Alberta’s Not Only Oil — Here’s Why Calgary Investors Are Fueling Growth in Agribusiness.

Investing in Alberta? Here’s How Agribusiness is Giving Calgary’s Energy Sector Something to Chew On.

When most people think of Canada’s breadbasket, their minds go to Saskatchewan. And yes, as we’ve looked into in previous articles, Saskatchewan’s agribusiness sector is certainly world-class. But right next door to Saskatchewan is Alberta, and the agribusiness sector here is not one to overlook.

So let’s look into Alberta’s Agribusiness sector and why whether you’re looking for a savvy investment or to find meaningful, long term employment, now is the time to turn your sights to book a short term rental in Calgary and get started!


What is Agribusiness?

Simply put, the Agribusiness sector encompasses everything from farm to table, that means not only crop production and processing, but also food retail and marketing.

In Calgary, and more broadly Southern Alberta, farming and ranching have the largest foothold within the sector.


Why Invest in Calgary’s Agribusiness Sector?

As of 2018, 19.3% of Canada’s total agrifood exports comes from Alberta — equating to $11.2 billion CAD.

The area around Calgary is among the most fertile land in the world. Not only that, but with such proximity to an international city and major inland port, getting acreage crops, protein crops, and livestock to processing or market is very accessible — it only takes 20 minutes to get from the city to farmlands!

But in addition to Alberta’s robust supply chain infrastructure, you also have access to an immensely talented workforce and the support of the government.


What is the future of Agribusiness in Calgary?

The future is in technology, and thanks to a recent collaboration between the United Farmers of Alberta and Zone Start-ups Calgary, early-stage agriculture technology companies have support to grow through various programs and initiatives to become market leaders.

Other exciting trends in the province include the growing merger of artificial intelligence and agriculture, as well as the rapidly growing plant-based protein sector (...see what we did there?).



As with much of the world, Alberta’s agribusiness sector is on the precipice of immense development, thus whether you’re a potential investor, or looking for great lifelong work opportunities, Calgary may just be the city for you.

And for those who need to see it to believe it, consider yourself invited to the province! By booking a short term rental in Calgary, you can see all the wonderful things the city has to offer individuals of all ages, and families alike. 

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