to distract you can be very helpful. Few things give you more motivation to power through a stressful project than a fluffy face that’s happy to see you!

2. They make you more social

Pets are very social creatures. Even if they aren't able to talk, they still enjoy human companionship and can make great friends with the people around them (if they want). Having a dog greet you when you return from work to your short term rental does wonders for your mental health, providing much needed company while traveling away from home.

3. They keep you sane

Having a pet to nurture can definitely make you less frustrated with other people and their decisions. Being around a goofball of a dog lightens up on those stressful days, especially if they're wearing one of those sausage-shaped doggy costumes.

4. They make you feel safer

Dogs are great companions because they will bark at things that scare them and be very protective towards their owners. This helps you feel more confident going out and about while traversing through new territory.

5. They keep you active

Speaking of getting out and about, having a pet can definitely make you more active when traveling for work, even if your furball isn’t the most physically active of animals.
Read more about these amazing dog parks in Saskatoon.

6. They keep you organized

Having that furry companion can help you not get lost in the big city. They can help you find your way home if you get turned around and are also pretty great at scoping out the best local eats!

7. They’re great to talk to

Besides just being cute, pets make great companions! You’ll forget the feeling of loneliness when you are around them, because they will always have an open ear for what’s going on in your day.

8. They make travel more enjoyable

Traveling with a buddy can definitely be more fun than traveling alone, making all those long road trips much more enjoyable and less stressful on the both of you.
Read more about the best dog-friendly restaurants in Regina.

9. They can break the ice with new people

You will never be lonely while traveling with your pet. If you have a friendly dog, it is more likely that he will attract other people to you and help you make new friends with your traveling partners.

10. They are easy to travel with

Having a pet doesn’t always mean that you will have loads of restrictions when traveling with them. There are many ways to travel with your pet without having to worry about any restrictions.
Learn how we make it much easier to travel with your pet!


There are endless reasons why you should bring your pet on your next travel trip. They will keep you active, help you meet new people and in the end make all of your worries disappear. If you're away from home for work, or on a family/friend vacation, they will be there for you and make sure that everything is okay.
Want to see how to handle some of the challenges of traveling with Fido? Check out our 2-part guide on everything you need to know when traveling with a pet.
Ready to book your next pet friendly work trip? Get in touch with our team and we’ll find you the perfect short term rental for you and your fluffy friend.


Since the world is getting warm again, it's the perfect time to start planning a road trip across Canada. The blog will go through all the cool roadside attractions between Vancouver and Winnipeg, so you'll never be bored in the car again.

Western Canada may not have any of the big-name cities that Eastern Canada does — no Toronto, no Montreal — but what it does have are massive tracts of land with nothing but pine trees and winding highways cutting through them.

Here's are a few of our favourite places to visit along the Trans Canada Highway between Vancouver and Winnipeg:

1. Vancouver Police Museum, Vancouver, BC

Forget the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Museum of Anthropology, or Science World—the Vancouver Police Museum has got to be one of the most interesting museums in Canada. It's here you'll find lots of weird and wonderful things, from a morgue locked in time, to the chilling true crime stories of Vancouver’s distant past.

2. Bloedel Conservatory, Vancouver, BC

The Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver is one of Canada's best conservatories because of its beautiful domed glass house and conservatory architecture. But Bloedel is also worth visiting for its collection of exotic orchids, tropical plants and even birds!

3. VanDusen Garden's Elizabethan Hedge Maze, Vancouver, BC

What's better than a hedge maze? How about a giant hedge maze? As one of only 6 in North America, this maze is well worth getting lost in.

4. Gastown, Vancouver, BC

If you've been to Vancouver before, you'll know Gastown well. The city's residential area is the second oldest in North America, after San Francisco. It's also got great shopping, restaurants and pubs.

5. The Enchanted Forest, Revelstoke, BC

This roadside attraction is an absolute must for families. From your favorite nursery rhyme characters to a treehouse 50 feet into the forest canopy, Enchanted Forest has been delighting visitors for over 40 years. Just watch out for those Gnomes!

6. Cave and Basin National Historic Site, Banff, AB

The Cave and Basin National Historic Site is considered the birthplace of the Canadian National Parks system. Fun fact: In the late 19th century, the caves were used as hot springs for tourists to cure themselves from common illnesses and ailments.

