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Gordon Doell
Chief Executive Office and Founder

Gordon Doell is of the Chief Executive Office and Founder OBASA Group of Companies. In 1986 Gord started buying, renovating and renting houses. Over the years his Real Estate interests grew to residential, commercial and warehouse industrial properties in various cities in Saskatchewan.

Today OBASA is diversified with its primary business in Real Estate Development/Property Management and Land Annexation creating subdivisions for families in various capacities.

The Corporate Housing division OBASA Suites is not only one of Gord's core businesses; it is one of his business passions... OBASA Suites has spread across Canada and the Continental United States with affiliate's World Wide. OBASA Suites was the recent winner recipient of the 2012 Consumer Choice Award.

Even though Gord has a great passion for creating new developments he also has an appreciation for buildings of older architecture. His recent warehouse loft conversion of the tractor manufacturing facility, "The Rumley Building" won the Heritage Award for sympathetic reconstruction of this 1912 landmark in downtown Saskatoon.

Gord lives in Saskatoon with his wife Yvonne and baby boy William Michael. While business often takes Gord away, he fosters his time at home with his new family. Gord has experienced many heart felt moments in the past years. Being a father later on in life has helped him to balance a busy schedule so he has time to enjoy watching his son's precious moments.

On a personal level, in 1999 the Mayor of the City of Saskatoon presented Gord a citation for Laudable Conduct.

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Marla Tretiak
Operations Manager and Business Developement

Marla was hired as Business Development and Operations Manager for OBASA Group of Company in Saskatoon and Regina. She has over 10 years of experience in the Hospitality industry and building and sustaining business relationships. She was born and raised in Calgary and moved to Saskatoon in 2011.She is passionate about operations and sales of a company and finding new and innovated ways to improve upon it. Her expertise comes from 7 years of leadership positions in the hospitality field, specializing in Sales, Operations, Marketing and management.

She is committed to customer service, creating strategies and executing plans to hit targets, which, has allowed her to be successful throughout her career.  Marla has professional yet personable and approachable characteristics which have been fundamental in building her success.

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Stacey Berg

Stacey brings Obasa over 13 years in the auditing field. Her talent of assessing procedures and internal controls has been an asset to the Obasa team. With audit review and preparation of financial statements, Stacey is dedicated and exceedingly detail-oriented.

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Angie Ziefflie
Corporate Housing Specialist

Angie brings with her many years of Customer Service Experience. She has 12 years experience working as a Flight Attendant for Canadian Regional Airlines and knows first hand how important customer service truly is. She prides herself on knowing her clients needs and makes it her mission to ensure that all of their needs and expectations are met and their stay with Obasa is a memorable one. There is no greater compliment that she can receive than hearing that a guest had a wonderful stay and would like to return once again.

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