Best short-term housing options for professionals in the Entertainment Industry

Professional actors, directors and production crew members often travel to different locations for movie, television or live stage productions, including pre-production, location scouting, and principal photography, requiring a significant amount of planning. Travel arrangements must be made for all the people involved. Not only that, but entertainment companies also need to search for short-term rental housing where their entire team can live for the duration of the film or television production.

Obasa Six Three Suites can help when addressing such challenges. As we have been assisting many individuals and corporate clients with their temporary housing needs over the years, we can provide dozens of suitable rental properties to people who are looking to stay in a particular location for a limited time. Since the entertainment industry in Canada and all over the world is continuously growing and evolvling, we are happy to be able to assist production companies in finding the best places for their actors and crew members to stay.

Here are some main reasons why entertainment and film industry businesses love to work with us.

1. Hassle-free reservations:

Trying to book a suite or apartment for many people could be stressful, mainly because a lot of time and energy gets spent searching for rental properties and making reservations. In cases where the holiday season is at its peak for a particular location or if an important event is taking place there, finding vacant rental properties could be tricky as other guests or vacationers might have already made a booking in advance depleting available inventory..

As experts at providing housing for rent, we at Obasa Six Three Suites can help people and large groups find a rental suite or room quickly and without the usual hassles. As we have many properties to offer, guests only need to select the one they want to rent, and we will take care of the suite reservation.

2. Get rental housing close to film shooting locations:

A film or television series shooting can sometimes occur in an entirely different location and not confined to a set in a studio or soundstage. Thus, a travelling team of production crew members and principal cast usually prefer to be accommodated in rooms or apartments that are close to where the shooting will be taking place.

Finding rental housing close to the shoot location is essential to ensure that the filming can continue without unnecessary delays. For instance, if the team were staying in a place that was very far away from the venue of the shoot, then they could potentially spend a lot of time travelling or stuck in traffic. The Obasa Six Three Suites team can help entertainment companies find suite rental options that are located very near to the location of the film shooting to help nagate travel time and costs.

3. Hygienic rental accommodations:

It is imperative that the production stays on schedule to avoid costly budget overruns. This means ensuring cast and crew stay healthy and rested. Entertainment production companies need to spend a large portion of budget on renting apartments or rooms for their entire team to stay in. They would naturally expect the accommodations to be clean and hygienic. Many rental property owners and hotels do not maintain their rooms to the same high standards that Obasa Six Three Suites does. This puts guests at risk of the inconvenience of illness, downtime or simply a poor experience.

Obasa Six Three Suites are always hygienically cleaned from top to bottom after every guest checkout and departure so that new guests can be welcomed to a fresh, clean accommodation. We follow the highest cleanliness standards and use the best cleaning products to disinfect and make every one of our suites look spotless.

4. Reasonable rates with quick billing:

All the rooms, apartments, condos and townhouses from Obasa Six Three Suites are reasonably priced, especially if businesses in the entertainment industry are looking to reserve rooms in bulk for their entire movie crew. We offer attractive pre-booking discounts to help clients with their budget allocation.

We even offer our clients a quick and direct billing option that includes all the upfront costs for renting the property, helping make the invoicing process much more manageable. All fees and charges are clearly conveyed so there are no surprises. So why go to expensive hotels or lodges that will charge you more for providing less? Choose the Obasa Six Three Suites instead, as it will meet your quality and price requirements.

5. Spacious and comfortable rental properties:

All the rental properties with Obasa Six Three Suites are spacious and come fully furnished and well-appointed. Most suites come with a 2-bedroom option as well. These well-maintained suites are perfect for families or people staying in a group. All you need to buy is your groceries - we will provide all the rest.

Our apartments have an abundance of space in the suite. Many locations even feature entertainment rooms for private functions as well as fitness facilities. If cast members want to rehearse their parts or stay in peak physical condition Obasa Six Three Suites can provide for that. Crew members will have ample space to store their filming equipment and enough room to rest and unwind after a long day of shooting.

The Obasa Six Three Suites team is thrilled to support the entertainment industry by helping them with their short-term housing requirements. Obasa Six Three Suites always provides the best living spaces that make guests feel as comfortable as if they were living in their own homes. Our dedicated Client Care Team members are always ready to assist guests with their day to day needs or special requests.

Visit our suites page (link) to learn more about us and our rental properties in various locations in Regina, Saskatoon and across Canada. If you have any questions, you can even reach out to us by email at or call us at 1-877-996-2272.

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