7. Banff Upper Hot Springs, Banff, AB

Like the Cave and Basin National Historic Site, the hot springs in Banff were used in early days to cure illnesses, but now it's a cool attraction for both adults and kids alike to visit on those cold winter days.

8. Alpine Helicopters Inc., Kananskis, AB

A family operated business has been operating tours to Kananskis Sani since 1961. This fun heli-tour takes you up to the plateau at the top of Kananskis Mountain for a great view of the mountains, valleys and forests below.

9. Heritage Park Historical Village, Calgary, AB

Over 30 original and historic buildings from Alberta's past have been moved to Heritage Park. Walking through the village, you'll see a variety of shops, homes and businesses from the 1800s to late 1900s.

10. The Calgary Tower, Calgary, AB

The Calgary Tower is a great place to take a family for a 360-degree view of the city and surrounding mountains. Before you make your ascent to the top, make a reservation at the Sky 360 Restaurant and Lounge for a great meal, to match your great views.

11. The Calgary Zoo, Calgary, AB

With over 1,000 animals from around the world, the Calgary Zoo is one of the best zoos in Canada. Make sure you see all of your favourite animals including red pandas and snow leopards.

Make your next family vacation to Calgary perfect in this fully furnished short term rental.

12. The Military Museums, Calgary, AB

The Military Museums are a big draw for military buffs, but they also offer exhibits that highlight the technological advances in warfare, and everything in between. The museums are even home to a few treasures including a working periscope from the Canadian Submarine Ojibwa and even an F-86 Sabre Jet fighter!

13. World’s Tallest Teepee, Medicine Hat, AB

Also known as the Saamis Teepee, this teepee towers an impressive 215 feet, roughly the equivalent of a 20-story building! It's especially beautiful at night when it's illuminated by a multitude of coloured lights.

14. Mac the Moose, Moose Jaw, SK

Mac the Moose stands at an incredible 32 feet tall and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Moose Jaw. It makes for an excellent place to get out of the car, stretch your legs and take that great photo of the family.

15. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre, Regina, SK

The RCMP Heritage Centre is the perfect place for families to learn about the history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and see authentic artifacts from their history. Kids will love visiting the mounted police stables and trying on an RCMP hat.

Traveling with the family to Regina? This pet-friendly short term rental is perfect for you.

16. Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Regina, SK

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum is the pride of the province, featuring a massive collection of artifacts and exhibits from all over Canada. There's even historical artifacts from early Canadian exploration. And don't forget about our good ol’ friend Scotty—the world's largest t-rex fossil!

17. Fun Mountain Water Slide Park, Springfield, MB

Fun Mountain Water Slide Park is an excellent place for families to cool down on hot summer days. With a variety of water slides and tubes, kids can go as fast or slow as they want. For the little ones, there's even a separate toddler area.

18. Museum of Human Rights, Winnipeg, MB

The Museum of Human Rights is a great place for families to gain a better understanding of the struggles and hardships of First Nations, Metis and Inuit people. It's a very powerful exhibit that your kids will love and remember forever.

19. Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg, MB

As one of Winnipeg's most popular attractions and home of the original Winnie the Pooh (Yes, he was named after the city!), Assiniboine Park features a wide variety of outdoor activities, including a zoo, mini steam train, and more! If you have small children, make sure to visit the Winnie the Pooh Museum (Just watch out for any heffalumps and woozles!)

20. Fort La Reine Museum, Portage la Prairie, MB

If you want to educate yourself about Canada's history of fur trading, or just learn a bit of prairie history, the Fort La Reine Museum is a great place to start. It features an array of historic buildings, artifacts and gardens from the local area.


The Trans-Canada Highway runs through some of the most pristine landscapes the country has to offer. But even though you know what places you want to visit, do you know where you'll find your bed?

Rather than booking every room individually or relying one an online travel agency, simply give our team a call and we'll find you every short-term rental suite you'll need for your road trip across the country.


Next we're heading to Ontario! Stay tuned for our next stop in Thunder Bay!
Visit Everyone in Your Family Without Wasting Time Booking Every Hotel Room. Here’s How: 

The world is finally opening up again, and chances are you have a lot of catching up to do. It's time you start planning your summer reunions with the family, but if you're like most people, that means a lot traveling across the country, and a lot of time spent planning which hotels to book.

Our team at OBASA Six Three Suites wants to do what we can to help reunite families after a tough year. As such, if you let us know each of your destinations, our team will find every suite along the way. This way, you won't waste valuable time finding the right places that match your specific needs.

Essentially, when you book your short term rentals with us, you get all the comforts of home with all the service of a hotel. That means you get:

A Fully Furnished Suite

From fully equipped kitchen to luxurious bath and a furnished living room, your family will have everything they need on their trip. Tell us your need and leave the rest to us!

Free Wi-Fi

No worrying about getting Wi-Fi access while you're on vacation; your suite has it ready for you! If you're traveling while working remotely, we'll make sure your suite has a suitable office space.

Pet Friendly Suites

Let our team know if Fido's coming along and we'll make sure your suite is perfect for the both of you. This can include the space your furry buddy needs, as well as nearby parks and trail systems for morning walks!

Access to Fitness Center, Pools, and More!

You don't have to skip your gym day when visiting the family. We'll provide you with access to the gym. In some cases, we’ll even provide temporary memberships to one! It's all included.

A World-Class Concierge Service

Just because we aren’t a hotel, doesn't mean you can't call up the concierge to learn about the best local restaurants. Our expert concierge team knows how the locals live, and will help you make this visit to the family as fun and relaxing as possible.

A Great Location for Exploring Every City You Go to

Varied locations based on neighborhoods and culture give you the chance to explore new cities without constantly staying at the same hotel. You can be right in the heart of the action downtown, or in a quiet suburb near great parks and trails. Whatever you want from your accommodation, we’ll help you get it.

A Home Away from Home — No Matter Where You Are in Canada

Our team is always happy to help you find the perfect short term rental accommodation, whether it's for a week, or a month or more. We offer a vast list of luxurious suites in major cities across the country, so whether you're looking for something close to home or far away, OBASA Six Three Suites is there.


Reuniting families and friends is part of why we love what we do. Spend your summer visiting your family instead of planning which hotels to book. We'll make sure you have the perfect place to stay. Get in touch with our team now and get started.






Investing in Alberta? Here’s How Agribusiness is Giving Calgary’s Energy Sector Something to Chew On.

When most people think of Canada’s breadbasket, their minds go to Saskatchewan. And yes, as we’ve looked into in previous articles, Saskatchewan’s agribusiness sector is certainly world-class. But right next door to Saskatchewan is Alberta, and the agribusiness sector here is not one to overlook.

So let’s look into Alberta’s Agribusiness sector and why whether you’re looking for a savvy investment or to find meaningful, long term employment, now is the time to turn your sights to book a short term rental in Calgary and get started!


What is Agribusiness?

Simply put, the Agribusiness sector encompasses everything from farm to table, that means not only crop production and processing, but also food retail and marketing.

In Calgary, and more broadly Southern Alberta, farming and ranching have the largest foothold within the sector.


Why Invest in Calgary’s Agribusiness Sector?

As of 2018, 19.3% of Canada’s total agrifood exports comes from Alberta — equating to $11.2 billion CAD.

The area around Calgary is among the most fertile land in the world. Not only that, but with such proximity to an international city and major inland port, getting acreage crops, protein crops, and livestock to processing or market is very accessible — it only takes 20 minutes to get from the city to farmlands!

But in addition to Alberta’s robust supply chain infrastructure, you also have access to an immensely talented workforce and the support of the government.


What is the future of Agribusiness in Calgary?

The future is in technology, and thanks to a recent collaboration between the United Farmers of Alberta and Zone Start-ups Calgary, early-stage agriculture technology companies have support to grow through various programs and initiatives to become market leaders.

Other exciting trends in the province include the growing merger of artificial intelligence and agriculture, as well as the rapidly growing plant-based protein sector (...see what we did there?).



As with much of the world, Alberta’s agribusiness sector is on the precipice of immense development, thus whether you’re a potential investor, or looking for great lifelong work opportunities, Calgary may just be the city for you.

And for those who need to see it to believe it, consider yourself invited to the province! By booking a short term rental in Calgary, you can see all the wonderful things the city has to offer individuals of all ages, and families alike. 

When you book your fully furnished home or apartment through OBASA / Six Three Suites, you’ll get:

Book your stay in Calgary now, and start your future in the city!






5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Book Your Short Term Rental Through an Online Travel Agent

If you are looking to rent a short term accommodation, don't waste your time with an online travel agency. Not only do these agencies have a huge conflict of interest because they represent both the buyer and seller in the transaction, but they can never offer the premium service that will make or break your next vacation.

Here are the top five reasons why you should skip the online travel agent and book your suite through a furnished housing provider like OBASA Six Three Suites:


1. Your Suite Gets Tailored to Your Needs

Say you need a short term rental that covers a specific medical need. When you use an agency to book your accommodation, there's not much you can do to ensure your requirements are covered. You'll have to trust the images on the website are true to what you'll get.

On top of that, most of these websites are run by travel agencies and not by any of the hotels themselves. Even if they receive a request from a client, they won't be able to provide exactly what the client is looking for. For this reason, they are bound by strict rules in their business practices and they can't make exceptions just for some clients

At OBASA Six Three Suites, our team finds you a suite tailor-made to your exact specifications. If you're not sure what you need, we'll recommend options to help make your short term rental the best it can be.


2. You'll Get High-Quality Service and Furniture

If there's one thing an online travel agent won't be able to offer you, it’s quality service.

Most online travel agencies don’t have a person working behind the scenes to provide personal assistance to their clients. This is because they are more focused on increasing their sales volume than providing a good service (This also means there’s a higher probability that you could end up with cheap furniture in your suite.)

Avoid all this hassle. A trusted housing provider like OBASA Six Three only offers the best customer service. You'll get customized quotes and access to a team member dedicated to your reservation  so that you don't need to worry about  anything when renting your short term accommodation


3. You'll Have all the Comforts of Home

From a fully equipped kitchen, to our premium signature bedding (and even your own in-suite washer and dryer!)—by booking a fully furnished short term rental house or apartment from a direct supplier, you'll get all the comforts of home wherever your travels take you.

Take this beautiful suite in Calgary for example. It's got a full kitchen, LED flat screen TVs (both for the living room and bedroom), and is fully equipped with all of the essential features needed for longer term stays—yet it's ready for short term rentals!


4. You'll Save Time, Stress and Hassle

If you want to enjoy your trip without being too stressed about your comforts then a trusted housing provider is the way to go.

You'll save time and energy by booking your short term rental property from people like the team at OBASA Six Three Suites. This is because we can take care of all of your needs in one easy conversation. You simply let us know what you need in your suite, where you're going and when you're going, and we'll find you the perfect short term rental suite tailored to your needs.


5. You'll Avoid Unnecessary Fees and Hidden Costs

If you book through an online travel agent, you will likely find that the rates are fixed, and therefore not reflective of supply and demand like they are at OBASA Six Three Suites.

Not to mention the hidden costs that you never knew about. Most of the time these online travel agencies get a commission from the vacation rental company and this is how they make money. This means they won't get the best deal for their clients.

At OBASA Six Three Suites, we don't work with suppliers to earn commissions from them, so we can help you find the best bang for your buck.



We already know how important it is to make the most of your time traveling. So why not choose a trusted housing provider that's dedicated to high-quality service and saving you money?

Finding short term rental accommodation can be a hassle, but by booking your short term rentals with an experienced furnished suite provider like OBASA Six Three Suites, you'll enjoy an incredible experience throughout all your travels.

If you're looking for great quality and affordable short term rental options, contact us today!






Film Industry Bringing You to Vancouver? Here’s How to Stay Busy When You’re Off the Set.

Through the vast amount of films produced in the city, Vancouver has become a stand-in for countless cities across the world. We believe that no matter where you are coming from, you’ll find plenty for shopping, dining and entertainment when you book a short term rental in Vancouver.

Here’s our shortlist of the best of the best this city has to offer those in the film industry after the day’s shooting has finished.


Cafés & Quick-bites
Cafés: Revolver Coffee

Coffee lovers rejoice, your perfect cup of joe is waiting for you at this cozy café in Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood. You’ll find coffees brewed hot and cold, latte art topping your espresso beverage, and cinnamon buns that melt in your mouth (Just make sure to grab one before they go!).

One of our favourite parts about Revolver is that they also sell their beans by the bag. That means you can take them back to your short term rental suite to brew and get your mornings off to an amazing start. At Obasa / Six Three, your suite’s coffee maker and mugs are provided at no extra fee. The latte art however is on you!


Desserts: Thierry Alberni

Chocolates, pastries, cakes, macarons, this french patisserie is a top choice for anyone with a sweet tooth visiting Vancouver. It’s so difficult for us to make a recommendation because honestly, it’s hard to go wrong. Even if you’re not a fan of sweets, these treats make an excellent thank you gift.


Seafood:The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant

As a pacific coast city, it should come as no surprise that Vancouver has some excellent seafood. We recommend The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant located in Granville Island right beside the Public Market.

Here you’ll find platters of the best the pacific has to offer. It’s fresh, it’s delicious, and the view your table will have over the ocean is simply serene! But worry not vegetarians, you’ll have a variety of options too!


Vegan: MeeT in Gastown

The menu here is simply superb for vegans and non-vegans alike. We recommend their brunch, specifically their Gastown Classic Benny which features plant-based ham and eggs drizzled in a mouth watering cashew hollandaise sauce.

But if you can’t make it for brunch, dinner is excellent too! Better yet, they offer takeout, so you can enjoy it relaxing at home in your short term rental alone or with friends!


Walking Food Tours: Gastown Historic Walking Food Tour

Walking Food Tours are a great way to not only see the city, but also sample a variety of its dishes. Our top choice is the Gastown Historic Walking Food Tour. A hilarious improv comedian will be your guide as you make your way through this historic neighbourhood and try some delicious food.


Great Deals: Chinatown

One of the oldest chinese districts in North America, checking out Vancouver’s Chinatown is a must for people looking for amazing deals on exotic goods. From groceries to cook in your short term rental’s fully furnished kitchen, to great gifts and mementos, you’ll find it in Chinatown.


Premium Shopping: South Granville

South Granville is the place you’ll find the latest fashions to hit the runway. Though more expensive than other shopping districts in the city, these boutiques are your place to find the most chic and trendy fashion as well as home decor and more.


Best Mall: CF Pacific Centre

This massive mall has been serving the people of Vancouver with all of your favourite name brands from Aldo to H&M. If you’re looking for footwear, accessories, dining, or entertainment, you’ll find it here.


Nature & Exploration
Hiking: Grouse Mountain

The mountains around Vancouver contain some of the most beautiful paths to hike in the world. We recommend Grouse Mountain — right next to the city. With a range of trails to choose from, people of all hiking skill levels will find a breathtaking view of the ocean, city and surrounding landscape.


Kayaking: Creekside Kayaks

Ever try urban kayaking? In Vancouver you can! Tucked away in False Creek in the middle of Vancouver, this kayak rental service will rent you a kayak without leaving the heart of the city.


Skiing & Snowboarding: Cypress Mountain

Just north of the city you’ll find this terrific ski resort with hills for people of all skill levels. Other than downhill skiing, you’ll also find snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and tubing.

If you’ve never been to the city before, you definitely can’t miss hitting the slopes at this awesome resort.


Sightseeing Cruise: Vancouver Harbor Sightseeing Cruise

All aboard this historic boat for an open-air tour of Vancouver’s waterfront. Get some of the best views of the beautiful North Shore Mountains or the stunning Lions' Gate Bridge as your guide fills you in on the amazing history of this city.



Long hours filming mean you need time to relax and refresh. That’s why when you travel to Vancouver for film production, you need a quality fully-furnished short-term rental that lets you truly unwind before the next shoot begins.

When you book your executive suite through OBASA / Six Three, our expert team will set you up in an amazing home or apartment that matches your every need. Whether that’s having a fully-equipped kitchen, in-suite washer and dryer units, entertainment space, or even room for your pets, our team will find you the perfect short term rental.

Get in touch with us today to get started!






When You Book a Short Term Rental in Montreal, Make Sure You Head to These 8 Places.

You’ve booked your short term rental suite in Montreal and now you’re trying to figure out exciting things to do and places to check out. Rest assured (and you will in our signature bedding), our team of travel experts has pieced together a shortlist of our favourite local gems in the city.

Here are 8 things you have to do in Montreal.


La Campagnola Italian Steakhouse

This Italian steakhouse provides a great atmosphere with delicious dishes. It’s an excellent choice for a romantic evening with your partner or a business outing with the corporate client. If steak isn’t your top choice we recommend the ravioli with osso bucco.

Vegan options are also available!


Mechant Boeuf Bar Brasserie

For your Canadian favorites, head to this lovely restaurant just a short walk from Old Montreal. You’ll find options to satisfy the entire family, including burgers and fries, steak, and more however we definitely recommend you try their oysters.

We’ll also add their service is top notch!


Stash Cafe

A great place to grab a quick brunch, Stash Cafe is a must stop for travelers looking for some of the best crêpes you’ll find in the city. For those on the go, they also offer takeout so you can bring your meals back to enjoy in your fully furnished suite by OBASA / Six Three.


Food Markets
Marché Atwater (Atwater Market)

For a massive selection of fresh vegetables, cheeses, breads and more you have to head to Atwater Market. Browse their array of venders to get all the ingredients you need for that perfect picnic along the canal, or better yet. take it back to your OBASA / Six Three suite to cook something special in your fully equipped kitchen!


Jean-Talon Market

Another great option when it comes to open air markets in the city is the Jean-Talon Market. You’ll come across fresh local produce, authentic maple syrup, specialty gift shops and more!

Better yet, this market caters much more to the local crowd than tourists, so you can truly immerse yourself in the way of the Montrealer!


Montreal Botanical Garden & Alcan Planetarium

With more than 20 thematic gardens spread out over 75 hectares, the botanical gardens are a must stop for anyone looking for a serene afternoon in the heart of the city. Featuring over 22 thousand plant species from around the world, these gardens are a great place to meditate, hike or cross country ski.

While you're in the garden, make sure to check out the Alcan Planetarium. It’s an excellent choice to entertain the whole family.


Pointe-a-Calliere, Montreal Archaeology and History Complex

Take a trip back in time to the founding of Montreal at Pointe-a-Calliere. This massive museum complex bridges the old with the new through interactive exhibits, immersive multimedia shows and more!

You’ll journey underground through archaeological excavations to unearth the city’s early history bringing the past to the present in a way that’s fun for the whole family.


La Grande Roue de Montréal

Though a bit pricier than the other options, you can’t deny the beautiful views you’ll have of the city when aboard this giant ferris wheel on the Saint Lawrence River. We recommend going at night to see beautiful lights of the city and Jacques Cartier Bridge.

Also, if you’re visiting over the winter, take the opportunity to go ice skating in the rink below the ferris wheel.



Whether traveling for business or pleasure, alone or with the kiddos, our team at OBASA / Six Three wants to make sure you have the best possible trip you can.

But having a great trip isn’t only in the places you visit. Without comfortable accommodations, your trip to Montreal simply won’t give you the rest and relaxation you need to tackle the day’s adventures.

When you enlist the help of our expert team, we’ll find you a short term rental in Montreal that not only meets your every need, but exceeds them!

You’ll get:

Best of all, your pets can come too!

Get in touch with our team and we’ll find you a fully furnished temporary housing in Montreal for as long of a stay as you need.






Booking Your Next Short Term Rental With Obasa / Six Three Means You Get the Freedom of Choice. Here’s Why.

When deciding on a short term rental, those that choose a hotel are not left with all too much variety — One or two queen sized beds across from a tiny television, bathroom in the corner, a single chair if you're lucky.

But when you stay in a fully furnished short term rental suite with OBASA / Six Three however, you get access to a huge variety of accommodation types to choose. From detached homes, multi-bedroom apartments, even a penthouse suite!

Here are just five of the many options our experts can set you up in when you book your executive suite with OBASA / Six Three:


Detached Homes

Forget getting boxed into a tiny room at a hotel when you can not only give each member of your family a room of their own, but also have a full private back yard all to yourself.

This is exactly what you get and more when you stay at the Robinson House, conveniently located in a quiet suburb just a short drive from downtown.

Here you can start each morning with a hot cuppa joe brewed right in your fully-equipped kitchen, cook up your family dinner on the backyard patio BBQ, or curl up with the fam to a movie in the family room just off the kitchen and dining areas.

It’s safe to say, in this suite, you and your family will feel right at home.


Modern Lofts

When you book your stay at the Rumley, you’ll be staying in a part of Saskatoon’s incredible history. This building’s beautiful exposed brick coupled with state-of-the-art eco-friendly technology leads to a stay as full of character as it is in comforts.

Enjoy the stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and island seating of your in site kitchen as you whip up a romantic dinner for two, and don’t forget the luxurious day spa baths!

But don’t fret if you're traveling without a partner, because if you want company, your pet can come too!


Downtown Apartments

For accommodation right where the action happens, you can book your stay at the immaculate Hamilton.

Being in the heart of Queen City, booking your short term rental here means you don’t ever need to worry about parking. You’re right next door to shopping, dinning, live theatre, art galleries, and more! You’ll even get access to the building’s in-house fitness centre, party room, and hot tub — all while enjoying an impressive view over the city of Regina.

And much like the previously mentioned Rumley in Saskatoon, this fully-furnished suite is pet-friendly too!


Quiet Neighbourhoods

If you’re looking to escape the hustle of downtown, or want a quiet place to find your zen, OBASA / Six Three has plenty to offer in quiet neighbourhoods as well.

Take this suite backing on to Confederation Park in Calgary. Not only do you get a beautiful view overlooking the golf course at Confederation Park, but you also get a private yard, 3 bedrooms, a massive fully-equipped kitchen with island and stainless steel appliances, as well as your own gas fireplace and 9 foot ceilings throughout.

Bright and spacious, this town-house is the perfect abode for you and your golf buddies on your next outing to the city.


Penthouse Suites

Want to feel like royalty in the Queen City? You can! This 1100 square foot penthouse condo at the top of the TD building not only features a gorgeous vista over the city, but also has the amenities you can expect from OBASA / Six Three. That includes ensuite washer and dryer, 50” flat screen TV, downtown underground parking, comfy recliners and a modern kitchen complete with custom maple cabinets and an island.

You’ll also get access to the building's fitness centre and our expert concierge. And if you have guests to entertain, make your way to the patio for a BBQ dinner overlooking the city, or head down the street to jazz clubs, a variety of restaurants, the Cornwall Shopping Centre, and more!



Whether looking for a quiet home in the suburbs for your family, or a penthouse suite with a view in the heart of the city, booking your next trip or vacation with OBASA / Six Three Suites means you get the freedom to choose whichever setting is best for you.





Medical Travel Bringing You to Toronto? Here’s Your Low-Down on the Neighbourhoods Around the City’s Major Hospitals.

When a medical procedure in your family uproots you from your home to the city, we understand the anxiety it can cause you.

At Obasa / Six Three, we believe staying close to your loved ones by booking a short term rental close to the hospital is one of the best ways to help reduce the stress. That’s why our experts always do their part to make sure that can happen.

But when you check-in to your short term rental, we still want to help you and your loved ones relax during the uncertainty, so here’s your breakdown of things to do in the area around Toronto’s major hospitals.


Toronto General Hospital & Mount Sinai Hospital
Dining: Donatello Restaurant

For an elegant yet quaint dining atmosphere full of delicious savory Italian dishes, Donatello Restaurant is our choice for medical travelers looking for that perfect late-night meal near Toronto’s Discovery District.

In the summer, enjoy their front terrace or rooftop patio.


Cafés: Gallery Grill

Our choice for a great place to grab Sunday brunch has to go to Gallery Grill. In addition to the unique setting of the University of Toronto’s Hart House, every meal is delicately crafted with locally sourced ingredients.

Make sure to check out the Hart House Viols on display in the lounge — if you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to hear them get played!


Downtown Apartments

For accommodation right where the action happens, you can book your stay at the immaculate Hamilton.

Being in the heart of Queen City, booking your short term rental here means you don’t ever need to worry about parking. You’re right next door to shopping, dinning, live theatre, art galleries, and more! You’ll even get access to the building’s in-house fitness centre, party room, and hot tub — all while enjoying an impressive view over the city of Regina.

And much like the previously mentioned Rumley in Saskatoon, this fully-furnished suite is pet-friendly too!


Entertainment: Royal Ontario Museum

From dinosaurs to ancient Egyotian pharaohs, the ROM is an excellent choice for an outing that’s both fun and educational for the whole family. With a collection spanning hundreds of millions of years, you’ll find plenty to explore.


Shopping: Kensington Market

This bohemian market has everything you need from eclectic gifts at its vintage boutiques to farm fresh groceries at the farmer’s market. You’ll find a wide range of shops across all price ranges.

Whether looking to shop somewhere trendy or international these shops have you covered.


Toronto Western Hospital
Dining: The Burgenator

Grab some burgers and fries made to perfection and topped with your heart’s desire at this low-key burger joint on Augusta Avenue between Oxford and Nassau. You’ll find options for your whole family including vegan and gluten free.


Cafés: The Arch Café

This local coffee house makes for a great place to relax over a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee. Not to mention the Middle Eastern inspired delicacies you can grab for breakfast or brunch.

The Arch Café is our choice for the coziest place to start your day.


Parks: Trinity Bellwoods Park

From ice skating in the Winter to picnics in the Summer this park has you covered. Whether walking the dog, or going for a jog, it’s great retreat for fresh air just around the corner from Toronto Western


Entertainment: Art Gallery of Ontario

Ontario’s premiere destination for Fine Arts, at the AGO you’ll come across everything from the Group of Seven to Andy Warhol. This historic building’s walls are brimming with art from all corners of the world and time.


Shopping: Chinatown

A must-stop for anyone traveling to the city, Toronto’s Chinatown contains a myriad of little shops and street stalls where you’ll find some of the best deals in the city. Clothing, Exotic Groceries, interesting mementos  — you’ll find all that and more as you navigate the many stores in the area.


St. Joseph’s Health Centre
Dining: Skyline Restaurant

This retro diner truly has some good eatin’! With a menu filled by your classic diner favourites, they’ll satisfy even the pickiest eaters in your family. Just make sure to save room for their amazing desserts. Trust us, you’ll be happy you did.


Cafés: Cherry Bomb Café

Located one block away from the Hospital, this café is a great place for that quick coffee fix to start your day. Their beans are carefully roasted, making for some of the tastiest brewed coffee the city has to offer. And with mouth-watering baked goods made daily, it’s a great place for that quick bite too.


Parks: High Park

The largest urban park in the city, High Park is perhaps your best bet for a natural escape when life brings you to the city. If you're coming to the city in late April or early May, head to the Hillside Gardens section of the park to catch the beautiful cherry blossoms sprouting their flowers.


Entertainment: High Park Zoo

Many in Torontonians aren’t even aware High Park has a Zoo. A quaint one, we’ll admit, but still worth the hike through the park to see as it contains many unique animals such as bison, llamas, peacocks, and more!

We’ll also note there is no admission fee to enter the park, however parking may be a challenge.


Shopping: Queen Street

Simply walk down the road to Queen for streets lined with lots of great shops to explore that really capture the spirit of the city. From Antique stores, to clothing stores, and everything in between you’ll never know what you’ll stumble upon exploring this beautiful part of the city.


Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Dining: Lotus Restaurant

This hidden gem on Avenue Road is serving-up some of the tastiest dishes of India. The fine mosaic of spices weaved into their authentic savoury cuisine makes for a great escape to the east when you’re tied to the city.


Cafés: Himalayan Coffee House

Lovers of latte art rejoice because the baristas at this quaint café are quite the virtuosos — not to mention, their pastries and quick bites! This coffeehouse is a cozy and comfortable place to hang out and catch your breath before starting a long day.


Parks: Sunnybrook Park

This massive park sprawls behind the hospital throughout the ravines snaking through the neighbourhood. From quiet paths along the water, to massive sports fields There’s plenty of space to stretch your legs in.

And don’t forget to bring Fido, as the dog park here is something special, even including a separate section reserved for small dogs only!


Shopping: Young-Eglinton Centre

This mall located, as the name suggests, at the corner of Young and Eglinton packs a whole lot of punch in a tiny footprint. Among its multiple stories, you’ll find all your favourite stores and brands like Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Reitman’s, and more!


Entertainment: Cineplex Cinemas Yonge-Eglinton

Also located at Young Eglinton, you’ll find this modern cinema playing the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Complete with an Arcade, Comfortable Reclinable Seating, Dolby Atmos, and Real D 3D, but also an exclusive VIP theatre where you can get food brought right to your seat!



When a medical emergency brings you to the city, you can’t often be too picky as to where you find accommodation.

But when you book your short term rental through Obasa / Six Three Suites, our experts will help you find the perfect fully furnished short term rental in Toronto for whatever your needs are. 

Get in Touch with our team and let us help you find a comfortable place close to the hospital so you can relax while staying close to the people you love.





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